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It’s official! Microsoft Office 2021 for Windows and MacOS is coming!

2021 is coming with everything. In terms of news and updates, this year is promising. As a sign of this, Microsoft announced the arrival of two versions of Office: Office 2021 for consumers and Office LTSC for businesses. These office suites are an alternative for those who do not want to pay a subscription to Office 365. So it includes the latest news of this tool.

Since this option is an alternative for those who do not want to work from the cloud, it is developed in parallel to Office 365. Thus, the new features are not very different from each other. Basically, the operation of Office 2021 is based on Office 2019, with features already available in Office 365. The essential difference is that users get the latest office features by paying a one-time license fee. No need to cancel monthly subscription.

Despite not bringing major changes, Office 2021 includes some updates. For example, the dark mode for applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Exel. Likewise, for the other apps in the suite. Previously, Office 365 joined the group of software and companies using this trend 2 years ago. At the moment there are no further details about other added features.

Also for companies

Certainly remote working is at the top of the business work. However, office is still an option for local work. Thus, Microsoft takes the lead and offers Office LTSC Long-Term Serviceing Channel. This alternative is ideal for companies that also want to pay for a single license. And not to cancel a monthly subscription. In return, they get a stable and supported version. On the other hand, the main novelty in this tool is that the support is 5 years. When previously it was 7 years.

It is expected that by the end of this year both versions of Office will arrive. However, a preliminary version of Office LTSC will be launched in April. However, there will be no pre-release for Office 2021. Neither is the exact date of the official release known, nor the prices for both licenses. What is known is that it will have support for Windows and MacOS in 32 and 64bits.

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