Download McAfee Uninstall / Removal Tool. How to Remove McAfee?

If you are going to uninstall / remove McAfee antivirus or any other McAfee Security products then you should use the official uninstaller tool provided by McAfee.

If you try to uninstall it from add / remove program, it doesn’t remove it completely, because some of security registry entries might be still remain in the windows registry. Which can create problems in installing other security product or re-installing or upgrading, re-activating McAfee Product.

McAfee uninstall tool

This removal tool is an official tool from McAfee to finish the uninstall process completely.   Download the removal tool directly from McAfee website to remove the McAfee Installation from your computer.

mcafee removal tool

Download Mcafee uninstall tool


How to Uninstall / Remove McAfee?

  • Download McAfee software removal tool.
  • Run it and click on ‘Install anyway’ if asked.
  • Click on Next. Click on Agree. McAfee software removal
  • Now enter security validation keys or Captcha key to confirm that you are a human.
  • Clicking on next will start the removal process. It will take some time and after completion of the process it will display message that Removal Complete. How to uninstall or remove McAfee completely
  • Restart the computer and removal process is now complete. Now you can reinstall McAfee or install another security software without any issues.

The above utility will work in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and for both 32 bit and 64 bit.


Q: Why to use McAfee removal utility instead of simple uninstall?

A: If you don’t use removal tool you might face problems related to re-installation, license activation or compatibility issues.

Q: Does this utility work to remove the Livesafe product?

A: Yes, this tool can be used to remove all of the McAfee products like McAfee Antivirus, Internet security, Total protection and Live safe.

QHow to remove McAfee WebAdvisor or SiteAdvisor?

A: You can uninstall these from the Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel. No special removal required for it.

Q: How to remove endpoint product. Will this work for the endpoint security?

A: No, to remove an enterprise product. You need to download the EPR tool. Formerly it was known as McAfee ripper. You need to login to download this tool.

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If having issue you can try a third party uninstaller like Revo uninstaller. If you have any question you can ask in the comment section.

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29 thoughts on “Download McAfee Uninstall / Removal Tool. How to Remove McAfee?”

    1. You can uninstall it yourself. Just download the removal tool and run it. It is very easy. If you face any issue, please let us know. Thank you.

  1. any body wants to uninstall any av prodect…use K7 installation setup …first uninstall other av product
    then install your AntiVirus software K7 or other……

  2. When we got our computer last year, we uninstalled McAfee and installed AVAST! free. Yesterday we got a popup which says our PC has been unprotected for 37 days and to update or security protection now to turn off this reminder. It further says that we can turn on Windows Defender. If I turn on Windows Defender, will that fight with AVAST! free?

    1. Yes, two antiviruses can’t be run together, it will make conflicting some time. Eventually, You have to uninstall one of them. Thanks

  3. I want to unsubscribe to Mcafee in my old computer which is no longer in service and I had an automatic payment. I m still getting charged for the service. How can I stop the charges.

    1. I want to cancel my subscription to McaFee on my Dell laptop.
      I no longer want McAfee support for my new laptop.
      Please cancel and cancel all pending charges.
      Thank you

      Please uninstall and do not install on new laptop!!

  4. I use this program to uninstal McAfee yesterday evening and it’s running. I would like to instal Kaspersky Pure, but I can not. Help me,please. What I need to do?

    1. Maria, can you explain that what type of error are you getting during installation? And please also mention which windows are you using?

  5. M sk Mozibar Rahmman

    I am sorry to say that all customer are deprived of their right in avoidng antiviruses in according with their wishes. Companies of antivirus keeping switch in theri hand deleting them. sorry, sorry

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