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Microsoft Edge adds functionality that manages data consumption

Microsoft Edge continues to improve and advance. Now the Windows 10 browser improves its data consumption. All with this new feature added for Microsoft Edge Canary. This function allows you to manage browser updates depending on your computer connection. This way you will avoid updating or downloading while your connection is limited. For users with unstable connections is a significant improvement.

Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge adapts to measured data connections

Before this function, Windows 10 detects a connection between a stable and a limited Wi-Fi. Because of this, while the function is active, the system limits internet use in the background. “Measured connection” is the name of this feature. Among other functions, its activation implies that Windows will not automatically download or apply Windows 10 updates. Neither will Microsoft Store updates. It will also disable point-to-point updates and dynamic icons. In this way, it will save bandwidth.

Now Microsoft Edge will use it to manage your data when using a limited connection. Consequently, improve control of data consumption in the background in terms of updates. In this way, it prevents possible browser updates from consuming network data. Particularly, the function is useful when the computer uses a limited data network. In essence, this feature is to disable the updates while the team uses a connection measured.

As mentioned above, to have the function must have the latest version of Microsoft Edge. When you have it, you can access it through the browser’s configuration tab. There you must go to the section “about Microsoft Edge”. There you will find the option “Download updates through measured connections”. Later you can activate or deactivate the option as you wish.

This function allows you to have greater control over the consumption of data on your computer. Therefore the user can decide about downloading browser updates. And therefore, update the browser when the connection is stable. Instead, you will avoid the need to update. On the other hand, it will avoid being forced to update when the data connection used is limited.

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