The scope of malware never ceases to amaze us. This time it is Oscorp. This new malware belongs to Android. Its goal is to monitor all the user’s movements through his cell phone. In this way, Oscorp can access cards and bank accounts.

The danger of the Oscorp malware invasion: microphones and cameras

Oscorp installs itself on users’ phones. Once there, it is able to access the camera and record videos. In addition, it can make a record of the audio received by the cell phone’s microphone. This according to Italy’s Computer Emergency Response Team, CERT-AGID. This team was responsible for discovering this malicious code dangerous for its highly invasive nature.

How does Oscorp reach the mobile device?

The malware does not install itself on phones. This means that the user must allow the installation. For this, the cybercriminals send a pishing campaign via SMS or email to the user. This campaign invites to download the Customer Care.apk (or CustomerProtection.apk) file.

After the user clicks on the download link the malware is installed on the phone. Oscorp then displays the setup screen every eight seconds. This is so that the user allows accessibility and use of their phone to the “application”. This is how the cyber attackers gain access to the phone’s information, applications, operator or bank details.

Do this to avoid Oscorp or to attack it by infecting your phone

The main recommendation given by experts against this malware is not to install applications outside official stores. Next, have a trusted antivirus that can constantly monitor installed applications. On the other hand, the following is recommended if you are already a victim of this malware. First of all, quickly uninstall the application through which Oscorp has entered the phone. Also, change your banking credentials.

In case there is any suspicious movement in your accounts, it is recommended to call the corresponding offices. Finally, it is recommended to ignore or avoid messages inviting you to install an application directly from a link.

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