Recently I noticed that my mouse is freez / hangs for a few seconds and then starts working again. It  is found that many other users are also facing this mouse keeps freezing issue. Mostly users are facing this mouse not working issue in Windows 10 operating system.

Mouse freezing issue

How to fix mouse freezing issue?

If mouse is not responding or stops working randomly in Windows 10 or is being freezing in between working then lets try to troubleshoot this issue step by step.

1. Make sure that the problem is with mouse and not with the Windows

To make sure that it is not a mouse issue but windows freezing issue follow these steps.

  • If you are using a wireless mouse try to use touch pad of laptop or attach a USB mouse if you are using a desktop.
  • If you are already using a USB mouse then try to use keyboard keys, If computer is not responding with keyboard then it means it a Windows freeze and not the mouse freeze.

At first I have thought it was an issue with the wireless mouse. Actually I am using a laptop so I have tried to use the laptop mouse pad but it was also not working. So one thing was clear that it was not the issue with the wireless mouse but actually a Windows freeze issue. Or the whole system was unresponsive.

If this is a Windows issue then try to notice that when is it freezing? If it is freezing anywhere then you should have to refer this post Fix 100% disk usage issue.

In my case it was with the Chrome. It was freezing when I was using Chrome browser. If it is the case with you then refer Fix Chrome freezing issue.

Otherwise if it is not a Windows freezing issue then you can continue to next step to fix the mouse freezing issue.

2. Check for discharged battery (If using a Wireless mouse)

If the step 1 confirms that it is a mouse freezing issue and not a windows freezing then your first step should be to check the mouse battery. If it is about to discharge or weak it may be the cause of the freezing issue. When a battery is about the end of the life it may behaves so. Try changing your mouse battery.

“Sometimes just taking out battery and reinserting it after waiting a few seconds may work like a charm.”

3. Check mouse physically

If your mouse battery is okay or you are using a wired USB mouse then check the mouse for any kind of physical damage like loose USB port with the computer, bad usb port or a damaged or twisted cable. You can try attaching another mouse to make sure that the problem is not of any physical damage. Or attach the mouse with another USB port. Using the same mouse with another system may also give you an idea about something wrong with the mouse.

4. Update mouse driver

Outdated mouse driver or wrong device driver can also cause freezing issue, so there is no harm is updating your mouse device driver. You can find the driver at the respective manufacturer website. refer Updating drivers in Windows 10. Try reinstalling mouse driver. Go to the control panel and uninstall the mouse from the devices and click on detect for hardware changes to reinstall it.

Hopefully the above steps will help you to fix the freezing mouse issue otherwise you can post your experience in the comment box. Also check below resources at Microsoft website.

Troubleshoot a wireless mouse that does not function correctly


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