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How to uninstall a program or app from Windows 10 / 7?

It is a common practice installing and uninstalling any app or software in a computer system. Different operating system have different methods to perform install and uninstall. Below we are providing the steps in some different operating…

Download Avast Uninstall / Removal Utility

Avast uninstall utility is a tool provided by Avast to do a complete uninstall of Avast software. It will work for all Avast products like Free Antivirus, Internet Security, Premier or Business security, etc. This tool will work for all…

Download AVG Removal Tool. How to Remove AVG?

AVG products can be simply uninstalled by their own uninstaller which is located in control panel (add or remove programs). If it fails to remove AVG, so we recommend you to use AVG clear or AVG remover utilities to remove it completely…

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