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Print Spooler Repair Tool Feedback

We need your valuable feedback to improve our tool’s quality!!

Please leave your feedback here!!

Must leave your feedback if the tool doesn’t work in your computer. Also mention the operating system.

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  1. Windows 10
    Error 0x800706b: not enough resources are available to complete this operation

    Ran your download. – It did nothing to solve the problem. Print spooler will still not start/stop. Set at auto.

    I just hope your software did not cause more damage.

    Did you backup the registry before you made any registry changes? i hope so!

  2. It was not good and didn,t solved my printer problem.
    In windows 7 and my office 2010 , just on excel i can not print because the printer (hp laserjet p1102 ) can not set as default printer, i don,t know why?
    Thanka for your help.

  3. Not sure what is supposed to happen. Ran the repair and the print spool is still missing

    Windows 7

  4. Will check to see if it works later this weekend … didn’t work last time?

  5. Still not working… Ran fix, restarted it twice. Nothing … Running Windows 10.
    Says it cant find my printer & to select one. I select it but it says Not Found..

  6. have not check it because i am in safe mode and its giving me another error meassage basicly will not start in safe mode
    i have more sucess installing hard ware in safe mode i know the soft ware companys are trying to stop you from useing old stuff and they suceed with there ways
    but i am now going to donate a pound because you have got me nearer to goal

  7. in my computer if I turned on the print spooler then the apps that I install to my computer is not working…

    now what to do?

  8. The link between the computer and the printer does not seem to operate

  9. Did not work for me. Win 8.1. I have to start the printer spooler every time I reboot.
    What I do know is go to control panel and troubleshoot the printer problem and it loads
    the printer spooler.

  10. Worked like a charm, thanks peeps.

  11. Tried in safe mod win8.1 and off safe mode, still no printspooler in services.
    Not working…

  12. The problem still persist after using the repair tool. This is valid for all applications who will send a document (.DOC, .PDF, TXT, etc.) to printer. During the print process the meta file appears in the Windows spool folder (C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS) and then disappears (removed) shortly.

    I configured out that by starting e.g. Acrobat with Admin rights the PDF document will be printed as usual on my printer. This also happens for Word and all other formerly not printing applications, but this shouldn’t be a normal process.

    Windows 10 Professional (German)
    HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277

  13. Nice. Thanks

  14. spooler solve the problem but the problem Repeating when repeating printing orders several orders


  16. Unfortunately this program didn’t help me..!!!

    After the successful completion of the fixing, I tried to print word file (Just to convert word file to pdf) but the program was “Not responding” and got stucked (forever) until I close the program forcefully. I even tried to print the web page, same thing happened, I had to shut my browser. If anyone tackled this kind of problems, please help me. That would be great..

  17. Did not solved my problem. Still getting error trying to add a printer in latest windows 10 (1607) with all updates through January ’17. Error message:

    X Windows can’t open Add Printer.

    The local print spooler service is not
    running. Please restart the spooler or
    restart the machine

    I have started the spooler services and restarted them repeatedly as well as restarting the system many times. Suspect system file corruption – at least that is what System File Checker tells me. I was hoping to rebuild the spooler subsystem withour having to do a complete rebuild with Windows 10. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  18. Works perfect, thanks!!!

  19. not sure if it worked…but will try nw

  20. The problem was not solved, I have 2 printers and neither could be found. Full programs installed and both printers have worked in the past perfectly. I tried to use one monitor for 2 computers using the so called correct switch ever since then the 2 printers have not worked and everything I have tried has failed.
    Operating system is windows 10 a useless program.

    • Hi Terry,
      We’ll help you but we need some information first,

      Please check your printer spooler status in services page, is that “started” or “stopped” ?. If you get it stopped then try to start it manually and then try print out something then let us know the result.


  21. Tried that once, result: perfect!

  22. So the spooler is running properly but is experiencing a problem,,, what now ??

  23. Spooler was running, I stopped it , then set to start manualy then clicked start. I have tried to printt again , no joy

  24. Well, I still cannot print
    It says te spooler is running but I cannot print.. The epson printer will print a test page on its own

  25. Looking good so far, Task Manager now says the spoolers running. That’s the first time its done that since I got this machine as a hand-me-down years ago.

  26. very nice tool

  27. Still not able to print but yes to scan on hp deskjet 2135
    OS Windows 7 32 bits

  28. Thanks, your tool fixed the print spooler problem the first time but it happened again so I used your software again but it didn’t work this time. I had to reinstall my printer but the problem was still there, the spooler was stopping. So I ran your software again and it fixed it. Let’s hope it will not happen again.

    • It means your print spooler service is Conflicting with another program or dll file. Please follow the following article’s steps: How to fix printer spooler stops automatically ^(http://(Solved) Print Spooler Service Keeps Stopping, Crashing Automatically)

  29. Worked great. I am glad I got my printer back

  30. Worked straight away. Thanks!

  31. It’s Great. Thank you very much

  32. WAHLAH! Great Fix! Printer now works again! Thank YOU!

  33. Dear Sir,

    I use HP LASERJET 3050 Printer. But some time our printer scanner not working. when i start document scan when PC Show massege ” No paper document in Feeder “


  35. i need time to try out my print.i don’t have ebay.will try or other alternative.

  36. Did not work. I’m running Windows7 SP1, recently installed from scratch. I installed a printer a couple of days ago, which worked them. Now the spooler service keeps stopping. It says it has a dependency on RPC and HTTP. RPC is running. HTTP is not shown in the services list. Is this the problem?

    • No, http service is not the cause of this problem. Even you can remove this “http” entry from dependency tab. The main cause must be else. Actually, your print spooler service stops just after started, means must have an app or dll file which is making conficting with spooler service. To find out the faulty app and fix this issue we have made an article on that particular issue. Please follow the following articles steps to get it fixed.
      Please let us know again if need more help

  37. It didn’t work for my old windows xp; I restart printer spooler in services but when I try printing I get message that the spooler isn’t running.

  38. It didn’t do anything for me. Still cant add any printers, and it still says my spooler isn’t working 🙁

  39. Thanks works again after weeks of frustrations when spooler could not start.Delighted

  40. It works excellent!

  41. Antonette Stiebritz

    Printer still won’t print. Won’t engage.

  42. Didnt work on win 10
    Sometimes works but most of the time doesnt work.
    After giving print always shows print error.

  43. Did not work on Windows 7

  44. Brilliant
    That worked excellent

  45. did not fix my problem

  46. Your program have not fixing my problem …

    “Could not start the Print Spooler service on Local Computer.
    0x800706b9 error: The available resources are not sufficient to complete the operation. ”

    What a pity ….

  47. Thank you very much, it worked immediately.

    Windows XP Professional

  48. Worked a treat with Win7 – better than Windows rubbish troubleshooting system
    But need a button to get to the bottom of this page.

  49. Resolvido (Brazil)

  50. My problem not resolved, print spooler stopped

  51. great software

  52. Worked great on Windows 10, thank you

  53. It’s Work Sir but when i restart my PC…this problem start …
    Some time print Spooler solve this problem but it’s work only 2-3 startup pc but after this when I restart my Computer this problem start automatically….
    Solve this Sir

  54. It used to work but not anymore? I have an HP Pavillion and an hp printer ,Officejet 6700. I have had both 6-7 years? Printing problems started sometime after I downloaded Windows 10.What now?

  55. Absolutely fabulous worked first time thank you

  56. Gustavo Ciarrocchi

    With 10 windows me it did not work.
    The print spooler stops by itself.

  57. its work for me on windows 10 anniversary, but its pretty slower than manual way. Thanks alot

  58. did not work

  59. Still the issue not fixed. I did the repair but still all of my printing document goes into spooling and never gets printed.

    • If your document is going to printer spooler queue, it means there is no problem in your print spooler service. The problem could be in printer drivers. So we recommend you to please reinstall your printer driver.

  60. I have a problem with the printer sending the file to print queue..
    The file quickly disappears from the queue without printing.
    All drivers were re-installed and the device was disabled-enabled in device manager and nothing helped..
    Someone suggested I should try this program, unfortunately it didn’t help me.
    I still have the same problem..
    I’ve had Win 10 for some time now, this only occured last week and I have no idea why.

    • If your documents goes to print queue, it means your print spooler service is perfectly fine. But as you said it disappeared without print, it’s really strange situation. We’ll research on that and let you know. Meanwhile, do one thing, do uninstall and then reinstall the “printing support” under USB devices in device manager. After that try to reinstall printer drivers. Then let us know the result.

  61. Did not work. On Windows XP.

  62. I’ve been trying for days to “print”, but the spooler wouldn’t work. All the Windows 7 ‘troubleshooter’ told me was that the spooler wasn’t working. (Duh!!!) I finally searched the internet for solutions to my problem and found a number of sites which would solve the issue if I ‘purchased’ their services. Then I found YOUR site, downloaded your free Repair Tool, and it worked!

    I’m a “Senior Citizen” (80) and really appreciate what you did for me. Thanks, so much.

  63. Not working.
    Can not add a printer.
    Keep getting the same message…”Windows can’t open Add printer…”
    This was my last resort since I’ve tried everything already.

    Thanx anyway

  64. beautiful tool its works properly

  65. This worked like charm for me my printers were always dissapearing from my printing options just runned the program and it fixed it without restarting the computer!

  66. Praise the Lord, it worked!! Thank you so much for your help. This is a recurring problem for me. I will bookmark your page so I can download this again if needed. Great job!

  67. The problem was not solved!! 🙁

  68. Dear Sir,

    My HP LASERJET 3050 Printer scaner not working. during scan page blank coming after scan. pls help me

  69. The fix did not work. Windows 10 Pro.

  70. It did not solve my problem , which is the spooler is disabled alone.

  71. Yes, thanks this did the trick. So happy after being online with HP all morning and being told to pay for help, this was absolutely fabulous!

  72. Thanks it helps.

  73. The repair tool worked immediately. Thanks a lot!

  74. Thanks. it works now.

  75. Let me check before giving any feedback.

  76. Thank You so much!!! Worked like a dream.

  77. sir is great work,

  78. Well, downloaded and ran the zipped file and immediately worked. This was executed on a WON XP machine in normal mode, so I will see if it is still working when I next use the PC, but so far so so so so good. Thanks

  79. Wow! It works now, so easy! I’ve been on the phone with Dell customer service for literally hours. (Terrible customer service by the way).

    Thanks so much!

  80. Dear Sir, My hp laserjet 3050 printer not initializing . As per printer machnic My Hp laser jet 3050 printer logic card damage. card price is 4000 rs . Can this price is OK.

  81. Man alive. I wish I had found this fixer about 2 weeks ago. Worked like a charm first time. Don’t see why MS can’t come out with an easy fix.

    Thanks for ending my misery. Will definitely send a donation.

    Thanks a bunch

  82. not working ,, windows 7

  83. I’ve fixed it now thank you. It was my fault and not that of Print Spooler – apologies !

  84. My problem is now worse ! Ink is pooling on the photograph paper. Can the print spooler repair process be reversed as my printer is of no use to mw like this !

  85. print spooler still did not work

  86. Hi, I would absolutely be willing to make a donation…if it worked! Unfortunately I am still having problems, despite loading your program twice. The first time it did at least show the device on a screen, but did not print. This second time I don’t even see the device listed or showing anywhere. I’m sure you have a great support program, but not apparently for me.

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