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Fixed – How to Upgrade Internet Explorer


I often tried older version of ie, How do i upgrade Internet explorer. ?


It’s a very simple method to upgrade the ie which version would you like ie 10, ie 9, ie 8, ie7.
There is 2 ways to upgrade ie from older version to newer
1. Using windows update method.
2. Using download and install setup by Microsoft website Follow the steps by step help guide to upgrade your current ie
Solution 1
  1. Click on Start and then simply click Contol Panel.In control panel list click on Windows update
  2. A Individual window will be open which is windows upgrade page.
  3. find out and click on “check for windows update” button
  4. Windows update will start, wait for completion
  5. Here you would find ie, that will find if newer version of ie available.
  6. Select ie from windows update available list.
  7. Then Click on Next or OK to go through, complete the upgrade task
  8. After finished it would asking for restart the pc.
  9. After restarting Your internet explorer should have been recently upgraded.
Solution 2

Here we provided some Direct Link of Microsoft ie to upgrade the Browser. Go through steps by step guide to upgrade your ie in downloading & installing way.

upgrade link of Internet Explorer 8

upgrade link of Internet Explorer 9

upgrade link of Internet Explorer 10

After Downloading and installing computer needs to restart the computer.
After restarting Your Internet Explorer should have been upgraded.

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