The Christmas holidays are the equivalent of shopping and giving. This is why they are also an occasion for electronic fraud. Due to the increase in online transactions worldwide. Especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this way a company detected a new phishing campaign. In particular, it spreads emails offering a so-called Amazon gift card.

Obviously, Amazon is a shopping center on festive dates. That’s why at Christmas millions of people go to the online store to buy items. In view of this abundant flow of users, an email campaign is good bait. Especially since it is common to send and receive gift cards from friends and family. However, with this malware the gift is unpleasant.

fake amazon gift cards

How does Amazon’s apparent card campaign work?

The company Cybereason discovered this phishing campaign. Phishing consists of sending downloadable files via e-mail. These contain malicious and infected files. These are installed on the computer when downloaded. Specifically, the Amazon gift card campaign distributes Dridex. This malware is a banking Trojan that steals account credentials. It also records keystrokes and screenshots. It is also capable of downloading and installing other malware on the computer where it is hosted. This is why it is highly dangerous.

The operation of the campaign consists of receiving an email with a word file. This email contains information about a $100 Amazon gift card. When you download the file named Amazon_Gift_Card or Amazon_eGift-Car, a warning appears. The box indicates that a button must be pressed to enable content. This installs malicious macros that install the malware on your computer.

There are several options to avoid falling into this trap. Firstly, remember that Amazon does not ask you to download files. To redeem a gift card, you will need a code. Therefore, a legitimate email from the company will contain this code, which will be entered on the page. The funds are then added to the user’s account. Secondly, it is recommended to check with the card issuer to confirm shipment. Never through emails. Preferably by phone. Finally, if you receive this type of mail from apparent cards. That additionally request to download files, delete them immediately. This way you will avoid being a victim of this fraud.

To avoid these type of scams or phishing sites use a effective antimalware checkout best antimalware software.

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