Download windows 10 theme for Windows 7 (Tested)

Here is this page, we'are sharing with you the tricks how to download windows 10 theme in Windows 7. This would be the tested methods that we are sharing with you here.


Low end PC users which don’t have enough ram to run and enjoy windows 10 can get the taste of windows 10 by downloading and installing its theme. In this guide, you will learn how to download and install windows 10 theme in windows 7. This guide works for both 32- and 64-bit versions. Please follow the following steps.

Windows 10 themesSteps: Download windows 10 theme in Windows 7

  1. First, you need to download windows 10 theme. You can download it from here.
  2. Once you have downloaded windows 10 theme, you need to download some tools to install this theme in Windows 7. The tools are enlisted below.
  3. When you have all these tools downloaded, you are fine to move next. Open the Universal theme patcher zip file. There are two exe files in the zip, one is for 32-bit windows and other for 64-bit. Open the UniversalThemePatcher.exe file according to your windows version.
    universal theme pactaher download
  4. When you will open the theme patcher, it will inform you to modify/patch some system files. Click on Yes and move to next step.
    Windows 10 theme patch
  5. In this window, click on patch in front of all .dll files. You can get back to old files in any case.
    Windows 10 theme patcher 2
  6. Open Theme resource changer zip file and run the file according to your windows version.
    Windows 10 theme changer
  7. Click on Next. Installation Wizard will open, just follow the on-screen instructions and install it. Restart your PC so that the changes made by these tools can take effect.
    Windows 10 theme resource changer
  8. It’s time to open the main Windows 10 theme zip file. From this file, then click on RunMeFirst.cmd file.
    Windows 10 theme run me first
  9. After performing step 8, the extension of the theme files present in this folder will change. Open the Windows 10 themes file with any zip software such as WinRAR or 7zip.
  10. Open Default Task bar folder from the zip file.
    click on default taskbar
  11. Select all files and folders in Default taskbar folder and drag and drop them to the location: C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\.
  12. Click on continue if asks.
    Windows 10 theme resources
  13. Windows 10 theme has been successfully added to themes section of windows 7. Now, you can easily apply Windows 10 theme on your Windows 7 by going to personalize. To do so, right click anywhere on desktop and click on Personalize.
    click on personalize
  14. You will see multiple windows 10 themes. Click on the theme which you like to apply.
    select Windows 10 theme
  15. You will have a look much closer to windows 10 but windows 7 transparency is still there. To hide it, open Aero Blur tweaker file and open its exe file.
    Select Windows Aero
  16. A pop-up window will open, just click on Hide Blur and you are done!
    Windows 7 Aero Blur tweaker

Tip: Download Windows 10 Transformation pack for windows 7

Instead of downloading multiple tools to set up windows 10 look for windows 7, you can download transformation pack. The link is provided below.

Download windows 10 Transformation Pack for Windows 7.

After downloading it, install it like a normal software and you are done!

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