Panda uninstall tool Download (Direct Download)


Panda uninstall tool

Do you want to uninstall Panda antivirus?
You should remove it by their proper Panda removal tool.
If you try to uninstall it by add/remove program, it doesn’t remove it completely, because some of security registries entries might be still remains, which can be create problems.
If you don’t use removal tool you might be facing the problem like: Computer freezing, Unable to connect internet, computer speed slow and also might be getting installation error.
Download the removal tool and uninstall it completely.

panda removal toolDownload Panda Uninstall Tool



 Download Panda Security 2015

  1. dean says


  2. dean says

    the g-damed program did not work !

  3. J says


    1. Techexpert says

      No actually it does not refuses to uninstall but actually. This uninstall tool is to even remove all registry entries and files etc. which does not get deleted during normal uninstall process as software have to keep some info for later use in normal uninstall / reinstall process.

  4. Lucas says

    Normally i dont make thank you comments. But really thank you. Really helped me out.

  5. me says

    Bullshit, does not work

    1. Techexpert says

      If itsown removal tool doesn’t work then you can try REVO unisntaller tool.

  6. jonas says

    does not work…..

  7. Paul says

    Says I need to reboot, so I did, but it still said to reboot. Wouldn’t work even in safe mode.

    1. Techexpert says

      If the removal tool did not worked for you then use REVO uninstaller tool to unisntall panda. You can download REVO from our tools page:

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