Internet explorer links not working


Links are not working in Internet Explorer


I have a problem with links in internet explorer, internet explorer opens fine and website opens fine but when i click on any link it’s open shows blank page, i try to open a new tab but still have same blank page. How to fix this issue.

Solved Answer

That means computer’s DCOM settings haven’t set as default, you have to change these settings back to default stage. Here you will be found proper the solution for this error please follow the steps.


Solution 1

1. Click on Start
2. Type RUN – in the search bar
3. Click on RUN which appear on the top
4. Type “DCOMCNFG” in Run command (as shown on screenshot)
5. The configuration window will be open here now you have to find there “component services“>>Computer>>
6. Right click on computer there and click on properties>>
7. Then go to default property tab
8. Check the value of Default Authentication Level is “Connect
8. Check the value ofDefault Impersonation Level is “Identify”

link not working

link not working

link not working

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  1. GURBIR SINGH says


    1. Techexpert says
  2. Jim Kannard says

    Once I open default property tab, I get no options for either Default Authentication Level or Default Impersonation Level…nor can I type anything in the spaces.

    1. Techexpert says

      What is your operating system?
      This may be different, if your OS would be differ.

  3. Chase says

    Thank you for this clear and very useful tip — saving us much time and frustration.

  4. Elizabeth Shelby says

    I have tried to follow your instructions, however, I don’t have ‘properties’ in the drop down when I right click can you advise please?

  5. Elizabeth S says

    Hi, I have tried to follow your instructions however, I don’t have ‘properties’ in my drop down everything else but no properties, can you help?

  6. little d says

    links are still not working – what happened they were working fine…tried this and restoring old version!! help.

    1. Techexpert says

      Did you try all my mentioned steps which have listed on the page ? Please try and then revert back if doesn’t fix. Please mention your OS as well.

  7. Frank says

    I tried the suggestion and some links still don’t work. I am running Windows 7 and using IE 11. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  8. טיסות כיף בשמי הארץ says

    I am going to immediately understand your current feed once i are not able to to discover the e-mail membership link as well as publication program. Carry out you may have any? Please let myself notice in order that I can sign up to. Many thanks.

  9. Walter says

    THANK YOU! This fixed it for me. (I have Windows 7 w/ IE8)

  10. Henk says

    Trying to fix the links not working, I got as far Computer Properties, ticked Enable Distribution Com, tried Default Authentication Level, but now I get a blank so I can’t select anything, same with Default Impersonation Level. Can you advise as I can go no further. Regards Henk

  11. elwood says

    Still aint working in Win7 Pro tried ithe fix above & did a restart still hyperlinks in pages sent to my email do NOT work. What did Mr Softee scree up this time. Or is this part of the Google War/Microsoft War where Mr Softee is trying to STOP google at their Search engine and cross scripting? Or you weren’t aware of the war… well there is one going on… Starting with the new Mozilla FF that uses Yahoo as a search engine instead of Google..

  12. Arvinder Singh says

    Dear team,

    I have one link and opening on IE 11 and that link is opening properly but when I am clicking on any tab button on that link.there is nothing display. Please help on below.

    1. Techexpert says

      Did you try opening this on another browser?

  13. Jack Helgesen says

    Worked for me! Great walk through. Thank you for the post!

    1. Techexpert says

      You’re welcome!!

  14. mng says

    Not working

  15. dan Livingston says

    The drop down boxes already had connect and identify in them. no change, IE is still just opening google search page.

    1. Techexpert says

      You can change it from inner settings. Click on Tools menu >> Manage Addons >> Search Provider >> Make the search engine default which you want.

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