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Print Spooler Repair Tool Feedback

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1,471 thoughts on “Print Spooler Repair Tool Feedback”

  1. Doesnt work for me 🙁 Spooler is working, when i print something spooler is spooling but never complate.

    1. If the print spooler service is spooling, it means the spooler service is working fine. It seems like the problem in the printer driver. Please reinstall the driver.

  2. printer spooler executing path is missing in window 10 printer, how to regain the executable path so as to avoid type 3 error.

  3. Spooler stopped working after the feb 2020 msft update. Using Win10 on HP laptop. No idea what happened to the spooler but the repair tool was unable to fix it and get it working again. Heard the update was bad for HP computers.

    1. Thanks for letting us know. Could you please tell us, what happens when you start the print spooler service manually from the services page? Please share the result with us so that we can give the solution of this problem.

      1. Went to services. The spooler was on automatic and I started it. Went back to the printer to open the print queue and got the same error message. “Error Opening Printer. Windows cannot connect to the printer. The local print spooler service is not running. Please restart the spooler or restart the machine.” I went back to services and it said the spooler was running. I’ve also restarted the machine several times with no luck getting to print anything.

        1. I have diagnosed the issue as you have explained the problem in detail. Actually, your print spooler service keeps stopping automatically within a few seconds after starting. Your printer spooler service might be conflicting with a “.DLL” file. This “.DLL” file belongs to its printer driver itself or any other 3rd party application. You’ll have to find out it manually. Follow step-13 from the following article.

    1. Don’t worry if it did not for you. Please explain your main problem here, we’ll give you the manual steps to fix the issue.

    1. Sure, we’ll help you, but could you please explain the printer or print spooler problem in detail so that I can help you exactly?

  4. On Windows 10 does not work. writes a printing error. the printer sees, it writes the printer is working fine, but it prints to print, although the scanner works

  5. While the tool fixes the spooler problem, it doesn’t stick. When I reboot there are no printers installed. I have to run the tool again. How to fix this? Windows 7

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