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HP Deskjet D1660 Driver Download Setup – Installation Guide

HP Deskjet D1660 Driver Download Setup Guide



I have HP Deskjet D1660 Printer however i lost the printer driver disk of this printer which was came with the printer.

Now i have brought a new computer and i want to install it with this new computer, is there any way to download the driver setup file for downloadable version ?, so that it would again working.

Solved Answer

Yes, Surely you can download drivers for particular printer, and i also give you the proper instruction to install it in a proper way.

Please find the below download link for your operating system which windows do you have, Windows8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows, XP, Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008.

Please follow the steps to download to install your deskjet D1660 Printer.

HP Deskjet D1660 Driver Download Setup – Installation Guide


1. Uninstall Printer Driver if any installed previously, because isn’t  getting any driver conflicting or in-completable when we try to install it again.

  • Uninstall Driver Using Add/Remove Program in Control panel

2. Choose your operating system and Download the same drivers setup file.

3. Execute the Setup file which you have just downloaded for your operating system, and follow the instruction until finish.

Today (Aug-18-2015) We have added the windows 10 printer driver download link for HP Deskjet D1660 printer driver for windows 10, hope you will enjoy windows 10.


This post was last updated on:2016-06-01 | First Published:2013-04-17

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  4. Charlotte Crocker

    Is it possible to use this printer with a chrome book?? please help. Thanks

    • Sorry to say but the printers do not work with chrome book directly through USB connection or WIFI. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot printer from chrome book, of-course you can print but you have to setup could printer. Please watch this video to get more help ^(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4K0VshDOI4).

      but you cannot connect your printer directly to chrome book. You only can print chrome

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  6. Link for windows 10/64 does not work. Unable to download. What’s up?

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    thank for your great works.i’m download a setup it is work ever thankz for you.

  8. hello, i bought d1660 20days ago. i tried to download it many times. But until now I couldn’t get it. Please tell me if i will click download it. Would i got it?

    • In this page you’ll the links to download D1660 drivers (In the middle of the page). You just have to go to the download section above and click on then download links of the operating system you have on your computer.

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  11. please renew the link. tx

    • Thank you so much for informing us the link that we given to download the drivers are outdated. Now, The driver download links have been updated from the latest one, now you can download it from the same link. We have also updated the drivers for windows 8.1 version. Click on above given download link to download the drivers.



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    I have a D1660 printer but lost the installation disk and now the driver is installing. Thanks

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    • Great article.After raenidg it remains unclear to me whether the ink advantage product line *entirely* consists of the new business model (printer price up, supplies price down), or that indeed there also have been technological enhancements that save ink.Another way of asking this question is: how does my 4615 ink advantage differ from a US officejet 4620 model? Are the ink cartridges interchangeable (technically)?

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