Adware Removal Tool Download

Adware Removal Tool by TSA is specially designed to remove Ad-wares from computers. The tool is developed by TSA Team – It’s a Freeware tool and completely free of use. This tool is able to detect and remove most of the Adwares from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, system folders & files and from registry traces as well.

Adware removal tool’s adware database is very powerful and it works on cloud based system. So you don’t need to update adware definition separately manually, it updates the adware database automatically every-time you run it.

Adware Removal Tool by TSA suppored following operating systems: Windows xp, Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and server edition as well.

Latest Version: v5.1 on 31th of march 2016

For Support:- Please contactus for any help at our official email address:

Click here to download latest version of Adware Removal Tool v5.1.

Adware Removal Tool by TSA 5.1 Screenshot
Adware Removal Tool by TSA v5.1 Screenshot

How to use Adware Removal Tool.

How to use Adware Removal Tool v3.9

  • Step 1 : Start our tool (Adware Removal tool).
  • Step 2 : Click on “Scan & repair” button. It will start scanning and it takes time so please be patient.
  • Step 3 : After finished the scan, you’ll get a message. so please click on OK button. you’ll get all the results in front of you.
  • Step 4 : Click on “Repair all” button. It will remove all the selected objects.
  • Step 5 : Click on OK again. Now it is notifying you for closing all the applications.
  • Step 6 : You will get a finished message click on OK to reboot your computer.






adware-removal-tool-screenshot6 After reboot you’ll get final finished message. adware-removal-tool-screenshot7


686 thoughts on “Adware Removal Tool Download”

  1. Fast, easy, and works. I was skeptical to download, but glad I did. Great service, thank you! I will absolutely make a donation, and hope to remember to do even more later when able.

  2. GREAT Tool. When ever my Laptop encounters any issue first thing I remember is to RUN your tool. But couple of months ago your tool was unable to tackle problem with a MALWARE and I was forced to reinstall OS. Apart from this your tool does wonders as always!

  3. Extremely effective little tool. I had no idea how much junk was on my pc —- but it ain’t no more! Now it runs pretty close to perfect. Can’t thank you enough. I tried to make a donation a couple of times but you don’t accept Visa? I’ll try again in a few days.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for making such a great tool. On one hand there are big companies like Yahoo! infecting our computers to install force search material, then there are other software companies which offer paid software to remove virus created by them and on the other hand there are you, cleaning the bad stuffs without even charging any penny.
    I am so thankful to you guys. Only one request, please keep this service free and maybe add some active protection thing which checks installed software, downloaded files and lock registry. I don’t know if this is a simple task but this will surely help a lot. Right now I am a student but I promise I will support your work when I’ll be able to do so.
    thanks again.

  5. So far so good. However Microsoft Technician Level 7 remotely installed this Adware / Malware removal for me after paying a lot of money to secure my PC from hackers. I wont be making any donations. Ive paid for my services for the life of my PC which is maybe 2 more years if im lucky. Thank you, James

    1. I doubt that was a “Microsoft Technician”. More likely it was a random dude who lied to you and scammed you out of your money, only installing this program so it looked like he actually did something on your PC.

  6. I hav malwarebites and downloaded your adware removal tool to remove 2 pups that kept on proliferating ,,,but it just kept proliferating,,,your product got rid of it.Maybe you should sell some software to malwarebites!

  7. I know it is not easy to remove every malware, as they are invented daily. However, I had a programme attached to my browser, and I tried four other malware programmes, without success. I cannot criticise them, as I believe that there does not exist a programme that removes every adware. However, this programme is superb. It runs quickly, effectively and removed the programme that I had struggled with for about a week. I made a contribution as I think you deserve it.

  8. Effective tool, and lightweight too. It was able to detect and resolve issues which I was not even aware of. Kudos to the developers.

  9. This is extremely amazing. Top of the notch stuff right here. Seriously, if you’re thinking that these comments are bots, then no they aren’t, they’re real people who got their things fixed. This just removed the SVCVMX virus! I cannot tell you the satisfaction I received when I deleted ever virus that it found. This is better than things you pay for. Windows Defender, McAfee and things like that are all garbage when compared to this masterpiece. I tried it half a year ago, and it got rid of everything except of the svcvmx.exe virus that I had. But these guys worked on this and finally got it to delete it. Props to everyone who worked on this. I love you guys, and if I had money, I’d support you guys no doubt. You have done an amazingly great service to me and I recommend it for everybody who comes here. This is legit, and probably the most legit thing on the internet, literally nothing else I’ve found has even come close to beating it. I’d advise bookmarking this page in case anyone gets another bad virus or something like that because this is the best remedy for adware and such. And again, thank you!!

  10. it’s a great tool but I think it takes too long. I believe making it work faster without removing the thoroughness will make it even better. it is however a simple but effective tool.

  11. I keep getting the message:
    “Couldn’t find server connectivity to update Adware definition. Please click on “Retry” button…..”

    Server down there?

        1. Some time our tool doesn’t work on proxy Internet, we are still working on this issue. So we recommend you to please start your interner directly without proxy and then try it again.

  12. Sreenath Kumar Polisetty

    Hi Adware,

    I am happy to believe unwanted programs have been removed in my device.
    I am happy for your initiative steps for resolving issues to everyone. I appreciate you.
    Right now, It hard for me to arrange donation. I will get back to you soon when i am donating to you.
    Whoever see my post, I request them to please contribute to them if they can affordable to give some donation to Adware team.

    Appreciate & Good Luck for your TEAM..!

  13. VERY LOW resources use.. very powerfull… very easy to use.. and all above RESET browser option is cool…. EXTREMELY USEFULL….
    Thank you TSA…

  14. A great addition to my virus fighting toolbox. My pc was slow to load programs, and freezing a little. When I found this tool and ran it, it found 7 problems. After cleaning it was so nice to click on a program and have it open right away. Thank You so much because I have been having trouble for a while, and no other program worked. BitDefender, Malwarebytes JRt and Adwcleaner, could not find the problems, but Adware Removal Tool did what the others could not.

  15. Adware Removal Tool detected 4x PUPs, and I removed them. Hopefully, they won’t return. Was easy to execute program. Thank you VERY much!

  16. I run Kaspersky, Malwarebytes, and this program, in that order. If there is something hiding, that was missed, this program always seems to catch it. I first downloaded it after a failed detection caused an infection on my computer. This program helped me eliminate it! If you are someone who is serious about your computers health and security, you have to run this program!

  17. My dad clicked on something that infected his laptop with adware and this tool did the cleanup fast, easy and correctly….Thank you.

    1. started out great a couple months ago, but now refuses to run because it won”t update. Very useful when it works but don”t even bother much with it anymore.

  18. good scan, I was unaware that I had Adware because I have security running on my computer that says I am clean and protected

  19. i have two computers here , i need 2 for all the programs that i run , being an amateur operator so it was a god send when i clean my pc and made it run even better , thanks heaps

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for contacting us,

      we’ll help you to remove this Adware from your computer. Could you please provide our tool’s scan logs at which is located in following locations. And after that we can give solution of this problem:

      “C:\Program Files\Adware Removal Tool by TSA\Reports\”
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Adware Removal Tool by TSA\Reports\”


  20. It got rid of a lot of other adwares which is greatly appreciated, but it didn’t get rid of the main problem being the svcvmx.exe one. Tool was great otherwise.

  21. I’m going to try it. A pesky scvcm.exe thing is screwing up my computer. Hopefully this is real and works.

    1. I’m replying myself to check to make sure the time isn’t randomized. It says 6:09 am next to my comment, and my actual time is a bit different. Just checking to make sure that it’s only a different time zone.

  22. quick easy fast…..saved my bacon after i wasted hours on other methods that
    were confusion, lenghty, and worthless.
    this is like a sniper ONE SHOT ONE KILL

  23. Wow!

    I have been trying to dig out some of these nasty bits of software from some time to restore my internet browsing to normalcy. I am so glad I ran into your product; it got the job done and fast!


  24. Quick and easy to use. Seems very effective. Will run it again shortly and if it seems as good again, will definitely donate via Paypal. Good freeware should always be supported.

  25. Finally, someone who cares as much as the innocent masses who have to put with the unnecessary bs that people infiltrate the web with meaningless and unwanted advertising and applications. If we want something online, we all know how to google it. Thank you “ for your generosity and hard work. Your automatic cleaning app did the trick. Donation is on the way. Keep up the good work. , Tommy R

  26. Seems to have worked-could not remove the PUP files manually so I am very happy to have found this. Thank You!

  27. Excellent! I used Malwarebytes twice trying to solve the problem but to no avail. Plus – your tool was extremely fast.
    Thanks again

  28. even nortan,macfee,avira,avast,eset are failed to remove viruses but you guys are ultimate

    thanks thanks thanks

  29. OMG, This tool is AWESOME, i had a shit ton of adwares and other things here, and this tool found this adwares and etc… and i could delete them, finaly !!! i love you guys !! \õ/

  30. Great tool, but i would love to see a more stylish interface, for now, it are default windows buttons and i hate the look. and maybe make an installer, and let it run in realtime, so it can remove the adware as soon as it is installed on the pc. but anyhow it does what it needs to do, it removed adware problems adwcleaner couldnt find. this certainly is a great tool, and keep up the great work!

  31. I have always depended on your software it helped me on various occasions. Please keep updating to meet with the everyday challenges

  32. .. i’ve used this program for a long time.. been without it for a year or so.. glad it’s back on now.

  33. This fixed my problem

    my chrome firefox etc browser got jacked by adware… in a rural area my internet is very unstable.. when it finally loads a page (like how to remove adware) it redirects to something else and then farts in my face.

    ms essential, malware antibytes and hitman did not help.

    TSA team, your software fixed my problem..

    If i had a dollar id give it to you.

    Please keep doing what u do. its helps!


  34. I made three attempts to remove OURLUCKYSITES using Adware Removal Tools but failed. Hours later I made another try and this time it was successful. Thank you team, it still works!

  35. not working with my PC (Windows 10 – 64 bit) 🙁

    A message appears saying that this app can not run on my PC

    Don’t know why !

    1. It should not happened. Anyway, please provide the whole error message with us. We’ll help you with this.

  36. One of the most helpful adware removal tools. Used this on multiple PC’s and never had any more issues after!

  37. GREAT LITTLE APP.Also gets rid of rasome ware.WELL WORTH A DONATION .Thank you so much for your good work Cheers

  38. Just downloaded the latest version and found whole lot of search tools on my laptop. Very Useful Tool. Keep up the good work

  39. Your tool is excellent – it finds malware missed by both Malawarebytes and Superantispyware.
    I use all three but I do value yours very much. Thank you

  40. This is one of the best free programs I have come across. The following aspects make it a winner.
    1. Reasonably fast
    2. Thorough in search
    3. Clear interface and no guidance is necessary
    4. Updates with ease
    Pl.Keep up your good work and may God bless you and your team

  41. Thank you so much for this new tool. Every single time I let someone use my computer I have hours and hours of messes to clean up. This relieved me … easy fix too.

  42. Just Awesome really like this app and it help me so much i was about to format my operating system but thanks to adware removal tool

  43. Totally awesome man. I tried each and every tool to get rid of adware even malware bytes was not able to find the adware. Your software is life saving for me. I was going to formal my operating system but your software saved me. I would really donate for this software but right now i am a student but after getting job definitely I am going to donate.

  44. I ran the scan and cleaned up my computer. I reset internet explorer but did not reset Firefox because i don’t know if i reset everything to default and disable the add-on’s if that will lose things i need for my business. Your tool worked easily and efficiently.

  45. Dona J. Medeiros

    I have tried pushing every button available and nothing is happening. I can’t even find a “start” button to push. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? I have Windows XP with the Firefox browser.

  46. Thank you, It is quick and efficient. Please keep this as freeware only. I am annyoed by Adware these days.

    Big Thanks once again

  47. Thank you so much! You found 18 objects. I was surprised as my “protection” didn’t find any problems and this is a pretty new computer I got for Christmas. I am so glad you can develop a great, helpful product. p.s. I have changed to a better “protection” haha.

  48. ONLY Adware removal tool on Internet that really DOES the job what it is meant to be! NO other freeware is as reliable as this is!

    Worth trying.

    Thanks a ton to the developers!

  49. Thanks for giving such a excellent tool to remove the unwanted files & Adware sites, I searched in many places and asked suggetion in many people & finally got your tool & it worked well.. Thanks

  50. Md. Nazrul Islam Majumder

    Adware removal tool by TSA is a powerful tool. I am very must satisfied using this software. Wish your all success. Best Regards.

  51. This is truly one of the best systems I have used, straight forward with no rubbish sales, no pop ups.
    I really find it hard to believe it is free as so many others that were once free have opted to push the extra chargeable service on every start up or during a time when it is not practical.

    The software works and has removed most of what the others have missed, and what I like is that it does not need installing or take over the system, and then end up taking up valuable resources.

    Really cannot say much more than thanks.

  52. Wow…this is amazing tool. Finally this program solved my chrome, firefox and explorer and even more removed 35 treads. Thanks admind. Really helpful.

  53. Thank you so much! I just got my laptop back from my tech guy and it was still running slow. But, after running your program (thanks to HP) it seems to be much faster!

  54. using Google as a browser, I needed to get rid of “myway” add-on but manually i would have lost few minutes. this tool not only that eliminated this add-on but many others where not caught by my antivirus product. kudos, great product.

  55. Thank you Tech Support All! Your Adware Removal Tool worked flawlessly to remove all the crap on this computer. Thank you!

  56. The experience with Adware Removal Tool by TSA can be defined in just one word BEST. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

    1. lol, i agree they should do that. just realtime protection. and the interface is clean, but maybe make it more stylish. but anyway. it does what it needs to do. and thats what it is about..

  57. Umm.. After the reboot it doesn’t open and I have to do it manually and do the scan over and over again and after every reboot the program doesn’t reopen.. what should I do ?

  58. All Respected and Honorable Members of TSA
    THANKS TO ALL of you I facing problem last 10 days then today its gone and my PC is OK.
    GOOD Job all of you.Thanks again and Best of Luck.

  59. Benedict Pierre Tendean

    Thank you for creating such a program. Your program found 22 object’s in my computer. Without it my computer will broke and cost money to fix. It’s not me who pay for the computer, my parent’s did. And also this program makes me play games without any pop-ups. Anyway thanks again. I wish I can donate, but im still a kid and have no money 🙂

  60. After 15 mins of search and more than 60000 files scaned, they founded 94 infected files..
    thanks a lot guys owe u a big time.. gonna keep using your tool

    1. Same bro. It founded 4 of it and achieved the revoming the adwares that f****** popular softwares couldn’t includes Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner! Also HitmanPro too!

  61. thank you, just hope everything is removed this time. I’ve used another adware removal tool and it said
    everything was good to go.

  62. Thanks a bunch. Removed two PUP’s after doing two scans with others that did not detect them.
    I will donate within a month or two. Unable to do so now. Really appreciate your site 🙂

  63. very good!!! fixed my browser problems and got rid of unwanted search tool bars. Will recommend and will use on all my computers. Thanks

  64. Hi.

    Your adware cleaning tool is very useful and incredible. I use it to remove the adware that’s been here for 3 years or less.


    Dan P. Lyons

  65. These people are the real deal. “search.Myway” was a pox on my system.
    4 so-called adware killer programs & scans & 3 hours later I found these guys.
    TSA killed it in minutes.
    I was more than happy to make a donation.
    Merry Christmas.

  66. This tool is PERFECTLY WORKING AND SAFE, Please do not make bad comments. if you have any remarks ask question to the team. Thanks for this wonderful tool by TSA.

  67. Unfortunately the scan only made it to 30% and then froze. However my Youndoo problem appears to have disappeared. Google chrome is back. And that was my reason for downloading your removal tool. So I guess all is well, Thank You. 🙂

  68. A small but very effective tool. First downloaded when I had a problem which I resolved on the first run. Have kept it for use whenever those ‘odd’ pages appear whilst using the Internet. I have recommended this to a number of family and friends.

  69. From version 3.5 till now you have been saving my skin.
    If I had paypal I would donate the shit out of you.

    Thank you so much!

  70. Thank you so much! I used 4 different tools to remove the adware on my chorme but they weren’t effective. Your program is very effective and easy to use.

  71. It is very pleasing that a wonderful tool like this is available on a donation basis.
    A massive thank you to you all at TSA!

  72. Thanks You guys for amazing Job, 100% you Guys need support to build more software from Hackers and adware. I will donate some amount or help you guys in some way to fight againts this attackers
    Keep it up you guys are doing amazing works

  73. I tried CC Cleaner, Malware Bytes Anti Malware, to no avail. This program is the only one that delivered. Thank u so much!!!

  74. Simple and vwery efficient. I tried a lot of softwares to remove the adwares in my laptop with no success. Your program removed eveerything , Thank You…

  75. The most excellent removal tool on the net!
    I’ll donate as soon as I recover from the crisis!
    Doesn’t this program run on Linux due to the self recovery update they do every now and then? (a possible unviability although the removal tool can be useful also for Linux).
    But guys like you is the future: no more borders or money barriers anymore; I congratulate you!
    I’d say Linux (macro structural speaking!), LibreOffice, Audacity (bit old but still functional), Techsupportall etc.(s) are the free open coded programs I frequently use, and it has made my days easier and (God thankfully) much easier!

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for using our tool and your appriciation.
      No, our tool doesn’t support Linux, Mac and Mobile operating systems. Our tool supports windows OS only. Thank you for your suggestion, our team will be start working on this multiple OS support. Hopefully, it will be done in near future.

  76. Very fast and impressive. I plan to share this with others. Thank you for providing something I can trust and at no cost. Great service and easy to use. Thank you very much!

  77. Hey Pawan, you are our new messiah to save us from malicious viruses. Ad Remowal tool is your best weapon. ‘MUST HAVE’ on every system. A genius tool by a genius developer!

  78. This is one of the best removal tools I know. It’s able to remove even infected windows registry keys which not many anti-spyware/malware removal programms can do.

  79. Hi,
    TSA Team , first of all very very thank you for making this wonderful tool……
    This tool is very much helpful in removing adware….
    Thanks once again…

    TSA team cheers………….

  80. Your program removed 9 threats from my registry but it couldn’t remove one that kept hijacking my Mozilla Firefox browser page. I couldn’t find it anywhere so I just did a system restore.

  81. I don’t usually post feedback online, but i would like to take my time to say thank you for developing adware removal tool. this is the only adware removal tool that works from most of available freeware online. It removes hijacker virus from my browser in just a couple of minutes. if you’re having a problem from your browser being redirected to other site, don’t hesitate to use this software to scan for viruses. thank you team and have a great day! posting this as of Sunday, September 4 2016 2:00PM Philippine time.

    Kind Regards,

  82. This was the best adware removing tool. first I thought it is a fake like other indian developers. but works like a pro. hats off. thanks

  83. simply fabulous

    very simple

    many many thanks to you…

    my browser was openning some unwanted pages and there was no solution to it

    nOWWWW its done!!! thanks

  84. Hello, I had the “survoxe” adware infected my browsers and I couldn’t remove it or change or do anything with it. Only your tool helped me to delete it and now my pc is finally clean. Thank you for the great job you are doing and sharing with us.

  85. Excellent tool! Got rid of that crazy that is that idiotic freeze of your desktop and they report your ‘C’ drive is been real time deleted and to stop it you have to phone 1-844-***-***8 and pay some bone headed techy $300 USD to remove it. Just to say your software sent it into oblivion. I am an old age pensioner and can ill afford to keep a roof over my head but to let you know I am saving a small donation and will send when I have the right amount. Thank you again.

  86. Absolutely a marvel of software engineering. More than satisfied with the results. Highly recommend supporting and contributing to this noble cause and the people behind it. Thank you very much or this.

  87. Thank you so much for making the best antivirus software. It is very helpful and every computer should have this antivrus software. It keeos my laptop clean and secured from malware and malicious apps

  88. took 2 trys but i finally am free of that hijack on chrome… I got iy out of ie11 on my own but OMG chrome was a NO CAN DO untill i ran your tool.. will send you the log reports 5 of them that hijack is a beast and hides well..

  89. Great program ,found all the entries on my system and removed them
    now Im gonna email the results for my reward ,double cool.

  90. Unfortunately, I know nothing about this. This is part of a service I’ve just purchased from Norton so I’ve not used it yet. I’m sorry but I have nothing to contribute at this time.

  91. great adware removal tool, took about 10mins, found 23 infected files and cleaned them up… parents are happy to have a working computer again… 10/10

  92. it got rid of 8 such web hijaCKERS with ease showing a result of 62 after scan. Now my firefox and ie is faster and the sluggish response is gone… oh it doesn’t crash anymore.

  93. I almost never leave comments on webpages but I felt that I really needed to do so for this software. I’ve been trying to get rid of an adware for weeks, I removed it manually but it kept coming back. I tried downloading several adware and malware removal tools but they either found the infections and would not remove them unless I purchased the software or they kept saying there was nothing wrong with my computer even though I could clearly see there was an adware in my search browser.

    This software however was extremely easy to install and it found and fixed the infection in under 10 minutes. Thank you so much! I will most definitely be donating to keep this awesome software working and helping many others. Keep on doing awesome work!

  94. Tiny and simple tool developed by TSA is superior than so many other softwares I tested. Thank you very much You saved so many people. Actually one week I am trying to find a solution for the homepae hijacker. Today I am success in my aim with the help of your precious piece of software. Thank you

  95. Thank for this application, i keep this application on my PC.
    This is good application.

    Sorry can not donate this time, but i think other people will do.

    Thank you very much.

  96. Sylvia A. McAfee

    It is my first time using this support system and so far, I am very pleased with the services rendered. It doesn’t take all day to get results and that is a feature that I really like. Thank you for immediate results to potential and/or current problems.

  97. Very nice executable. Rooted out 9 nasty little bastards in less than 20 minutes.

    The employee’s IE 11 has been completely restored to it’s original default self.

    I will however refrain from making any uncomplimentary comments about IE 11 at this point and please don’t suggest that I suggest Chrome or Firefox to her.

    Stop and actually think for a moment…don’t you think I already thought of that back when this problem with her IE began?

    Exactly. So…here we are…

    My employee prefers IE. Don’t ask me why. It makes her happy. And happy workers tend to be more productive workers. Enough said.

    So thank you TSA for producing a great little Adware Removal Tool!

    I give it 5-STARS!!!

    *Note: I can’t imagine what on earth these folks in the comments above me could possibly be doing to f*ck up such a beautifully simple and intuitive piece of software? Who knows. I have a couple employees like that who for reasons that continue to completely baffle me…break or screw-up their computer like clock-work every 2 weeks!

  98. Wonderful! I will never thank you enough for solving my problem! Love all the developers of this anti-malware! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  99. Excellent tool, easy to use and superb results. Allowed documentation of the cleaned files which is useful in explaining to my brother what took place in the fix.

    thanks for building and supporting this app.

  100. thank you a lot for the quick support reply. Zemana antispyware suggested from this team completely cleaned any trace of malware from my browser/PC.

  101. Brilliant App, first tried manually and unfortunatly had no luck. Who thought the auto fix would work better. Even after manually filtering through different registery’s / documents / processes etc the software still found 180 unwanted changes and cleaned them all out. Saved me a lot of time and effort, wish I tried it sooner, would Highly recommend!

  102. Just downloaded the software and ran it. It worked great! I immediately sent a donation. Thanks for the help.

  103. I will come back and leave feedback after I have run my computer and I am sure that the tool works, at this point I can not tell whether the software worked or not.

  104. When it has finished it will display a list of all the malware that the program found as shown in the image below. Click on the Next button, to remove virus.

    1. The screenshot that you are seeing is for v3.9.1 which was older version, so please ignore the old version and try new v5.1 version. New version only have ‘clean’ button to remove virus. We will remove the old version’s screenshots as well.

  105. Thank You, I check my computer often. I got your link from Microsoft. I recommend it for everybody that has a computer


  106. It worked really well for me.
    It scanned fast and cleaned my PC from AdWare very reliable!

    Thank you fpr this awesome tool!

  107. really..this is best tool ever
    i try many tool for remove browser malware virus but im failed
    my licenced antivirus not to clean virus
    at last i found this tool any remove all malware and also clean computer registry too.
    thank you all team

  108. I enjoyed the program actually could detect malware that was bothering me, let’s see now I’m testing using the internet has really excluded all

  109. I was scared that this its self was an adware but when I saw that it a had running tech support I took the risk and I’m so glad I did… I’m not a bot BTW for those that see this. THANK YOU SO MUCH ADWARE REMOVAL TOOL!

  110. Hi,

    I am getting a error message in notification bar, which says “Windows security centre service” is turned off..when i clicked on it it says “Windows security center service cannot be started”..I tried starting it manually from services..but for every 10-15 mins it again stops..

    I used adware to remove if any malware is there in my system…but even this didnot help..
    I scanned everything and removed and restarted..everything is asusual in place..and my same old problem with security center is also there..

    Removal tool didnot show any errors in between..everything is same as your provided screen shots.
    i used on windows7

    Can you please help me with a solution..?

    1. If any service stops automatically, it means must be a “.dll” file is making conflicting with this service. You have to find the detailed error message from eventviewer at that time service got stops service. You can share with us the .dll file name and path if you need help.

  111. Well done!!
    Adware Removal Tool got rid of a nasty home page hijacker in IE that all the top malware removal tools could not find ..
    We’ll make you No.1 🙂

  112. This is great tool. Before using this tool, I couldn’t get rid of some adware even after hours… and it kept coming again and again. Finally I found this tool and it saved my day.


  113. Its the Best and I keep on using it and will continue to use it to get rid of the adwares.

    Since Best things are always free..

    Thanks for this wonderful tool.

  114. i really love this app i gave me a sigh of relief as m going to format the window but it really work for me every one who get affected by adware should try this

  115. thank you! spent a long time trying to root that infuriating garbage out, this seems to have finally gotten to the core. I’m super grateful this was made freeware.

  116. thank you very have that i need and so many more usefull tools..all my problems are solved..You have my full support..THANKS again !!!!

  117. Genius tool. thanks for your team. my computer and browsing were vere slow before using this tool. It discovered 30 adware and removed all from registry. THANK YOU

  118. I Downloaded the Adware removal and I found more than a few bad programs , I delete them and I was so glad to find out that my next scan showed that my computer is clean.

    I made a donation with paypal to thank you for your great work .

    Thank you for a great Tool!

  119. Hi,

    Thank you very much removing stress of peoples out there. Very nice tool and I will recommend to my friends. Very nice, easy to use and very fast result oriented.

    Thank you very very much

  120. I had a serious problem which came when I installed software from a reputable source it turned my windows defender off and in came a whole load of items the worst being I was about to reload my PC when I tried your tool and it worked I have run it twice first time 111 objects second time 1 object found.
    It appears to have done the job and I will keep monitoring it to make sure.
    thank you

  121. César Pascual Ramos

    Thank you so much for having made this greatly awesome piece of freeware! I had accidentally accepted to install adware and one thing came after the other. My PC just got full of adware, as well as all my web browsers, which I couldn’t get to clean completely. I tried your program, doubtful that it would be another piece of annoying adware, but it just cleaned it all. This is great!



  123. I just downloaded the program and was absolutely amazed; it identified 40 programs to delete, some which I had given up on and just accepted, and others I didn’t realize were on my computer. I opened critical Word files with no problems. Of course, problems could show up later, but I’m not expecting such. I am now quite a fan!

  124. GREAT Tool, thank you.
    My only comment is to include details as to how the browsers would be reset in the last part of this great tool.

  125. This worked incredibly well! I was very surprised. I’ve used a couple of other Adware Removers that, although they did help, did not remove everything. However, this Removal Tool was able to clean up the loose ends by deleting some files in my AppData I didn’t notice initially. Thanks for the tool, you saved me.


  126. At first, Chrome seemed immune to attacks, but this last couple of years, Chrome now seems easily infected. I try to be careful of where I go on the internet, but I still get infected. Your Adware Removal tool seems to do a good job of routing out these infections. Thank you for your support with this free program.

  127. hi Adware Removal Tool the software is work very fine and remove the virus very quick i consolation any body bealve this software and every body try to donation something for help this technical to make software power full thank u

  128. Thank you for the excellent program. It seemed to remove all the malware it detected, including Piesearch.

    However when I enter a keyword (“itherate”)in the URL box to search, it is directed to Piesearch (as shown in first line below) before assumed by Google (the default search engine shown in second line).

    This looks highly suspicious in that I am not entirely convinced that Piesearch is totally removed.

    Can you help pleasew

    1. Don’t worry, it has been removed completely. This url is still showing only in history of typed urls. After clean your history it not be there. To remove this url by simple method, follow the following instructions:
      1. Open your browser.
      2. Type “itherate” in address bar and move your mouse pointer over to the “” url when it pops up and then click on “delete” button from your keyboard. The url will be gone, you can remove any url by this simple removal method.

  129. Thanks! If you have trouble with the search page coming back then reset Chrome. This option is given by the software on this site after you scanned and cleaned you pc. I had the problem of Chrome syncing the malware to other computers with chrome installed. It’s gone now.

  130. Last year my wife’s Windows 7 laptop was infected with ransomware. Your adware removal tool removed it quickly and easily. This week my Windows 10 laptop was infected by another ransomware and again your adware removal tool fixed it quickly. I don’t understand why my McAfee “protection” can’t even find the malware with repeated scans, let alone remove it.

  131. Wow!! Not only did this remove the most current adware that I discovered tonight, but I also noticed it detected Jamenzie that I thought I removed months ago. It detected 25 other programs that were added on here from free downloads! Thank you so much!! Best experience I’ve had.

  132. I had trustedsurf on my computer downloaded adware removal tool by tsa .Worked great remove it . Left a donation but it still left malware go.padsdel trying to find a solution ty.

    1. Thank you so much for the donation. We just have added some more traces of “go.padsdel”. We suggest you to please run an one more scan our same tool again and let us know its result.

  133. A live saver (Or at least, browser saver)
    I honestly doubted that it’d work, but it did! And pretty fast, too!
    You guys literally got rid of stuff not even malwarebytes caught! The best!

  134. Hi Guys.
    You have saved me many hours of trying to get my computer clean from annoying junk. The crap was taking over my web sites. Thinking that I would have to do a clean restore for windows 10. I stumbled across your program. Just another bit of software to try a long with others that did not work. So, here goes down loaded your software. Wow what great results!!! Many Many thanks.
    I am a 73 year old and we need more honest people like your selves ready to help. I AM SO AMAZED THAT THIS WORKED.
    Please keep up the good work that you do. I hope to be able to donate in the near future.

  135. Thank you very much for this app. It solved my problem. If i had money i would surely donate. Thank you guys. You’re the best.

  136. This app is compatible with Kaspersky Anti Virus. Kaspersky blocks any download attempt by Adwares and this app cleans them. Simple and great

  137. You Guys are awesome!!!! I can’t thank you enough,,,but I think I know where to start from!!! Installed it, ran it, and just like that,,, all of the adwares were removed and brought back my browsing just like new!!! Brilliant!!!

    1. Thank you much for your suggestion. We’ll surely launch a video tutorial of our tool. Our team is working on its new version: 5.1 and after launched, we’ll make its tutorial as well. Thanks

  138. Steven K McKendall Sr

    Once downloaded, doesn’t appear thereafter in list of Programs (or apps), but able to locate via File Exolorer computer search. Is there a way to set a shortcut icon to this, on my desktop? Also, does it update automatically, or do users need to delete from File Explorer and then re-download each time for latest version?

    1. Thank you contacting us.
      1. Our tool (Adware Removal tool) is a portable utility, so it doesn’t install on computer under apps section in control panel.
      2. If you want desktop icon of that, so you have to right-click on the downloaded tool and left-click on ‘send to’ option and then click on ‘desktop (create shortcut)’ option. You’ll get a shortcut of our tool under desktop area.
      3. Yes, it does update adware definition automatically every time you click on ‘scan’ button. But it doesn’t update its own application version if launched any new. We are still working on it in our new version(v5.1). You are currently using v4.1.
      Version 5.1 will launch very soon. It will also have some more features and more powerful.

  139. Excellent product. I use this regularly to keep my computer clean. Have already donated (last year) and will continue to donate to this worthwhile system. Thank you very much.

  140. Sooo glad I found this website today. I’ve been trying all week to get rid of my adware on other sites which only brought out a bunch of internet scammers who offered to “help” me, or else the adware prohibited me from even downloading cleaning programmes to begin with. So, thank you! You’ve brought down my stress levels in a matter of minutes. I’ve just made a little donation to express my appreciation:)

  141. This is very good protection for any computer, laptop, etc… It is very much worth making a donation to use. My donation will be made this week coming.

  142. I think you just saves my sanity and life. Thank you so, so very much. Best thing I’ve stumbled across on the internet for years. The pop up things on Google Chrome that probably came with some free program that I downloaded was driving me CRAZY.

  143. Shubham Choudhury

    Do I need to reboot my computer after removing adwares using your tool, and also resetting all those infected browsers?
    I have seen twice the safefinder advertisement after performing all the steps, and running your tool twice,
    My browser speed is incresed considerably though.
    Thank you,
    Looking for your reply…..

  144. I often get overwhelmed by annoying extensions or some kind of spam software. And this program is just what I needed to get rid of that stuff. Thank you

  145. Yesterday remove several adware, and if it worked, why was google homepage. But today again is snapdo homepage. Thank you for reading

    1. Run our tool again and then do reset your browser this time. Don’t forget to uninstall installed recently unwanted / unknown programs from control panel.

  146. I helped a friend with this – it removed over 3.000 entries ! I have a portable edition of Revo Uninstaller Pro (the best
    to uninstall NON-browser-programs) but had to download Adware Removal Tool 4.1 for helping my unlucky friend …

    Being a skillfull computer-mechanic & -constructor myself, I was pleasantly surprised to see the brilliant effectiveness of
    Your Removal Tool ! In Your area I would say this program makes my day and saves hijacked browsers easily !

    It’s so nice to come across software comparable to the ultimate quality; like Revo Uninstaller.

  147. I down load many times and run but always reply is the application failed to intialize proper (0xc0000135). Clik on ok to terminate the application

    1. Thank you so much for contacting us about this matter,
      Could you please explain more about the error message, at which point of moment you get this error message? Please explain more, what happens when you double click on our tool’s icon?

  148. I had run the adware remover software for firefox, but no i am bnot able to see images on wikipedia sites? How to enable it?

    1. Reset the Firefox browser, it will be fixed.
      Open Firefox and then go to the Help menu (Press “F10” key once to active Menu bar)
      then click on “Troubleshooting information” –>> Click on “Reset Firefox” option

  149. You guys are awesome!!! Luckily both wifey’s and my laptops were good to go (i.e., 0 bad files/threats)… however, with this lil handy tool, I removed 27 files/threats from in-law’s laptop!!!

    Keep up the good work…

    Question for all… is there a tool like this one for efficient and quick virus removal…. one which like this one, has a small footprint, is free, and is stand-alone…? like a super tiny, virus protection tool??

  150. I should thank you guys.. your tool is so helpful. i would like to donate you in time.. keep spreading the good things 🙂

  151. thanks for your tool, i had infected a ads tool, it is so terrible app, when using the browers it displayed a lot of ads in the pages, any pages, or click any places on the page it also linked to the ads
    it also can stoped the player in youtube page, announced an error with a guide to fix, if i click to that it links to another page.
    When i use the adware removal tool i can clean Firefox and IE but the other browers such as Opera, Safari, Sea Monkey are still infected
    Could you please tell me how to clean them !
    Thanks for all !

    1. Thank you for using our tool and reply us on this matter.
      We recommend you to RESET your remain browsers (Opera, Safari) once to remove their infections. Actually the infection is already removed from computer through using our tool, now the infection is just in browsers settings and that will be set as default when you do reset them.


  152. when I am trying to install , I get following message, i tried multiple times.
    Could not find the server connectivity
    whereas I can download other data at the same time from net
    even I tried by disabling AVG antivirus firewall temporarily

    1. It seems like your antivirus, firewall or other program blocking its online connectivity. So, you can do one thing, Download our ptogram in normal mode and then reboot your computer in safemode and then run. Let us know if doesn’t the issue.

  153. Can you provide command line switches for the software, which would be helpful to run the software. It would be helpful for me to run the software in my dads computer without having him to click on anything. thank you

  154. I tried it last night because of mystart search. It worked for about 10 minutes then I got a warning from avasti then its back to square one. I’ve tried it 3 or 4 times already and no joy. I have a word surfer file in programs that refuses to be deleted. I have used revo. Currently I have a pop-up on screen for speed browser on the screen.
    Any ideas? I really am in a bind at the moment.
    Thanks in advance

  155. I get this message when trying to download; “Please install/activate the required Feather plugin.” What is this?

    Thanks for a great tool by the way.

  156. The latest version of adware removal tool by the team has an intermediate step with buttons to reset each individual browser back to its original default settings. One button for IE, one for Firefox, and one for Chrome.

    It’s one of three tools in my arsenal and the first one I grab for when removing malware off my or anyone else’s PC. I think its a great tool and it’s been a help in my business servicing people’s PC and technology needs.

    Guys, you forgot to add it back to the menu on the tools page, or are waiting additional data before putting it back. But you can get it here:
    from other links in the “removal help [malware name]” malware pages. Most of them have a link to it.

    I think it’s time I make a donation so these guys will continue helping the rest of us do what we do, especially if you are a professional using it. You’ll here from me soon, TSA.

    Thank you!

  157. Hi, twice ran the tool. The istartsurf browser hijacker did not get removed. Your adware in teh first run showed 26 objects which were repaired but no change to the browser hijack Second time i ran, it showed 0 object. Restarted my machine etc. No use. The previous time it had worked for delta-home. For istartsurf is not going with your tool

  158. Very many thanks, this tool removed persistent adware that infected eBay and also plastered my Chrome browser with ad sites.

    Spybot, AdwCleaner nor Malwarebytes pro came anywhere near to getting rid of this malware.

    Excellent tool, donation sent.

  159. Im trying to run but while running it showing error msg”The application failed to initialize properly(0xc0000135). Need help

  160. Hi, this adware removal tool is amazing! Simple, honest, thorough and efficient. Thanks so much – I intend to donate to this one day.

  161. The only thing that works for free. You deserve a donation. I used it to get rid of the delta homes bastards. Thanks.

  162. I used this tool to remove “” and it was the only one who could do it. Thanks a million.

    1. This is vgood as cleaned the dreadful omega plus for me. Thankyou!
      Can er update the program or just download and use each time?

      1. Thank you so much for using our tool. Our tool is a portable tool, it based on cloud base adware definition, you just need to download and use it. Keep using and let us know if face any issue. Thanks

  163. I have used this tool to remove delta-homes and it worked, but it has (probably it) renamed my hosts file to hosts.old. No big deal but should not happened.

  164. Its b*****t tool. After using it my system is further messed up and I cant a single web page without adware popups. Never recommended

  165. Yes, i really like this tools, easy to use, very effective removing unnecessary programs..thank you for sharing this software 🙂

  166. Its is Excellent, worked on various different adwares and Browser start up hijack. one click repair, keep up the good work.

  167. I can’t install this program on Windows 8 because of .Net Framework 3.5. I love this but i can’t use it anymore. Do you have any idea so i can use this?

  168. Awesome customer service!

    I ran the Adware Removal Tool, and it did not work. I wrote a review in which I stated my problems, and the people from were kind enough to send me additional help so solve my problem.

    At this time, my computers are all adware free, thanks to the really helpful people from techsupportall.

  169. Hi I wanted to say that you guys are great! Finally a FREE tool that really does the job right and with no other crap attached like the other free tools i tried. Thank you! I am suggesting it to everyone who has problems with adware.

    I noticed that NOD32 has flagged it as a threat (MSIL/FakeTool.PS trojan horse) clearly a false positive. Just wanted to let you guys know because i think alot of people think that it is true and so they won’t use it because of that.

  170. You guys are AWESOME!! Thanks sooo much for your honest hared work. Finally a tool that really works! There is so much deception on the internet that I doubted this would work but IT DID!! Thank-you I will be donating and I encourage others to donate as well. WE need to support the honest people out there that are working to keep the lines of communication going!!

  171. Hi
    I tried to run this programa and this message apear on the screen:
    “Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application”
    any advice?

  172. if user realy want to make browsing faster first run this command
    open run windows
    enter cleanmgr and hit ok
    select drive click ok
    if sows setup file button click on that and check all items click ok and delete
    remove all files
    and then run this ART(Adware Removal Tool)
    system will become faster

    Sachin Rajput
    compute solution Engineer

  173. I am using this tool from last 20 – 25 days at least 10 to 12 different different computers and its works superbly. works in normal mode and safe mode as well. no any error

    fantastic tool 5/5 marks

    1. There is no need to uninstall “Adware Removal Tool” because it do not install on computer, it’s a portable utility. It run without installation.

      1. HELP!! HELP!! PLEASE GET THIS APP OFF MY MAC!!! How to remove the entire application from my Mac? It simply REFUSES to go into the Trash Bin!!

          1. Dear Kozo, First of all please tell us that how did you run the exe file in your mac. Normally you can not execute a exe file in mac, exe files are only for windows. Please also tell us that what message are you getting when you try to delete it? If you will elaborate the issue we can help you quickly.

  174. at last, a program that successfully removes Conduit and others. Congrats. searched and tried many others but yours is the winner by far. thanks a lot.

  175. it did just what you said. i would also like advice on a antivirus to use. i don’t trust spyware but i would appreciate your help. i just went to google chrome where snap-do was and i found your site. it was not listed in my programs so i could not use my REVO uninstaller that seems to work for me on getting rid of stuff i am leary of. thank you so much for your adware removal.

  176. Kimberly Brinkman

    I have to say I was the luckiest person alive when I stumbled into your website. The crap that I was trying to get rid of finally flew the coop. I didn’t have any issues whatsoever. I will do my best and donate to your site probaly Monday or Tuesday. The best part I will be using your site when I do repairs on pc’s myself. You did a great thing when you started the website keep up the great work.

  177. Hello, I scan and removed all addware related folders and files. Reboot and again scan to see. But I found everything still there. Any suggestions?

    1. Please Answer me some questions so that I can give you right suggestion.
      1. Did you get any error message while using our tool ?
      2. Did you tried our tool twicely to remove all scanned objects ?
      3. Did you try our tool in SAFE-MODE ?
      4. Which operating system are you using ?
      5. Please give us the paths of scanned data which you got every time when you scan.

      Thanks we are looking forward to your reply.

      1. Kimberly Brinkman

        Did you finally get it figured out? I have used that site for all operating systems. What I did was scan first with my antivirus program then I used the adware remover and the complete internet repair. All three of my pc’s are running much better, quicker and those bad toolbars are gone.

      2. Thank you very much, because I missclicked an advertisemente while downloading some test sprites that I needed for making a game example, and it downloaded annoying adwares that I couldn’t remove manually.

        Now I can continue designig and programming the game by my own without downloading nothing, because with the adwares out I can make my own stuff.

        Regards, Chicler 😉

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