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1,468 thoughts on “Print Spooler Repair Tool Feedback”

  1. I have spent days on end downloading different programs and searching different instructions to help fix this problem, I wish I came across this first ! Amazing ! Windows XP

      1. hi
        i was recently try this tool but problem not solved actuly before few day my desktop having startup problem so i can use system restore system is restore done..but printer is unable to response print command ..drivers is updated..hp laserjet 1020 win 7 proff 32 bit…please help


        1. check your print spooler service status, is it started or stopped?. Go to services page through services.msc command and check the “print Spooler” service, if you got it stopped then try to start it and let us know if you get any error message.

  2. I discovered during the download that I am also missing the following files that I must correct before running the spool correction:
    Missing files: C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe and

    1. @Christian, Don’t worry, our tool will manage all the things which is missing or corrupted with print spooler. Our tool will repair all print spooler service completely.

    1. Win7 print spooler freezes after printing unable to print again. Spooler shows status printing. any idea’s?

        1. It depends on nature of conflicting. If faulty file realted with a 3rd party application, so you have to uninstall that application and then re-install. If faulty file realted with the system files then you have to repair your windows.

    2. Works a treat, but unfortunately each time I reboot the computer the printer spool message comes back. All printer drivers have been removed. Any ideas? Cheers.

      1. You can set your printer spooler service Anatomically in startup. You have to do this step manually, maybe the has skipped this step somehow.

        1. Rechecked and sadly the spooler service is set to automatic start up. Trying to start manually comes up with same fault. After running your fix it runs and prints fine, but the print spooler fault returns every time the machine is restarted.

          1. Please find out some more things for diagnose the problem:

            1. After run our tool how many prints you can print? Do one thing run our tool and wait for 1-2 hours or more, then try to print out and check are you able to print or have the same issue.
            2. You have to check other two more services which must be set as automatically at startup. Services names are: “Dcom Servicer Process Launcher”, “Remote Procedure Call (RPC)”
            3. It may be possibility that one of .dll file (of system OR of drivers) are making this conflicting with your print spooler service. Do one thing, as soon as after stopped your print spooler service check your “Event Viewer” (“Event viewer” –>> “windows logs” –>> “applications”) and then check for the latest errors related print spooler. Even it will show you all the .dll file name as well. You can share that information with us for any suggestion. Thanks

    3. My Print Spooler still wont start after I ran your fix. I am running Windows 8.1 – still gives an error of “not enough resources available to complete this operation” – please help!

      1. I haven’t been able to print anything either since Windows 10. So frustrated. I tried 2 different printers and neither one works with 10.

        1. Any printer can’t work until the print spooler service in start stage. Now please let us know the error message while trying to start the print spooler service then we can help you further. (To start print spooler service – Go to service.msc page and try to start the printer spooler service manually)

    4. first time, it works fine, just 1 day
      the day after it still problem, ” windows can not conect to the printer … ”
      and your App can’t work any more

      so sad, may i resetup windows ?

    5. the program finished to run successfully , however my printer still can’t print. Usually the problem starts when I try to print PDF. Now, after I ran the app I tried to print from Word. Still no success. It’s HP officejet 4500 working with windows 7 PC

    6. The program worked like a treat for me. Just a couple of minor niggles.
      1. When the program finished running it was not clear what to do next, but eventually I said to myself “I wonder if it’s worked? Maybe if I try printing again?…”, and hey bingo!
      2. I had great trouble working out how to leave a feed back. Maybe this is the way to do it who knows. The headline banner “Print Spooler Repair Kit Feedback etc” does not have a link to a feedback page.
      Otherwise, GREAT.

      1. Run our tool in “safemode”, it will re-create the spooler service as well.
        Please let us know the result.

      1. Our tool works on windows 10, don’t why it did not work. Could your please explain your exact issue in more detail so that we can assist you with that. Please share whole error message with me if you get.

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