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Microsoft 365 expands access to the app for remote workers without internet connection

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work took hold around the world. Millions and millions of companies migrated to working from home in a matter of days. Even though in many countries the confinement measures diminished, remote work is here to stay. The Redmond are aware of this, so they are bringing a new feature to Microsoft 365. Now workers will workers will use the app without internet connectivity for up to 180 days.

Microsoft 365 for offline workers

Previously, all devices had to connect to the Internet at least every 30 days. In this way Microsoft guarantees the update of the app. However, the company realized that there are that there are areas where internet connection is not available for longer periods of time. In view of this situation, Microsoft implemented the option for these sectors.

“we’re aware that in industries, including government, oil and gas, manufacturing, agriculture, and scientific research, some people work in secure scientific research, some people work in secure or remote environments where they have limited or no internet connectivity for longer periods of time.”

Microsoft Team

The feature is called extended offline access. And it basically consists of extending the time limit for devices to connect to the established for devices to connect to the Internet. In this way, the functions of Microsoft 365 will continue to be available despite the time without connectivity. An ideal alternative for those sectors that do not have a constant connection. Precisely for this reason, this option will be available only for these sectors. only for these sectors.

In order to activate the option, the company must request it. According to Microsoft, you should contact your representative of your Microsoft account. They will determine if the feature is the right alternative for the company. company. If it is, IT administrators will activate the feature when installing the Microsfot 365 apps on a device. Microsoft 365 apps are installed on a device.

From Microsoft 365 Channel

Microsoft 365 for multiple workers sharing a device

Likewise, another new feature is coming that makes working with Microsoft 365 apps easier. Related to companies where several workers use the same device. Accordingly, Microsoft enables device subscriptions. Thus, these users will not need an identity in Azure Active Directory. Since the license will be associated with the device.

To activate this feature, the company will acquire the required number of licenses. Subsequently, it will assign a license to a group of devices in the Microsoft 365 management center. With the expansion of offline access and device-based subscription, Redmond is striving to improve the experience with its tools. All in all, these new features leapfrog the remote work race. Making it easier for companies to work from anywhere.

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