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  • HP Deskjet D1660 Series

    I have the D1660 printer and installed it.  Once it was installed, I printed the sample page and it worked, however, I try to print something I typed in Windows 7, and it won’t print.  The paper feeds & it sounds like it printed, but nothing prints on the paper.  Am I doing something wrong?

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    Are you printing from Notepad or Microsoft Word or name the application if any other. Also please check the ink level of your cartridges it may be possible that one of your cartridge get empty. Another possible reason is make sure that you are not printing in White Color.

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    I’m printing in Microsoft Word.  I’ve tried printing in black and in different colors as well.  Nothing shows up on the paper.  The printer sounds like it’s printing and the paper feeds thru, but nothing appears.


    There are two reasons of Blank printing:

    1. Due to Low or Empty ink cartridge.
    2. Due to wrong driver installation.

    If your computer doesn’t show the Ink level warring message and if your INKs are not empty or low that means the problem in your printer drivers. Maybe your printer driver did not installed properly.

    ONLY follow this steps if your ink cartridges are not empty or low because the steps may take long time.

    Steps for remove wrong printer driver from your computer.

    1. Do uninstall your printer  drivers from control panel
    2. Disconnect your printer from computer
    3. Remove all the traces of HP 1660 printer from registry. Note: Remove the registry entries carefully because it is very sensitive thing on computer. Before changing in registry, do backup(Export) of your computer registry.
    4. Remove drivers from the folder location (C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\w32x86 OR C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\x64)
    5. Uninstall all the printer port’s traces from “Device manager” – (Universal Serial BUS) as well.
    6. Now, do reboot your computer.
    7. Download the latest printer driver from HP or our website. Double check the model number of your printer before downloading drivers because wrong driver installation was cause this type of issues.
    8. Then Re-install the printer driver again after reboot the computer. Note: Make sure, don’t plug the USB cable to printer or computer until installation wizard prompts about that.
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