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Compare Best Antivirus Security Suites of 2022 (Comparison Table)

There are lots of computer security products are available in the market these days. So it is very hard to choose a good antivirus software for the computer. So we have researched and create a comparison table of the best antivirus software. We picked up the top variant of each company.

Norton vs Bitdefender vs Webroot vs McAfee vs Trend Micro

FeaturesNorton 360Bitdefender
Multi Device
Total Security
Internet Security
Trend Micro
Maximum Security
Total Protection
Starting Price $79.99 $89.95 $79.99 $89.95 $89.99
Discounted Price$39.99
(5 devices / 1 yr.)
(3 devices / 1 yr)
(5 devices / 1 yr)
(3 devices / 1yr)
(Unlimited / 1 yr)
License Options 1 /3 /5 /10
 1 / 3/ 5 / 10
3 / 5
 3 / 5
 All owned
Free Trial30 Days30 Days14 Days30 Days30 Days
Money Back
60 Days30 Days70 Days30 Days30 Days
Same license for
Multi device
Boot time protectionYesYes –YesYes
Removable media scanYesYes –YesYes
Rootkit ScanYesYesYesYesYes
Browser ProtectionYesYesYesYes –
Anti SpamYesYesYesYesYes
Anti PhishingYesYesYesYesYes
Malicious web page blockingYesYesYesYesYes
Tamper ProtectionYes – – – –
PC optimizationYesYesYesYes Only defragmentation
Parental ControlYesYesYesYesYes
Cloud backupYes (25 GB) –Yes (25 GB) –Yes (1 GB)
Password ManagerYesYesYesYesYes
Data Protection File Shredder File Encryption File VaultSecure EraseSecure Erase VaultFile Shredder
Unique / Special Features    100% Virus free or money back Idle Time optimizer Power saving mode SONAR ProtectionVulnerability Scanner Startup Optimizer Safe Pay (Secured Browser)Anti Malware Tools. PUA Protection Heuristic Scan Webroot Infrared Protection System AnalyzerCloud Scanning Social Network Protection Create backup of encrypted files set Background ImageIdle Time Optimizer Home network manager Vulnerability scanner
 Why Choose?For multiple layer of protection and reputed brand name in industry
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For the lots of security features with fast scanning engine
Read more
 Ultra fast and light with strong PUA protection
Read more
For strong Ransomware and virus protection
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Choose McAfee for the protection of unlimited device in your household
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Comparison table of Best 5 Internet Security Suites

We have skipped the common features as all modern security software have those features. We are comparing some advanced features to make you the best choice in buying security suite for your devices. The above given security software are almost equally effective and good to keep the PC safe, but still there are some factors given in the above antivirus comparison chart which are considerable while you choose the right security software for your computer / smartphone.

Antivirus and Internet Security Comparison
Best Business Antivirus for Small Business

Factors to compare to choose the right Antivirus / Internet Security Software

Antivirus or a Security suite is a must have software or app for every computer or smartphone devices. But deciding that which is right software for you is always confusing. First decide whether you need an Antivirus or a complete security suite. Read Comparison between Antivirus and Internet Security suite. We always recommend using a Full security suite. Malware attacks are very high these days and people are getting victim of data loss, data theft, slow speed, excessive usage of internet bandwidth etc. As there are lots of security software available in the market and all looks good and promising so it is not an easy job to choose the best one. Every people have different need and priorities so every people have different Antivirus software as their perfect choice. We are here explaining some factors to choose the best antivirus software for you.


Pricing is always matter and it is a good habit to analyze that what we are spending is worth for our requirement. Mostly all companies provide good discount for the first year purchase, but on renewal they can charge for the regular price. Pricing is also depends on the no. of devices you own. So look wisely for the best deal as per your requirement. Check out the Antivirus Coupons for the latest cheap offer from various antivirus companies.

Support and Customer Care

Always consider this factor that how easy is to reach the support department or customer care of the security software. What contact option they are providing like Phone Support, Email Support, Live Chat Support or Forum Support. And when they are open for the support. Is the company providing the support in your regional language? etc.

How many devices you own and what OS they are based on

Always count how many devices you want to protect and what platform they are using like you own 1 Desktop (with windows OS), 1 Tablet (Android based) and 1 iPhone. So you have 3 devices with different platform. Choose a software which is multi-platform compatible and with at least 3 device licenses. Then compare the prices and features you are getting with the software and choose the best one.

Features to look in the best Internet security suite

Today all antiviruses have included Antimalware, Antivirus, Firewall etc. features as their common tool except some Free Antiviruses, so we are skipping these factors and moving directly to other required features which are highly considerable these days in an ideal Antivirus security suite.

Same license valid for Multi device

As one person owns multiple devices these days like a Desktop / Mac / Laptop / Android based smartphone / Tablet or iPhone etc. Purchasing and managing license for every device is a real pain, So choose the antivirus which you can install in any of your device with the same license key and can be easily manageable from a single login. All the above mentioned security suites have this feature.

Boot Time Protection

Some times a threat infect computer during the starting or booting process of the computer as antivirus loads itself after loading the system files. So choose an antivirus which start protecting from the time of booting. Except Webroot all above used the boot time protection.

Removable Media Scan

USB sticks are used frequently these days to transfer data between devices and are also the common medium for spreading viruses offline. So always consider this factor that your security software is able to scan the USB stick or any removable media when attached to the device.

Browser Protection

This factor is also very serious as most of the online threat spread by hijacking or installing undesired toolbars or plugins in the internet browsers. Though all browser providers are working hard to make the browsers safe but still it is a good idea to make sure your browser in not hijacked with your antivirus software.

Antiphishing and malicious web page blocking

Website adviser is a great feature to  block the visits to the dangerous or malware spreading websites. Consider these factor to give another layer of protection from online threats. It is always good to keep away from these harmful pages.

Tamper Protection

Some time attackers attack and disable the antivirus itself first to make its way clear to enter into the system. So Tamper protection is a feature to protect the antivirus product itself from the tempering. Only Norton is providing this feature at this time.

PC Optimization

PC or smartphone gets slow after some time and need regular cleanups by deleting junks from the devices. So have a look if you are getting this tool with your antivirus or not.

Parental Control

Monitoring online activity of your kid is necessary today. We have to stop him visiting the criminal or adult websites. We also have to monitor him that he is not sharing any private information publicly on the internet. Consider it if you have kids.

Cloud backup space

Backing up your important files are essential these days due to the increased risk of Cryptoware and Ransomware. Consider this factor as priority if you are keeping important data in your device. It is great if you are getting some cloud space free with your security software.

Password Manager

In this digital age we required lots of logins and passwords. So requirement to manage all this sensitive data in a secure environment is necessary. Password managers do this task efficiently and just with a single password you can mange all logins. Look if your antivirus software is bundling this tool for you or not.

Protection from PUA

Potential unwanted Applications / Programs are also the biggest threat these days. They get installed with a legitimate software and can infect the system later on. They can show ads or can redirect to unwanted websites which can lead to further infection. Though for this purpose you can use the Best Antimalware Software which are designed specially for this purpose and can be installed along with your Antivirus Software.


Due to the increased risk of ransomware, check the data protection and anti-ransomware feature on priority if you are using your device for business purpose and storing sensitive business or personal data in your device. You can look for the Free alternative for Best Anti-Ransomware software if your antivirus software is not providing such protection.

Review and Price Comparison

Antivirus SoftwareProtected devicesRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Norton Security Premium10$89.99$49.99
Bitdefender Total Security3$89.99$58.47
Trend Micro Maximum Security3$89.95$39.95
Webroot Internet Security Complete5$79.99$59.99
McAfee Total ProtectionUnlimited$89.99$49.99

Norton Security Premium

Why choose Norton

Norton is providing 100% virus free promise. No other company is providing such type of guarantee. Norton will refund if full amount if they are unable to keep you virus free at any time. Norton have multiple layer of protection with cloud based behavioral protection, heuristic protection, community watch with download insight, SONAR protection. Their new Norton security is cheaper and competitive in the market now as compared to its previous products Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security. With all other features additionally it provide temper protection and download protection to maximize the security level. Though it does not have anti-ransomware feature but it is fully able to stop any type of attack. Ransomware always use the malware’s as a medium to infect the system. Norton can easily stop all type of malware.

Norton Security Premium Review

See the below screenshots to get an idea about the features and options you will get with the Norton Security Premium.

Norton Settings
Norton Admin Settings
Norton Browser Protection Settings
Norton Identity Protection

Norton products feature comparison

Norton Products Comparison

Bitdefender Total Security

Why choose Bitdefender

Though Bitdefender has no cloud backup space and temper protection but it has some additonal features to keep you safe from all type of threats like its photon technology for fast scanning, Safe Pay is a secured browser to take place online transactions securely. It has a vulnerability scanner and Anti-Ransomware features.

Bitdefender Total Security Review

Bitdefender Protection Modules and options
Bitdefender Privacy Modules
Bitdefender Tools Modules
Bitdefender Web Protection

Bitdefender Products Comparison

Bitdefender 2016 Comparison

Trend Micro Maximum Security

Why choose Trend Micro

Trend Micro scored on the top in testing labs and they have some practical features for the protection of ransomware like it take a backup of every file which being encrypted for any reason which increase the chances to recover data if even infected by a cryptoware. It has also has additional features like social network protection and cloud scanning.

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security Review

Trend Micro Security and Tune up Settings
Trend Micro data protection Settings
Trend Micro Privacy Settings

Compare Trend Micro Products

Comparison of Trend Micro

Webroot Internet Security Complete

Why choose Webroot

Webroot is ultra light and ultra fast in installation and scanning. It has great PUA protection, malware protection and cleaning and also includes anti-ransomware feature but lacks on some features like USB autorun scanning & boot time scanning but its strong PUA protection can overcome this.

Webroot internet security complete review

Webroot Tools
Webroot PC Security Settings
Webroot Shields
Webrrot heuristics settings

Compare Webroot Products

Comparison of Webroot Products

McAfee Total Protection

Why choose Intel McAfee

McAfee by Intel is also have all the features required in a security suite but have no PC Optimization feature. Still you can consider it as it provides unlimited device protection for your household.

McAfee total security Review

McAfee Features
McAfee Settings
McAfee Features 2
McAfee Features 3

Compare McAfee products

McAfee products Comparison

Please share your reviews, comments, experience about these Antivirus software or if you have any information regarding their cheap promo post them here. If we have missed any feature in the comparison table please share that with us that we can update this post to make it useful for everyone.

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