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MacOS 11 Big Sur: Latest version of MacOS arrived with a renewed look

During the month of November, Apple was a trend. The company launched the latest version of the operating system for its computers. Mac OS 11 Big Sur arrives with the biggest design change in 10 years. Consequently, it brings its design closer to that of iOS and iPadOS. Additionally, as if that were not enough, the update brings many more important news. It is not surprising that Apple decided to make the leap from 10 to 11.

Presentation MacOS 11 Big Sur

MacOS 11 Big Sur has a new look

As we mentioned, Apple gave a total turn to the design. Now there is a unification in the interface of their products. Details that bring elegance and sophistication come to Big Sur. Without losing the essence of macOS. Among the highlights of the design are:

  • New look at the apps. With the inclusion of sidebars and toolbars. In this way, the content is the priority.
  • Dook repowered with simplicity and elegance. Although all the icons have the same shape now. Also the characteristics of the macs are maintained.
  • Control and notification center updated. Access to the management of common controls is more practical. In addition, comes the option to customize your controls by adding favorites. For its part, the notification center gathers notifications and widgets. Also, the notifications are interactive and are grouped by apps.

Other important news

Safari is recognized as one of the best browsers. In the new version, Apple added features that enhance the experience. Consequently, I have included intuitive customization options, improving the tab design as well. It highlights the increased speed and performance of the browser. And finally, the weekly privacy report that increases the user’s peace of mind.

New look mac os big sur - latest macos update

Also, the Maps and Messages applications have been updated. Now you can know details of the places before going. The app also creates customized routes for bicycles and electric vehicles. New features that adapt to the user’s day. Messages are added to the iOS 4 feature. Customization includes responses to specific messages, group conversations and memos. Additionally, you can send photos, gifs and videos quickly. And anchor conversations.

It is important to note that the experience on Apple devices is gradually being unified. For example, MacOS Big Sur runs native iOS and iPadOS applications. On devices with an M1 processor, developers will not have to make any modifications. Macs will be able to install the apps as if they were an iPhone or iPad. Like these, many other features come to the Mac’s. And ultimately this is an experience worth enjoying.

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