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Though Installing a good antivirus and anti-malware software is recommended and necessary for all computer users, But some times we also needs to scan files manually using an Online Scanner. Many a times we also require this to make sure that our PC is clean from all viruses and need a second opinion. As every antivirus software have different approach of detecting viruses and malware, So it is not always possible to detect all the threats by a single scan and we required multiple antivirus engine to detect each and every threat. Best thing is that there are various Free online scanners available to fulfill this requirement

Online virus scanner / removal tools

Below are the category of various Free online scanners to scan a single file or URL, Email attachment or a full computer scan.

Some of the advantage of using an online scanner are

  • Easy to use, no installation required.
  • Online scanners always have latest updated virus definition and may use the behavioral cloud detection. So it more effective in finding out the latest threats.
  • They are Free.
  • Useful in removing viruses when you are unable to install any antivirus in the system due to existing virus infection.
  • Useful to take as second opinion about a threat.

Best Free Online Virus Scanner to Scan Infected PC

Below are the best Free Virus Scanners provided by Popular Antivirus companies. It just needs to download a small file to run the scan on the system. These are more powerful then online virus scanner which do not require installation as these can scan deeply into the system.

Norton security scan

Norton Online Virus Scanner

Norton is a trusted name and we can rely to give permission to scan our computer for the infection. It scans the system for antivirus, malware and rescue your PC.

McAfee security scan plus 

McAfee Security Scan Plus

McAfee is the another reliable name in the security industry and it can deeply scan the computers for any infection.

Trend Micro Housecall


Housecall by Trend Micro is another great name in the online scanning which is available for free to scan an infected PC. It provide full scan and custom scan options.

F-Secure online scanner

F-Secure Online Scanner

F-Secure is very popular to provide computer security solutions to the businesses and it also provide an online scanner to disinfect your PC.

Panda Cloud Cleaner

Panda Cloud Cleaner

Panda Security provide cloud cleaner in various forms. It provide options to scan with a portable cloud cleaner, or Run the cleaner from the USB or write the cleaner on a CD / DVD to run it directly from cd or dvd.

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Some times it happens that an infected PC does not allow to install anything in the computer in this case the above solutions will not work. Then try the below Computer Scanner through browser Add-on.

Best Free Online Scanner to scan computer with browser add-on

These online scanners neither require to upload a file nor they need to install in the computer. They get installed as browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.) extension  or add on to scan the system more deeply for any for viruses and malware etc.

Bitdefender Quick Scan

Bitdefender Quick Scan - Online Virus Scanner

ESET Online Scanner

ESET Virus Scanner

Even some times computer does not allow to install browser Add on then you should try some offline or Portable Scanner. Visit Best Offline Portable Scanner to download the portable USB scanners to scan the PC.

But if you need to just scan a single suspected file or URL then below list can help you.

Online scanners with multiple antivirus  and malware Engines to scan a single file.

Below are the true online scanner which uses multiple Anti Virus engines to scan a suspected file or a web page containing malicious Links to make sure that your file is safe or not.

Virus Total

Virus total is a popular and know as the best scanner to scan a file with multiple antivirus engines. It also accepts ZIP and RAR format files containing multiple files to scan. But it allows max 128 MB per file. You can scan by uploading a file or specifying a url.

Virus total


Metascan by OPSWAT is a free online malware scanner which uses approx 43 malware engines to scan and detect the file for any threat. It is also allowed single file as well as Achieved file upto a maximum size of 140 MB. It is also very powerful and trusted online scanner. You can scan files or websites using this.

OPSWAT - Metascan online scanner


Jotti is another online malware scanner which uses approx 20 online virus and malware scanners to scan the file. You can upload upto 5 files at once with maximum file size of 50 MB for each file.

Scan email attachments or send files over email

Email attachment are the major source of the malware infection. So if you are not sure about an attachment if your email you can forward that to these email addresses to get an automatic reply with scan result.

Virus Total

Send to Email :

with Subject : SCAN


Send to

You can send zip files and mention the Zip password in email body


Send to

with Subject : Sample submitted for analysis

You can send a password protected zip with the password in the email body.


Send to

You can send zip files and mention the Zip password in email body


Send to Email :

Compress all files into zip file and add the password as “infected

Norman Safeground

Send to Email :

Send a Zip file with the password “infected

Readers please post your comments if you have experience using any of the above online virus scanning services or if you know any other good service please suggest that as well that we can update our post to help all users.


Q: I am unable to install anything due to virus infection how can I scan my computer?

A: This is a common problem people face when their computer is severely infected. In this case you can scan with a bootable antivirus or portable antivirus which do not require to install in the system. These are also useful when you have a slow internet connection or is unable to connect to the internet.

Q: Are these free to use or their any limitation.

A: Mostly antivirus company provide a free virus scan, but charge for real time protection. So mostly above tools are free to scan and repair. But you require to install a good antivirus software or internet security suite to make sure that your computer don’t get infected in future.

Q: Can I use an antimalware software to scan the infected PC?

A: Yes, antimalware software are also effective to scan an infected PC.


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