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F-Secure uninstall tool Download

Download F-secure uninstall tool

Do you want to uninstall F-Secure antivirus?

Many a times we need to uninstall a security product for many reason. Some time due to error in upgrade or incompatibility with other security products. But removing from windows Add / remove program does not help in solving the issue. In this case you should use a proper removal tool which remove that completely from and delete all windows registry entries to remove any conflicting. F-Secure removal tool is the best way to Uninstall the F-Secure from your computer.  This is an official uninstall tool provided by F-secure antivirus. Download the removal tool and uninstall it completely from Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10

 Download:-  Fsecure uninstall tool 

If you need to re-install or upgrade to new version of F-secure. download the f-secure from the below link.

Download F-secure Safe

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  1. Antti says

    To use F-secure Uninstallation tool with server production,
    open elevated Command Promt (run as administrator),
    launch program with parameters:
    unistallationtool.exe -a –server

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