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1,466 thoughts on “Print Spooler Repair Tool Feedback”

  1. printer spooler executing path is missing in window 10 printer, how to regain the executable path so as to avoid type 3 error.

  2. Spooler stopped working after the feb 2020 msft update. Using Win10 on HP laptop. No idea what happened to the spooler but the repair tool was unable to fix it and get it working again. Heard the update was bad for HP computers.

    1. Thanks for letting us know. Could you please tell us, what happens when you start the print spooler service manually from the services page? Please share the result with us so that we can give the solution of this problem.

      1. Went to services. The spooler was on automatic and I started it. Went back to the printer to open the print queue and got the same error message. “Error Opening Printer. Windows cannot connect to the printer. The local print spooler service is not running. Please restart the spooler or restart the machine.” I went back to services and it said the spooler was running. I’ve also restarted the machine several times with no luck getting to print anything.

        1. I have diagnosed the issue as you have explained the problem in detail. Actually, your print spooler service keeps stopping automatically within a few seconds after starting. Your printer spooler service might be conflicting with a “.DLL” file. This “.DLL” file belongs to its printer driver itself or any other 3rd party application. You’ll have to find out it manually. Follow step-13 from the following article.

    1. Don’t worry if it did not for you. Please explain your main problem here, we’ll give you the manual steps to fix the issue.

    1. Sure, we’ll help you, but could you please explain the printer or print spooler problem in detail so that I can help you exactly?

  3. On Windows 10 does not work. writes a printing error. the printer sees, it writes the printer is working fine, but it prints to print, although the scanner works

  4. While the tool fixes the spooler problem, it doesn’t stick. When I reboot there are no printers installed. I have to run the tool again. How to fix this? Windows 7

  5. tried on winserver 2016 but no good has been done still the prints get stuck in the que and r no bale to print ,

    have to endtask sub spooler service in task manager and restart in services.
    any help would be great.

  6. My Win7 PC (I know, but I love Windows 7) was hanging and it was the print spooler. I used this tool and voila, everything works perfectly! Simple to use, fast…and it works.

  7. I downloaded your Spooler Repair. I am 72 years old and cannot make this work. When I apply the repair (from techsupportall) It only works one time. I am sure that I am doing something wrong. I still need help. And I will donate when it is useful for more than one time. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for using our tool. If our tool worked once, it means something is conflicting with the print spooler service. It could be a printer driver or any other 3rd party application’s .dll file. To find out the faulty application, you’ll have to follow an article’s step-by-step guide which we have prepared for this particular issue. Specially follow step 13 from the article:

  8. my system has a challenge starting the print spooler. Most times if i leave it at the log-in screen, after booting approx a few minutes the print spooler will come on line, occasionally it takes starting the print spooler manually 10 to 20 times for it to start. sometimes it shows my printers as on-line but it is just lies. shows the printers are there but not really. the program doesn’t work in that instance. but thanks anyway.

  9. Well this hasn’t worked for me. My printer won’;t even work with a cable. I am so frustrated! Please don’t keep emailing me.

    Please stop asking me for comments.

  10. I just got hacked and my laptop has been pretty much no good to me for a month. I am 72 with cognitive slowing. I have a full support contract with Geek Squad thru Best Buy. I kept telling them that the “Printer is off line, but the printer is on line – eprint”! No one caught it. So I kept looking until I found your sight. I was easy for me to understand. I was afraid, but today my mind felt up for an adventure thru the digital maze. iI downloaded the program and it is installed on my task bar. Thank you so much for your excellent advice and tools!

  11. hi

    it states that repair was sucessfull. but it was not. My printer spooler is not running. So it only states but in reality it does not. I have windows 10, acer r5 -571t.

    wbr, yalkunzhan

  12. I ran the print spooler fix, on the windows 10 but it did not fix the problem. I still get the print failure message: windows print spooler service has been stopped. Restart. My printer is a canon ij ts8200 series and it was working perfectly before.

    1. In this case, it seems like one of the “.dll” file is making conflicting with print spooler service. Solution: Find out the file or app that is making conflicting with the print spooler and then take an appropriate action on that file to fix the issue. Most of the time, the printer driver’s .dll file is seen the main reason behind this conflicting. We have made an article on this particular issue. Click here to know how to fix print spooler stopped automatically.

    2. In this case, it seems like one of the “.dll” file is making conflicting with print spooler service. Solution: Find out the file or app that is making conflicting with the print spooler and then take an appropriate action on that file to fix the issue. Most of the time, the printer driver’s .dll file is seen as the main reason behind this conflicting. We suggest you to please remove the printer driver from your computer manually, then reinstall it again with the latest one. We have made an article on this particular issue. Click here to know how to fix print spooler stopped automatically.

    1. In Lexmark, some model numbers are using their own spooler service instead of default Microsoft one. This may be the reason that our tools did not work on that. The Lexmark spooler service starts from LEX***. So you can simply re-start it from the services page.
      In this case, we suggest you to please reinstall the printer driver from scratch so that the Lexmark spooler service can be reinstalled along with that.

  13. I was trying to solve print spooler issue from many days..and every possible method.. but by using this software, my issue resolved in seconds. Thankyou so much Techsupportall Team

  14. it says finished but I still get the error.

    windows could not start the print spooler service on local computer Error 0x8007076b the endpoint mapper database entry could not be created.

    1. In this case, we suggest you to please follow the following steps and let us know the result.
      Follow the methods one by one.

      1. Start the Windows Firewall Service. Check the issue is resolved or not.
      2. Clean boot your computer (Disable 3rd party application which start on Windows startup). Check the issue is fixed or not.
      3. Disable your Antivirus and check the issue is resolved or not.
      4. Run Trojan Removal Tool.

      Let us know after that.

  15. Ok, seems like Event View is still king (step 13 on your link). did something (tried to remove a printer) that crashes the spooler, and checked the event viewer. Saw the offending DLL and killed it. Now working. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  16. This did not fix my issues on a Window 10 computer. My issue started the day after I installed a Cannon printer at one of our field offices. The driver was from the Canon site. As soon as I do anything the touches the print spooler service, it turns off. This includes attempting to stop the service.

  17. Hi Sir.I am not able to print Adobe Photoshop When I give Print Order it won’t work and the print option disappeares from file menu. If I save the file in desktop and by right clicking only I can give print order…Previously I was printing in Adobe Photoshop software. Is there any problem in my Windows 7 ultimate operating system software..

    1. No, It seems like no problem in operating system itself. It might be the problem in your Photoshop software. If the print option is not appeared in photoshop menu, then try to press control + P key from your keyboard if the print preview appears. If this trick doesn’t work then you’ll have to repair or reinstall Adobe photoshop from the control panel.

  18. After many tries , I am failed to reinstall epson L220 .
    All cabels are in good condition and working properly with another printers.

    1. Follow the following steps:

      1. Power Drain your printer.
      2. Uninstall Epson L220 printer driver.
      3. Keep the printer unplugged from the computer and from the power socket until Epson L220 driver installer will ask to connect the printer.
      4. Reboot computer.
      5. Download the Epson L220 driver and install it on your computer.
      6. Connect the printer to the another USB port than previous, and turn it on the printer when the installer will ask you to connect printer.

      Let’s know if it doesn’t work.

  19. Hi, I am using Print Spooler with Windows XP (host by Oracle VM VirtualBox) and HP Printer. It works the first time but not the second time. Each time I had to reinstall the Print Spooler. It use to work. Maybe I have to install Print Spooler after I have install HP software. HP printers are the most difficult to install and use. Thanks

    1. Sometimes, the printer driver makes conflicting with the print spooler service. So we suggest you to please uninstall the printer driver first and then reinstall it again after reboot the computer. Then you may run the print spooler tool once.

    1. It seems like a tech support company’s technician (Alex) use our tool on your computer to fix the print spooler issue. Ensure that, however they do not sell our tool to you because our tool is a completely free of charge utility. Anyway, it is our pleasure that our tool worked on your computer.
      Please provide me more detail if you found anyone sells our tool to you illegally so that we can take an appropriate action on them.

  20. Hi
    I am facing some issue with the Terminal Server. I am sharing you the event log with your references. Please let me know is it possible to solve the issue with your tools?

    Faulting application name: spoolsv.exe, version: 6.1.7601.24000, time stamp: 0x5a499712
    Faulting module name: HpTcpMon.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x4ab0e4d3
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x000000000000ad75
    Faulting process id: 0xed0
    Faulting application start time: 0x01d548fc6777fcec
    Faulting application path: C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Windows\System32\HpTcpMon.dll
    Report Id: edca6709-b4ef-11e9-a733-02215ef0154c

    Event ID: 1000

    Soumen Garain

    1. No, our tool won’t work in this issue but you can try it once to fix the spooler’s basic issues.
      To fix this HpTcpMon.dll issue, we recommend you to follow the following steps.
      Step 1: Right-click on the HP printer and then click on troubleshoot. And then check whether the issue is fixed on not.
      Step 2: Rename the “HpTcpMon.dll” file to “old_HpTcpMon.dll” in safemode. And then check whether the issue is fixed on not.
      Step 3: Follow a Microsoft article that will help you fix this issue.

  21. Ran the tool without much success, went to the print spooler in local services and tried to restart manually but it kept on saying Microsoft management console has encountered a problem and has stopped working. This only happens with the print spooler. My system is a windows 8 pro 32 bit. What do I do please?

    1. Thanks for contacting us,
      You’ll have to follow the steps to diagnose and fix this issue.
      We are giving you an article. You’ll have to follow the article’s step 1 to 4. Click here get the article.
      After that, reboot your computer once and then try to start the print spooler service manually from the services page. If you are still getting the same error message then reply back.


  22. Windows 10 (64) with latest updates installed. Spooler fix says it finished successfully but still cannot get a dialogue box to open after clicking on PRINT from any windows app (Word, Excel, etc). I do not get an error, just never opens the box.
    There are no leftover SPL files in the PRINTERS folder.

    1. Thanks for letting us know about this issue.
      It seems like the problem in the printer or in its driver, in my first look. But before reinstalling the driver we want to make sure that your print spooler is working fine. Please go to the services page and then try to stop and then start the print spooler service and then let us know does it working fine or now.

      Please keep me updated.

  23. Sorry, it does not appear to repair the spooler.
    Win 7 – 32 bit. Still unable to install new printers

    1. Please explain your printer problem with more detail while installing the printer on your computer. Please share the error message’s screenshot if get any while installing.

  24. Dear Sir, Thanks for your fast response to my problem. I could solve the problem by ending two processes of a not attached Dymo Label Printer. As soon I ended the two processes of the label printer, the app for spooler subsystem and WMI provider host went down to almost 0%.
    Thanks again for your help, Regards,

  25. The fix dit not work for my system, Windows 10 Pro 1809. Stll high CPU and high WMI Provider Host. If I stop the app for spooler subsystem, the high WMI service goes back to 0%.

  26. I followed your steps, then tried to print but was still receiving notices saying that the printer wasn’t working. I have no idea what to do now.

    1. If our print spool tool didn’t work for you, then it may be a problem in your printer driver. we suggest you to please re-install your printer’s driver. Let us know the result.

    1. Happy to know that our tool has fixed your issue.
      Thanks for using our tool and for your kind appreciation!!

  27. Grat! Your tool resolved the issue related to the Spooler Service and the Dipendencies. Thanks a lot.

  28. Balakrishna Padarthi

    Great tool, simple and user friendly, Thanks for the team for fixing the issue.
    keep it up.

  29. It’s not working for me. I’m trying to print a 57 page document. It prints the first 8 pages without problem, then says”data Remaining” on the printer and it doesn’t print anything else. I can’t delete it from the printing queue either.

    1. This could be a problem in your printer itself. We have to diagnose it first, we suggest you please power drain your printer and then try to print again.
      1. Turn off your printer and computer both for 30 seconds.
      2. Do the power drain to your printer.
      3. Turn on the printer and the computer. Do the print command for testing.
      Please let us know again if it doesn’t fix.

    1. If our tool fixes the print spooler problem at least once, it means our tool works fine, and your print spooler service also works perfectly fine. The point is why the printer spooler service crashes automatically after some time. The common reason behind that, one of the driver’s .dll file or app’s .dll file is making conflicting with print spooler service and crashing it. We have made an article on this particular issue. Please follow the following article’s steps to fix it. How to fix printer spooler service stopped automatically.

    1. If this did not work for you, it seems like there is something different problem in your print spooler. Could you please your main printing problem with us so that we can help you exactly?

  30. After running the Print Spooler Repair Tool I’m still getting the “Failed platform function SetWindowExt Ex” on my Toshiba Satellite P755. What do I do now?

    1. Sure, we’ll help you to fix this issue. Could you please provide the complete error message that you are getting? And please tell me when exactly you are getting this error message? It would be helpful if you could provide the screenshot of this error message.

  31. again and again showing the error
    1. print server not conncet
    2.given the print document pending in (see what print option)
    3.BUT the printer not connect with cpu(connected wih the machine its an CASECADE MACHINE TYPE CPU ) before print come on the same system now not proper working
    4.print document pending showing
    5.again and again printer spooler run manually
    6.what is the permanent solution

    1. Our tool supports the Windows 10 operating system but sorry for the inconvenience that it did not work in your case. Could you please explain everything about print spooler issue so that we can help you.

  32. how to repair printer spooler stop again and again, when im start printer spooler and after 45 second and then printer spooler stop again

    1. If your printer spooler service keeps stopping within few seconds, it is a straight sign that one of the other software or its “.dll” file is making conflicting with the print spooler service and making it stopped. We have a proper solution to fix this conflicting issue. Although, we have made an article which will help you to fix printer spooler service keeps stopping problem.

    1. Our tool should worked. Anyway, we’ll help you if you could please provide the complete detail about your print spooler problem.

    1. We’ll help you fix this issue if you could please explain your problem in more brief what exactly happens so that we can diagnose the problem.

    1. Sorry to hear that our tool didn’t work for you. Please explain your problem with us in detail. We’ll do our best fix it.

  33. thanks. installed repair tool and print spooler now fine. however if i re-boot machine, fix is lost and system reverts to previous (faulty) state !
    any ideas {other than not to re-boot ever again 🙂 ]
    thanks again

    1. If our tool worked once, it means your print spooler service restored successfully. If the print spooler service stopped again after reboot, it means, might be a “.dll” file is making conflicting with the print spooler service. Please stop this conflicting then the issue should be fixed. We have made an article for this particular issue. Please follow the following article steps:

    1. Hi, If our tool ran without error, it means your print spooler service restored successfully. But there might be the other root cause of this problem. After repaired, the print spooler service stars, but it stopped again within a few seconds of the start. Might be an application or its “.dll” file is making conflicting with the print spooler service and make it stopped. To fix this particular issue, we have made a knowledge base on how to fix print spooler service stopped automatically issue. Please try it once and let us know again if doesn’t fix. Thanks

  34. I m trying to install canon LBP 2900B driver but not installing and 0x000006be printer error showing.
    please help me to install driver.

    1. Hi, we’ll help you to fix this issue. There are two methods to fix this issue. Please follow the following steps.
      Method 1: Uninstall and reinstall the printer from Windows Registry.
      Uninstall all the printer drivers from the computer and then also remove them in the registry as well. Click here to get a guide on how you can remove the printer driver entries from the registry. After that install the same model number driver from Canon 2900B official website. If the issue persists after that then follow method 2.
      Method 2: Find a faulty .dll file name & path.
      The corrupted .dll file might be the root cause of the issue. Find the faulty .dll file name & path and let us know its name and path. Follow the steps 13 from the article to know how to do.

  35. Hello
    I just used your tool and it has not solved anything. I have windows 7 and my problem is that the document remains after it is printed in the print queue and this causes a blockage.
    I have two computers on the same network when this happens, it blocks both.

    Can someone help me please.

    1. Hi, Thank you for contacting us. Yes, we’ll help you.
      Maybe the problem in your printer settings. We are suggesting some steps, please follow the following steps and let us know if it doesn’t work.
      1) Go to “devices & printers” page.
      2) Right-click on the printer and click on properties.
      3) Click on Advanced tab and remove the check mark from the “Keep printed documents” option.
      keep the printer doc settings

      1. Hello
        I do not have the option to “Keep printed documents” or anything like it.
        I have to keep the documents after their printing and it is disabled

        1. Ok. Could you please explain more about it.
          1. What exactly happens when you give the second print command? Whereas the first print command is printed and also stuck into the print spooler.
          2. Do you have to remove the stuck print job manually? from “C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS”
          3. If you try to remove them manually, does it remove?
          We are looking forward to your reply.

          1. Hello

            Sometimes the print queue gets stuck when giving a second document immediately, sometimes with the first document … It is something inexplicable.

            Yes, when this happens I have to delete it manually, but I do it from the same print queue, “Delete all the print jobs” takes a bit but deletes it. Then, in a couple of minutes, the second document that I have canceled comes out of the printer and I can now print again in the normal way.

            If I do it from the route that explains to me, the printing service stops completely and I can not make it work again. I have to restart the computer.

            The problem is that it is a trade, in which we print both our documents and the clients that come to print and it is a pain to block both computers.

            Greetings and thank you

          2. Thanks for providing the detailed information.
            The finding is, the print job stuck randomly in the printer spooler. We advise you two steps, please follow them and let us know again after that.
            Step 1: Clear the static charge (Power Drain) from the printer.
            1) Turn off the printer and then unplug all the cables included power cable from the back of the printer.
            2) Press + Hold the power button of the printer for 30 seconds.
            3) Plug all the cables back and turn it on.
            Step 2: Steps 2: Uninstall the printer driver and then re-install the latest printer driver. Download the driver only from the printer’s official website.


          3. Hello

            Turning it off does not work, even doing that when the print queue is stuck.

            I just uninstalled it and I told it to update the driver, the last one on the page, this I have done more times and it has not worked. Even so I’ve done it again, see how it is.

            The technicians of the photocopier have been looking at it and do not know what it is. That reinstalls Windows, they say.

            So I do not know if it will be from some controller or I do not know, that it is corrupt and that’s why I have this problem.

            Let’s see if you can think of any way, at least go check things to see if we find the solution.

            Greetings and thank you

          4. Thanks for your reply.
            The power drain and driver re-installation steps did not work for you. Anyway, now we have to do more research on this topic to find the solution. We request you to please keep in touch and give some time for the research. We’ll keep you updated as well.

          5. Please answer following questions.
            1) Please provide the printer model number.
            2) How your computer is connected with your printer? through USB or WIFI?
            3) Tell me how many computers are connected with this printer?
            4) If connected more then one computer, do you face the same spooler stuck issue on other computers?

          6. Hello

            First of all, thank you very much for your dedication to my problem. Let’s see if finally we finish understanding with the translator and we can solve my problem.

            The photocopier is a Ricoh Aficio MP C2051 and we have connected 2 computers via network cable to the router.

            In one of the two computers is where I have more problems (computer 1), the other generally (which is where I print with the USB memories of customers) I have no problem (computer 2).
            Except when on computer 1, I have this problem that gets stuck in the print queue, then I blocked the computer 2 as well. I have to go to the first one to get into the options and give it to cancel all the jobs and after a while it is eliminated. And most of the time I print the file I’m canceling.

            In fact right now, I have a file in the print queue on computer 2 that does not get taken away from me. It puts “eliminating – in queue”. Lately, since I’m taking up this issue of the photocopier and I’m talking to you, I have a problem printing from the browser (Chrome), I send it to the mail I open it in the browser and from there I open the dialog box of the printer to print it. Before I did not have it … I do not know if it will have something to do, when installing the tool. But I did it on computer 1 not on this one on 2.
            At least it lets me print and it does not collapse everything …

            A greeting and thank you very much again

          7. Thank for your reply and the detailed information that you provided. It will help us to diagnose the issue.
            I understood, when you print from pc1 it stuck in the print queue, and after that, pc2 also don’t print (PC2 prints also held in print queue). Could you please tell me, what happens when if you don’t use pc1 for printing and only use pc2? If you did not do yet, so please do this and let us know the result.

          8. Hello

            That is, not always, always but that’s the way it is. Sometimes it is the first document, sometimes when printing the second or third of a row.

            On PC 2, I have no problem if PC1 does not collapse everything. Meanwhile the PC2 works perfectly.

            Greetings and thank you

          9. Thanks for your reply.
            Now we have all the information about your issue. Please give us some time for the research on this. We’ll reply you again very soon.

  36. Hi,

    Ive been uing windows 10 for a few months but recently have had problems with the print spooler. The document gets sent to the spooler but doesn’t print and I cant clear the print queue without going to services and stopping the spooler. I loaded the repair kit but it made no difference.

    1. It is a usual process that the print job goes to the spooler first and it will be staying there until printer receives this print command and print the job. If somehow the printer doesn’t receive this command, then the print job will be stuck in the spooler and can’t be deleted until you stop the print spooler service manually. So it is the usual process. But the problem could be in the printer itself or in its driver, not in print spooler. So we recommend you to please apply the “power drain” to your printer to fix this issue. Or reinstall the printer driver if it doesn’t fix the issue.

      1. Thanks for your quick response! Does power drain mean turning off the printer (which I have done) or is this another process that I have to do?

        I will also try reinstalling the printer driver.

        Once agan thanks!

        1. Power Drain means, remove the static charge from the printer.
          Power drain steps:
          1. Turn off the printer & computer.
          2. Unplug all the cables from the back of the printer.
          3. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
          4. Plug all the cables back to the printer and turn on the printer & computer both.

          If the power drain doesn’t fix the problem, then it could be a driver conflicting issue. In this case, uninstall all the printer driver and install the latest driver.
          We are looking forward to your result.

  37. I’m on W10. The software downloaded fine and began to run ok. It clearly ran ok and told me when it had finished. I tried to print a page but the printer still didn’t work.
    Of course, it may be that my printer problem is not to do with the spooler?

    1. Thank you for using our tool. Yes, our tool mostly fixed up all the print spooler issues. Please provide the whole error message while printing, so that we can help you further.

  38. After all these days, the printer spooler problem is still occuring and this time after repairing from the software its not helping.


  39. Very very Helpful.
    Thank You Mr Pawan for this amazing software.
    Please leave your contact number so that i can come with issues if any, later in future.
    And so that i an make an online payment for solving our issues.

    Thanks !

    1. Thank you so much for using our tool and for the appreciation.
      You’re most welcome Mr. Paresh. We’ll be happy to assist you in the future.
      We did not mention our phone number because we don’t provide support on the phone. You can leave your question in our “questions & answers” section, we’ll reply you there as soon as possible. OR contact us at anytime.

    1. Maybe your computer has another cause of this printer spooler problem. Please explain your problem in detail, we’ll help you then.

  40. kaukuntla sai chandra

    thank u so much for the tool, it has fixed my problem with in seconds for which iam bothering almost for a month.

    1. Is our tool gives you an error message? or what happened? Please explain your initial problem to us with more detail, so that we can suggest you further steps.

    1. If our tool was not able to repair your print spooler service, so please explain your problem in more detail so that we can help.

    1. This print spooler repair tool is fully compatible with Windows Windows 10. I want to figure out why it did not work on your computer. Could you please provide the screenshot of the error message at, it would be most helpful for us.

  41. i used the tool twice. I was able to connect to a printer and a test page printed. Then it disappears and is no longer in my device window. Using windows 7. I am going to try again and not attempt to install the second printer and see if that fixes it. Although I do need to have both the printers connected.

    1. If it worked once, it means your print spooler is repaired successfully but one of other service or any application’s .dll file is making conflicting with print spooler service which makes it stopped. This issue also is fixable, even we have already have made an article on that, please look on that once. click here to know how to fix print spooler auto stopped issue.

  42. Well, gave it a try twice, not a thing changed. Still get Print Spooler Services Not Running.
    Thanks for trying to help in this matter!

    1. If your print spooler service is still not running after repaired from our tool then your print spooler service must have a conflicting issue with other application or driver files. Actually, our tool has repaired your print spooler service and it starts normally but within a few seconds another application or .dll file is making conflicting with it and make it stopped. To fix this issue, we have made a particular article for that, so please follow the following article’s steps and let us know again. Click here to know how to fix print spooler service stopped automatically.

  43. i do start my printer spooler manully and with your tool but my printer spooler services are automatically stop.

    1. If your print spooler service keeps stopping automatically, it means one of the other service, application, or its .dll file is making conflicting with printer spooler service. That’s why your print spooler service stopped automatically. We have a solution for this particular issue. We have made an article on this particular issue, we recommend you to please follow the following article’s steps (Especially step 13) and let us know.

  44. Sandra Hemenway

    Thank you. It worked great. Every Time Windows 10 does a big update, it either destroys my print spooler or turns it off.

    1. Please explain your printer or print spooler problem in detail we will help you certainly. Also mentioned the error message if you get any.

    1. Please go to the services page and check the print spooler service status. If it is stopped then try to start it. Let us know if you get any error message while starting up.
      How to open services page: Do right-click on “my computer” and then click on Manage –>> Services & Applications –>> Services

  45. Did not repair my problem. Still will not allow me to add printer. After an update, or maybe a virus attack, my printer doesn’t work, it deleted my anti virus, Norton files, and deleted information on another software package. I have been able to repair all but my printer.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for contacting us,
      Could you please explain in detail what exactly happens when you click on “add a printer” option or when you give print command from any documents?
      We are looking forward to you reply, so that we can answer you exactly.
      TSA Team

  46. Repair of printerspooler works perfect but later the error comes back and I have to repair it again.
    Thanks (I made a a donation)
    Bo Stark Sweden

  47. Works great! Thanks for your great job. I will donate something by PayPal. I hope that everybody will agree you in the same way.

    1. Please explain your printer issue in detail with error message if you get any then we’ll help you with that.

  48. HP Ink advantage 3540 Al-in-one series, working as W8, under W10
    Problem: multiple spoolsv.exe files
    Print Spooler Repair Tool did not fix, unfortunately

    1. Could you please explain the main problem of the printing in detail? So that we can understand the issue first. How do you know multiple spoolsv.exe? Please provide all the spool files name.

    1. Is this server HP branded server? This file can effect your HP devices only. So that’s why I gave you the option to rename the file instead of deletion. You can rename the file and do reboot your computer. Report me back accordingly.

  49. Event ID: 808
    The print spooler failed to load a plug-in module CNCENPM6.dll, error code 0x7E. See the event user data for context information

    Event ID: 7031
    The Print Spooler service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 3972 time(s). The following corrective action will be taken in 5000 milliseconds: Restart the service.

    Event ID: 1000
    Faulting application name: spoolsv.exe, version: 6.3.9600.17480, time stamp: 0x54585db9
    Faulting module name: HpTcpMon.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x4ab0e4d3
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x000000000000ad75
    Faulting process id: 0x2914
    Faulting application start time: 0x01d3ce2e19a059b5
    Faulting application path: C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Windows\System32\HpTcpMon.dll
    Report Id: 5ca5fd55-3a21-11e8-8178-42f2e93698ed
    Faulting package full name:
    Faulting package-relative application ID:

    1. Diagnose: The root cause of the problem is HpTcpMon.dll file. Actually, this file is corrupted somehow.
      Solution: You just need to remove or rename following file HpTcpMon.dll to old_HpTcpMon.dll from the location “C:\Windows\System32\”
      After that reboot your computer, your print spooler service will start working again.
      Your print spooler issue should be fixed, now time to fix the printer. To fix printer issue you need to uninstall and re-install printer. Your printer will start working again.
      Please let us know the result.

  50. hi it’s not working , i am facing event id 808 error.
    i have tried all task regedit and clean printer job and install ,uninstall driver all .
    kindly help me

    1. Sure, we’ll help you.
      You just need answer my following questions and then I’ll give you solution after diagnose.

      1. What exactly happens when you go to services page and start the print spooler service? If not tried so please try it and let us know the whole error message what you get there.
      2. How many printers do you have?
      3. What is the make & model number of printer?
      4. What is your operating system version?
      5. What exactly happens when try to print?

      1. i have use windows server 2012 r2 64 bit standard. i used this server for thinclient.

        i try to add printer then i received error ” windows can’t open add printer The remote procedure call failed” when again try then error “the local printer spooler services not running .please restart the spooler or restart machine”.
        i have checked log then error event id 808.
        all printer are network printers . currently no printer connected and i am unable add printer by network or physical .

        i try below mention sol.
        1> i have restart system.
        2> restart spooler services and remote procedure call service.
        3> remove all printer drivers .
        4> remove from regedit.
        5> remove %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers all jobs.
        6> increase virtual memory.
        8> both service automatic .

  51. it just says “finished successfully”.

    It should tell what problems were there that it fixed. At least, It should tell whether there was any problem or everything was already ok.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll add more detail in next version.
      Acutally, our tool reset the whole print spooler service, so if you get “Finished Successfully” message that means it has done the reset process.
      Please let us know if your printer spooler did not fix yet.


  52. looked like it had worked, said running when I looked at my services in Task Manager but stopped – I have
    Windows 8.1

  53. Did not work for HP Officejet 6700. Win 10. It said it was successfull my “print spooler” is still not on the services.msc.

    1. Hi,
      We’ll help you in this,
      Please do one thing open services.msc page and then try to start and stop print spooler service and then let us know the status here, what happens. Please provide the whole error message if you get any.

  54. Been having problem with the print head on this HP officejet Pro 6830 tried this printer spool to see if it would repair it have no luch might have to buy another printer this printer is only 1 yr old that really blows

  55. Sorry it Didn’t work, my print file is still stuck in the Queue. I have located the service file and highlighted the Print spooler and in shows Starting and Automatic as the settings. When I press either stop or cancel nothing happens

    1. Print stucks in print spooler, it means problem in priner itself or its drivers which is installed on computer. So we recommend you to please reinstall your printer drivers and then do turn off your printer for 1 minute and then turn it on. Please let us know the result after done both of the steps.

  56. It works, but not completely for me. Everytime after a few print jobs, a print job gets stuck, even though it is finished. I can delete it, but it does not disappear. In this way, I have to run the tool about every five print jobs. Could you please help me with a solution?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Your print spooler seems working fine as it worked at once. It seems like problem in your printer physically, as I can diagnose for now. Please do power-drain your printer and if doesn’t work this trick then do re-install your printer. If both tricks doesn’t work then please let us know again.

    1. Our computer still does not recognize the connection to the printer even though we have spent hours trying to fix the problem even with professional help. Our problem began with updates not requested for Windows 10

      1. Do run our tool once and then reinstall the drivers of this printer. It should work for you. Please let us know if doesn’t.

  57. Have ran the repair tool several times – cleared the printer folder within system32 – cleaned and update pc – still no luck the spooler keeps turning off 🙁 Windows 7 Pro 32 bit – HPZ230.. any other ideas ??

    1. If our tool has fixed the printer issue once and it keeps turning off, it means your printer spooler service is working fine but other app or dll file is conflicting with the print spooler service. So you have to remove that conflicting app or file to solve it. To find out the root cause we are giving you an article which have mentioned in step by step guide how you can resolve this issue. So please follow the articles instructions. Click here:

  58. Dear Sirs

    Your tool works but i need to run each time that Windows starts.
    Theare are any soluction for your tools runs in the start-up?


  59. I removed the print spooler service not available notice when attempting to print, but the printer will still not print. The self-test report on the printer works fine.

    1. Thank you for contacting us.
      First of all could you please provide more detail about “failed long reply”, it would help us to fix this issue. You can contact us by email at anytime directly.
      Please provide more information about print spooler problem which you are facing in this windows 10 machine at

  60. Did not work on Windows 10. Printer is installed and is shown, but printing attempts fail with the notification that I need to select a printer. The Canon printer cannot be selected/accessed. Canon tech says I have print spooler problems but it runs, does not stop, and uninstalling/reinstalling files did not help.

    1. We’ll help you in this matter. Please let us know the whole error message that you are getting while printing and explain more about the problem.

    1. Please explain your complete problem with us in detail (What exactly happens when you do print command). After that we can help you in a right way.

  61. Tool kit responded and was successful. But still I cannot connect my Printer HP all n one 4100.
    PC is Windows 7. Any suggestions

    1. Please explain whole problem with us in detail, then we’ll help you accordingly. Please share the whole error message text if you get any.

  62. Did not work on my Windows 10 HP Envy. Problem is not spooler stopping or starting. Problem is que doesn’t clear after printing file.

    1. I have ncomputing..I attach two printers one LX 310 and other HP p1102 on host ncomputing, the HP was normal all client can print but the LX 310 can’t..even the host can’t print viewing error spooling then the printer pause.

      1. Did you tried re-installing lexmark printer? because lexmark printer use their own lexmark print spooler service which will be fixed once you reinstall. Please let us know if this trick doesn’t work.

  63. Second time with this problem. Ran you program to fix it but once again it didn’t.. Last time it took hours on the phone with tech support. So frustrated!

  64. jose freitas

    The tool works in Win 7 64 bits after i run it but when i restart only works if i run it again. I try to put the file in the start-up folder but the exe doesnt work. i try to give permission in bitdefender but continue not run.
    how i solve it?
    Any answer

    1. Don’t try to put our tool into startup becasue it wouldn’t be sense. Anyway, we’ll help you to make it fix. We recommend you and article which will help you to fix the printer spooler startup issue. Your print spooler is working fine, however it seems have only one problem, it will won’t be start when computer start or stopped just after started. We have to find our the issue. For now please follow the below given articles steps and then let us know back:

    1. Our tool is fully compatible to work in windows XP OS, maybe in your case there might be diffrent problem. Anyway, we’ll help you with that. Please explain your issue completely then we can say something about that.

    1. It is fully compatible to work with windows 10, problem could be diffrent in your case. Anyway, please explain your issue in detail then we’ll help you with this.

  65. Unfortunately my problem on my Windows 7 machine did not go away. When I try to add aprinter, I get a message that the local print spoolse is not running, even though in “Services” it says it is started. Also, I cannot print to a printer that is already loaded on my machine.

  66. Malvern Kudzai Mundanga

    worked perfectly thanks. however after using my printer for 2 or 3 days the error keeps coming back and when i repair again with the spooler tool it works perfect but only for a while, i don’t know what could be the problem ??

  67. Hi
    I was thrilled to find this tool however I tried using it on my xp pro OS and it didnt work. I used Notebook, and hit print in the menu but although a tiny dialog box appeared saying it was printing, the actual printer icon never showed up in bottom task bar. Then I got a message that Notebook crashed.
    My peripherals have not worked in over a year since last July and I have not been able to fix the print spooler issue.
    It could be a result of one o f two things. That July I had Vonage for three days then got rid of them. I also called Comcast my ISO to have them change the Bridge setting. They did the opposite setting fro m what I asked.All power went out and peripherals have not been working since. I get all kinds of print spooler issues. I have tried all the basic spooler fixes. Im frustrated beyond belief.
    7 Comcast techs have told me they are not trained to fix this although escalated services promised they would. I even filed a complaint with the Attorney General but they said to hire a lawyer. I lot the letter they sent me. Error message says spooler cant connect the cable may not be connected no internet orVvOIP setting…Well I have installed and reinstalled every software and driver etc etc. Cables are connected. wifi is on and I have no ideA about VOIP so I called Vonage got the runaround. Ive attempted to deal with Comcast for over a year now…so ??

  68. A fascinating discussion is definitely worth comment. There’s no doubt that that you should publish more about this subject matter, it might not be a taboo subject but usually folks don’t discuss such issues. To the next! Kind regards!!

  69. After 3 weeks of intermittent problems and 4 hours of the store register being down, worked great! We are back up and running!

  70. Didn’t work. Every time I try to print the printer says to unpause the document. Even though I have deleted and reprinted many times.

    1. We’ll help you with this. Could you please tell me, what happens when you do print command, does it go to spooler which says “prining”? or give any error message?

  71. Hi, trying to add a new printer..Keeps saying the same as everyone here to an extent, printer spool won’t start.
    I went through and hit start in the services and within seconds it stopped..
    Tryed your software in the normal and safe modes, and rebooted no such luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thnx..

  72. Did not work for me. I am working in Windows 10 and I keep getting message: Local print spooler not running and I go into services-printer spooler and try to restart but it don’t allow me to restart, stop or start.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      Sure, we’ll help you this. Could tell us, are you getting any error message while you trying to start print spooler service manually? What exactly happens when you are trying to do this.

  73. Still having the same problem. I get the error message, run the fix, and things work okay…for a while. Then for some reason they go back to not working. I appreciate the fix, but I’d really like to solve the problem permanently. Any idea why my computer keeps ‘acting up”?

  74. I have used the repair several times; sometimes it works, sometimes not. But even when it does work the problem happens again. I have tried all the manual fixes multiple times, get a 1068 error, spooler not running, dependency group failed to start. I have repeatedly made sure everything is started and set to automatic. I would love a permanent fix

  75. downloaded tried to print no success. when trying to print comes up with spooler sub section notworking

    but when i tried to print afet downloading tool no info is shown.
    running windows xp professional

  76. Worked like a charm! Thank you so very much. It has been quite a while since I have been able to print from my laptop. The last time was just before upgrading to Windows 10 (~20 months ago).

  77. WinXP Home V2003 SP3. Did NOT work. SPOOLER service missing. Several tries to fix w/technet, etc. and hoped this would be it. Ensured WinFirewall and Zone Alarm were off. Deleted all instances of printers thru control panel and regedit and RE-tried from safe mode AND after regular boot.

    1. Don’t worry we’ll help you.
      Please start your print spooler manually and let us know if you get any error message or what happens?

          1. Started a while back when I couldn’t print something I used to print so I went to the printers to check on port settings and NO printers were there. Tried to install one and got the “operation cannot be completed. the print spooler service is not running” message. Control Panel –> Services –> no “print” or “spooler” appears. Those words are not there – print or spooler. Windows troubleshooter, technet, this, that, the other, came across you product and tried – nogo. Back before technet, went looking for XP disc to repair/reinstall and cannot find. Recovery partition (compaq laptop) no help either. What now?

  78. Worked beautifully and solved the problem I was having of getting messages of “access denied” trying to install a printer or trying to connect to a home network printer.

  79. Michael Tad Parks+

    Hello there,

    Your Print Spooler Repair tool is wonderful. Previously I had to go out to services, stop and restart the spooler, but that always gave me extra copies of what ever was stuck in the spooler.

    I do have a question. I am running a Lenovo W530, with Windows 10 Pro, My printer is an HP OfficeJet Pro 8740. I am having very frequent issues with stuff getting stuck in the spooler. I can’t seem to print more than 3 or 4 documents before it hangs up, and I see two docs hanging in the print que screen. Cancelling them clears one, but the other gives a status of “printing-deleting” and never does it.

    Any suggestions as to what might be the issue. Should I reinstall the printer software?
    Thanks for your great tool.

    Michael Tad Parks+

  80. Windows 10

    Seemed to work, at least once. Had no need for more printing at that time.
    However, the warning “may damage (?) your computer” came up a couple of times.

  81. Res, Sir/Madam

    I am using widows 8.1, and word & excel both hang with I give ctrl + Print command.

    after I restart Printer spooler services or restart my laptop after it’ s working.

    please give solution for resolved this issue.

  82. The repair tool did not fix the remote call procedure failed error. Still can not add a printer.
    This is a windows 10 update from windows 7 pro. There were problems before the pc was updated.
    I was asked to look at the pc by the pc’s owner.

    1. Our tool doesn’t repair “remote call procedure” service. Our tool is only for “Print Spooler Service” repair. You have to fix it manually or by microsoft fixit tool then run our this tool to repair print spooler service, then it will work.

  83. Melvin did an awesome job resolving my printer problem……………
    new printer setup proved to be an insurmountable problem for me. It is now fixed THANK YOU MELVIN.
    I had a shot of fireball instead of tequila………….it was closer……..Tequila tomorrow 🙂

  84. I have spent a lot of time trying to resolve and hoped your tool would work.
    Believe me I would have gladly made a donation if it did.
    Unfortunately not.

  85. So sorry it did not work for me. I use Win 10.

    Have to click “Cancel all print jobs” and wait about 10 minutes for deletion before I can print new doc. Same thing if I want to print double side.

    1. If our fixit tool doesn’t work then do it manually as per given in the article and then let us know if manual trick doesn’t work.

  86. IT WORKS! my HP officejet pro 8610 was printing continuously unwanted pages. HP manual didn’t solve my problem. Downloaded print spooler repair kit, it cleared cue!

  87. This worked great at first, then I tried to print an adobe file I downloaded and it reverted back to not working.
    Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

  88. The Print Spooler Repair Tool works, but it is not permanent. My Windows XP reverts to a non-printing condition after a period of time from days to just hours. I re-run the repair and it works again.

  89. Did Not work for me in W 7.
    Printer stops printing half way through a page and does not restart. Printer software was reinstalled. Tried your software. HP print doctor says everything including spooler is OK but it will not do a test print?

    1. Do power drain of your printer. To do this, unplug all the cables from back of the printer and then push and hold the power button for 20 seconds and then release it. Do reboot your computer in while time. After that plug all the cables to back of the printer and then boot printer and computer as well. Try to print it should work. If this trick doesn’t work then try changinf the USB port of your printer – Unplug USB cable from computer which is connecting to printer and plug it in another port of USB then try to do print. If both trick doesn’t work then contact us again. Thanks

  90. Windows 10
    Error 0x800706b: not enough resources are available to complete this operation

    Ran your download. – It did nothing to solve the problem. Print spooler will still not start/stop. Set at auto.

    I just hope your software did not cause more damage.

    Did you backup the registry before you made any registry changes? i hope so!

  91. It was not good and didn,t solved my printer problem.
    In windows 7 and my office 2010 , just on excel i can not print because the printer (hp laserjet p1102 ) can not set as default printer, i don,t know why?
    Thanka for your help.

    1. Does it print when you select this printer manually. You can set your default printer simply right click on the printer and click on “Set as default” on printers page.

  92. Still not working… Ran fix, restarted it twice. Nothing … Running Windows 10.
    Says it cant find my printer & to select one. I select it but it says Not Found..

    1. We’ll help you with this. Please do start your print spooler service from service page (services.msc) and let me know what happens.

  93. have not check it because i am in safe mode and its giving me another error meassage basicly will not start in safe mode
    i have more sucess installing hard ware in safe mode i know the soft ware companys are trying to stop you from useing old stuff and they suceed with there ways
    but i am now going to donate a pound because you have got me nearer to goal

    1. Doesn’t boot your computer in normal mode? run our tool in normal, it should work. Our tool doesn’t work in safemode.

  94. in my computer if I turned on the print spooler then the apps that I install to my computer is not working…

    now what to do?

    1. Which app doesn’t work after start print spooler service? How you know the app doesn’t work due to print spooler service?

  95. Did not work for me. Win 8.1. I have to start the printer spooler every time I reboot.
    What I do know is go to control panel and troubleshoot the printer problem and it loads
    the printer spooler.

  96. The problem still persist after using the repair tool. This is valid for all applications who will send a document (.DOC, .PDF, TXT, etc.) to printer. During the print process the meta file appears in the Windows spool folder (C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS) and then disappears (removed) shortly.

    I configured out that by starting e.g. Acrobat with Admin rights the PDF document will be printed as usual on my printer. This also happens for Word and all other formerly not printing applications, but this shouldn’t be a normal process.

    Windows 10 Professional (German)
    HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277

    1. Meta file appears in this location when you make a print command and then disapear when it printed. Please let us know if the file disappear and print doesn’t come.

  97. Unfortunately this program didn’t help me..!!!

    After the successful completion of the fixing, I tried to print word file (Just to convert word file to pdf) but the program was “Not responding” and got stucked (forever) until I close the program forcefully. I even tried to print the web page, same thing happened, I had to shut my browser. If anyone tackled this kind of problems, please help me. That would be great..

  98. Did not solved my problem. Still getting error trying to add a printer in latest windows 10 (1607) with all updates through January ’17. Error message:

    X Windows can’t open Add Printer.

    The local print spooler service is not
    running. Please restart the spooler or
    restart the machine

    I have started the spooler services and restarted them repeatedly as well as restarting the system many times. Suspect system file corruption – at least that is what System File Checker tells me. I was hoping to rebuild the spooler subsystem withour having to do a complete rebuild with Windows 10. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Sure we’ll help you to fix this issue. It seems like your print spooler service is crashing due to another application or its .dll file is making conflicting with your print spooler service. So you have to find out that faulty application and share it to us so that we will help you accordingly.
      To find out the application name please use method 13 from giving article: Click here:-

  99. The problem was not solved, I have 2 printers and neither could be found. Full programs installed and both printers have worked in the past perfectly. I tried to use one monitor for 2 computers using the so called correct switch ever since then the 2 printers have not worked and everything I have tried has failed.
    Operating system is windows 10 a useless program.

    1. Hi Terry,
      We’ll help you but we need some information first,

      Please check your printer spooler status in services page, is that “started” or “stopped” ?. If you get it stopped then try to start it manually and then try print out something then let us know the result.


  100. Spooler was running, I stopped it , then set to start manualy then clicked start. I have tried to printt again , no joy

  101. Well, I still cannot print
    It says te spooler is running but I cannot print.. The epson printer will print a test page on its own

  102. Looking good so far, Task Manager now says the spoolers running. That’s the first time its done that since I got this machine as a hand-me-down years ago.

  103. Thanks, your tool fixed the print spooler problem the first time but it happened again so I used your software again but it didn’t work this time. I had to reinstall my printer but the problem was still there, the spooler was stopping. So I ran your software again and it fixed it. Let’s hope it will not happen again.

  104. Dear Sir,

    I use HP LASERJET 3050 Printer. But some time our printer scanner not working. when i start document scan when PC Show massege ” No paper document in Feeder “

    1. We give you two solutions for this. First, do Power-drain your printer. Second, reinstall your printer and scanner driver.

  105. Did not work. I’m running Windows7 SP1, recently installed from scratch. I installed a printer a couple of days ago, which worked them. Now the spooler service keeps stopping. It says it has a dependency on RPC and HTTP. RPC is running. HTTP is not shown in the services list. Is this the problem?

    1. No, http service is not the cause of this problem. Even you can remove this “http” entry from dependency tab. The main cause must be else. Actually, your print spooler service stops just after started, means must have an app or dll file which is making conficting with spooler service. To find out the faulty app and fix this issue we have made an article on that particular issue. Please follow the following articles steps to get it fixed.
      Please let us know again if need more help

  106. It didn’t work for my old windows xp; I restart printer spooler in services but when I try printing I get message that the spooler isn’t running.

    1. It works perfectly on windows 7. Maybe your print spooler have different type of problem. Please explain your problem here, we’ll solve it.

  107. Your program have not fixing my problem …

    “Could not start the Print Spooler service on Local Computer.
    0x800706b9 error: The available resources are not sufficient to complete the operation. ”

    What a pity ….

  108. Worked a treat with Win7 – better than Windows rubbish troubleshooting system
    But need a button to get to the bottom of this page.

  109. It’s Work Sir but when i restart my PC…this problem start …
    Some time print Spooler solve this problem but it’s work only 2-3 startup pc but after this when I restart my Computer this problem start automatically….
    Solve this Sir

  110. It used to work but not anymore? I have an HP Pavillion and an hp printer ,Officejet 6700. I have had both 6-7 years? Printing problems started sometime after I downloaded Windows 10.What now?

  111. Still the issue not fixed. I did the repair but still all of my printing document goes into spooling and never gets printed.

    1. If your document is going to printer spooler queue, it means there is no problem in your print spooler service. The problem could be in printer drivers. So we recommend you to please reinstall your printer driver.

  112. I have a problem with the printer sending the file to print queue..
    The file quickly disappears from the queue without printing.
    All drivers were re-installed and the device was disabled-enabled in device manager and nothing helped..
    Someone suggested I should try this program, unfortunately it didn’t help me.
    I still have the same problem..
    I’ve had Win 10 for some time now, this only occured last week and I have no idea why.

    1. If your documents goes to print queue, it means your print spooler service is perfectly fine. But as you said it disappeared without print, it’s really strange situation. We’ll research on that and let you know. Meanwhile, do one thing, do uninstall and then reinstall the “printing support” under USB devices in device manager. After that try to reinstall printer drivers. Then let us know the result.

    1. Your problem must be different because it works on XP computer perfectly. Please provide the complete detail of your printer problem, we’ll help you surely.

  113. I’ve been trying for days to “print”, but the spooler wouldn’t work. All the Windows 7 ‘troubleshooter’ told me was that the spooler wasn’t working. (Duh!!!) I finally searched the internet for solutions to my problem and found a number of sites which would solve the issue if I ‘purchased’ their services. Then I found YOUR site, downloaded your free Repair Tool, and it worked!

    I’m a “Senior Citizen” (80) and really appreciate what you did for me. Thanks, so much.

  114. Not working.
    Can not add a printer.
    Keep getting the same message…”Windows can’t open Add printer…”
    This was my last resort since I’ve tried everything already.

    Thanx anyway

  115. This worked like charm for me my printers were always dissapearing from my printing options just runned the program and it fixed it without restarting the computer!

  116. Praise the Lord, it worked!! Thank you so much for your help. This is a recurring problem for me. I will bookmark your page so I can download this again if needed. Great job!

    1. It might be a hardware issue. Try do a copy from copier. You can try to reinstall your printer & scanner drivers once to make sure there is no driver conflicting issue.

  117. Yes, thanks this did the trick. So happy after being online with HP all morning and being told to pay for help, this was absolutely fabulous!

  118. Well, downloaded and ran the zipped file and immediately worked. This was executed on a WON XP machine in normal mode, so I will see if it is still working when I next use the PC, but so far so so so so good. Thanks