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Print Spooler Repair Tool Feedback

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1,471 thoughts on “Print Spooler Repair Tool Feedback”

  1. Jason DaSilva

    Ok, seems like Event View is still king (step 13 on your link). did something (tried to remove a printer) that crashes the spooler, and checked the event viewer. Saw the offending DLL and killed it. Now working. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    1. You’re most welcome!! Happy to know that your problem has been solved.

  2. This did not fix my issues on a Window 10 computer. My issue started the day after I installed a Cannon printer at one of our field offices. The driver was from the Canon site. As soon as I do anything the touches the print spooler service, it turns off. This includes attempting to stop the service.

  3. Nagaraj Acharya

    Hi Sir.I am not able to print Adobe Photoshop When I give Print Order it won’t work and the print option disappeares from file menu. If I save the file in desktop and by right clicking only I can give print order…Previously I was printing in Adobe Photoshop software. Is there any problem in my Windows 7 ultimate operating system software..

    1. No, It seems like no problem in operating system itself. It might be the problem in your Photoshop software. If the print option is not appeared in photoshop menu, then try to press control + P key from your keyboard if the print preview appears. If this trick doesn’t work then you’ll have to repair or reinstall Adobe photoshop from the control panel.

  4. Sandeep Gandhi

    After many tries , I am failed to reinstall epson L220 .
    All cabels are in good condition and working properly with another printers.

    1. Follow the following steps:

      1. Power Drain your printer.
      2. Uninstall Epson L220 printer driver.
      3. Keep the printer unplugged from the computer and from the power socket until Epson L220 driver installer will ask to connect the printer.
      4. Reboot computer.
      5. Download the Epson L220 driver and install it on your computer.
      6. Connect the printer to the another USB port than previous, and turn it on the printer when the installer will ask you to connect printer.

      Let’s know if it doesn’t work.

  5. It says it finished successfully…… about to restart machine to test….

  6. Hi, I am using Print Spooler with Windows XP (host by Oracle VM VirtualBox) and HP Printer. It works the first time but not the second time. Each time I had to reinstall the Print Spooler. It use to work. Maybe I have to install Print Spooler after I have install HP software. HP printers are the most difficult to install and use. Thanks

    1. Sometimes, the printer driver makes conflicting with the print spooler service. So we suggest you to please uninstall the printer driver first and then reinstall it again after reboot the computer. Then you may run the print spooler tool once.

  7. Samuel Odunsi

    Everything worked well. Alex the tech was patient and did a good job. Thanks for your service!

    1. It seems like a tech support company’s technician (Alex) use our tool on your computer to fix the print spooler issue. Ensure that, however they do not sell our tool to you because our tool is a completely free of charge utility. Anyway, it is our pleasure that our tool worked on your computer.
      Please provide me more detail if you found anyone sells our tool to you illegally so that we can take an appropriate action on them.

  8. Soumen Garain

    I am facing some issue with the Terminal Server. I am sharing you the event log with your references. Please let me know is it possible to solve the issue with your tools?

    Faulting application name: spoolsv.exe, version: 6.1.7601.24000, time stamp: 0x5a499712
    Faulting module name: HpTcpMon.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x4ab0e4d3
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x000000000000ad75
    Faulting process id: 0xed0
    Faulting application start time: 0x01d548fc6777fcec
    Faulting application path: C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Windows\System32\HpTcpMon.dll
    Report Id: edca6709-b4ef-11e9-a733-02215ef0154c

    Event ID: 1000

    Soumen Garain

    1. No, our tool won’t work in this issue but you can try it once to fix the spooler’s basic issues.
      To fix this HpTcpMon.dll issue, we recommend you to follow the following steps.
      Step 1: Right-click on the HP printer and then click on troubleshoot. And then check whether the issue is fixed on not.
      Step 2: Rename the “HpTcpMon.dll” file to “old_HpTcpMon.dll” in safemode. And then check whether the issue is fixed on not.
      Step 3: Follow a Microsoft article that will help you fix this issue.

  9. Tonye Oliver

    Ran the tool without much success, went to the print spooler in local services and tried to restart manually but it kept on saying Microsoft management console has encountered a problem and has stopped working. This only happens with the print spooler. My system is a windows 8 pro 32 bit. What do I do please?

    1. Thanks for contacting us,
      You’ll have to follow the steps to diagnose and fix this issue.
      We are giving you an article. You’ll have to follow the article’s step 1 to 4. Click here get the article.
      After that, reboot your computer once and then try to start the print spooler service manually from the services page. If you are still getting the same error message then reply back.


  10. Windows 10 (64) with latest updates installed. Spooler fix says it finished successfully but still cannot get a dialogue box to open after clicking on PRINT from any windows app (Word, Excel, etc). I do not get an error, just never opens the box.
    There are no leftover SPL files in the PRINTERS folder.

    1. Techexpert

      Thanks for letting us know about this issue.
      It seems like the problem in the printer or in its driver, in my first look. But before reinstalling the driver we want to make sure that your print spooler is working fine. Please go to the services page and then try to stop and then start the print spooler service and then let us know does it working fine or now.

      Please keep me updated.

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