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Print Spooler Repair Tool Feedback

We need your valuable feedback to improve our tool’s quality!!

Please leave your feedback here!!

Must leave your feedback if the tool doesn’t work in your computer. Also mention the operating system.

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  1. Its Dam good, but can u gyz give a option to select the printer too….

  2. Did not work for me. I am working in Windows 10 and I keep getting message: Local print spooler not running and I go into services-printer spooler and try to restart but it don’t allow me to restart, stop or start.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      Sure, we’ll help you this. Could tell us, are you getting any error message while you trying to start print spooler service manually? What exactly happens when you are trying to do this.

  3. nur aizuddin kariman


  4. Thanks hope this wil work

  5. you are great

  6. My server 2008r print spooler stoping problem not solved

  7. Still having the same problem. I get the error message, run the fix, and things work okay…for a while. Then for some reason they go back to not working. I appreciate the fix, but I’d really like to solve the problem permanently. Any idea why my computer keeps ‘acting up”?

  8. it’s solved my problem and all i just can say it’s perfect and excellent. Thanks to Developer.

  9. i have used several times repair.it,s not repair anything ,it is no help

  10. I have used the repair several times; sometimes it works, sometimes not. But even when it does work the problem happens again. I have tried all the manual fixes multiple times, get a 1068 error, spooler not running, dependency group failed to start. I have repeatedly made sure everything is started and set to automatic. I would love a permanent fix

  11. Print spooler works every time.

  12. downloaded tried to print no success. when trying to print comes up with spooler sub section notworking

    but when i tried to print afet downloading tool no info is shown.
    running windows xp professional

  13. s k choudhasry

    you are very helpful person.

  14. Kashyap Vaishnav

    Successfully installed on Windows 7

  15. my problem not solved waste my time

  16. Works fine, thank you

  17. awesome thanks for repair tool \m/

  18. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. last night it works but now it doesn’t work anymore. thank u

  20. thanks a lot. print spooler us working now.

  21. Very valuable.
    My problem was solved with this software.
    Thank you very much.

  22. NOT WORKING Error 0*00000709

  23. Hi – I run windows 7 ultimate and this tool “worked like a charm” – what a cool bit of software ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Worked like a charm! Thank you so very much. It has been quite a while since I have been able to print from my laptop. The last time was just before upgrading to Windows 10 (~20 months ago).

  25. WinXP Home V2003 SP3. Did NOT work. SPOOLER service missing. Several tries to fix w/technet, etc. and hoped this would be it. Ensured WinFirewall and Zone Alarm were off. Deleted all instances of printers thru control panel and regedit and RE-tried from safe mode AND after regular boot.

    • Don’t worry we’ll help you.
      Please start your print spooler manually and let us know if you get any error message or what happens?

      • There is no print spooler to start.

        • Please explain your problem in detail, we’ll certaily help you.

          • Started a while back when I couldn’t print something I used to print so I went to the printers to check on port settings and NO printers were there. Tried to install one and got the “operation cannot be completed. the print spooler service is not running” message. Control Panel –> Services –> no “print” or “spooler” appears. Those words are not there – print or spooler. Windows troubleshooter, technet, this, that, the other, came across you product and tried – nogo. Back before technet, went looking for XP disc to repair/reinstall and cannot find. Recovery partition (compaq laptop) no help either. What now?

  26. doesn’t work. Still have error “not enough recourse to complete this operation”

  27. Worked beautifully and solved the problem I was having of getting messages of “access denied” trying to install a printer or trying to connect to a home network printer.

  28. don’t know the effect yet.

  29. Thanks so much

  30. Michael Tad Parks+

    Hello there,

    Your Print Spooler Repair tool is wonderful. Previously I had to go out to services, stop and restart the spooler, but that always gave me extra copies of what ever was stuck in the spooler.

    I do have a question. I am running a Lenovo W530, with Windows 10 Pro, My printer is an HP OfficeJet Pro 8740. I am having very frequent issues with stuff getting stuck in the spooler. I can’t seem to print more than 3 or 4 documents before it hangs up, and I see two docs hanging in the print que screen. Cancelling them clears one, but the other gives a status of “printing-deleting” and never does it.

    Any suggestions as to what might be the issue. Should I reinstall the printer software?
    Thanks for your great tool.

    Michael Tad Parks+

  31. Windows 10

    Seemed to work, at least once. Had no need for more printing at that time.
    However, the warning “may damage (?) your computer” came up a couple of times.

  32. Res, Sir/Madam

    I am using widows 8.1, and word & excel both hang with I give ctrl + Print command.

    after I restart Printer spooler services or restart my laptop after it’ s working.

    please give solution for resolved this issue.

  33. You are the best!! You solve my problem.

  34. The repair tool did not fix the remote call procedure failed error. Still can not add a printer.
    This is a windows 10 update from windows 7 pro. There were problems before the pc was updated.
    I was asked to look at the pc by the pc’s owner.

    • Our tool doesn’t repair “remote call procedure” service. Our tool is only for “Print Spooler Service” repair. You have to fix it manually or by microsoft fixit tool then run our this tool to repair print spooler service, then it will work.

  35. Melvin did an awesome job resolving my printer problem……………
    new printer setup proved to be an insurmountable problem for me. It is now fixed THANK YOU MELVIN.
    I had a shot of fireball instead of tequila………….it was closer……..Tequila tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Vivek Kumar Verma

    Thanks for Technical Support…It is amazing, it is working..

  37. edoardo cappelli

    it seems worked.


  39. Print Spooler works but have to reload everytime I restart my computer. Am I doing something wrong. Thanks

  40. Did nothing on Windows 10

  41. havent resolved my issue of starting error in print spooler

  42. did not work on my acer aspire laptop with windows 7

  43. I have spent a lot of time trying to resolve and hoped your tool would work.
    Believe me I would have gladly made a donation if it did.
    Unfortunately not.

  44. thanku very userful

  45. Did not do anything noticeable on Win 10 Pro.

  46. So sorry it did not work for me. I use Win 10.

    Have to click “Cancel all print jobs” and wait about 10 minutes for deletion before I can print new doc. Same thing if I want to print double side.

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