Malwarebytes vs Hitman Pro


Malwarebytes and HitmanPro both are good Anti-Malware programs. Both are very popular and effective in malware protection & removal.

Antimalware program is as necessary in your system as like an Antivirus. You must have to choose one of them. So here are the comparison between malwarebytes and HitmanPro

MalwarebytesHitman Pro
It needs to be installed in the system to run a scan.It can scan without installation as a portable utility. It also have the option to install in the system.
It can be run without an internet connection.Internet Connection is necessary to run the Scan.
It uses the powerful local definition file to scan and Third party detection signatures.It uses cloud based multi AV scanning technology.
No need to upload the suspicious files and it check with its local database.Suspicious files are automatically uploaded into the Cloud for the detection.
Need Separate program to scan rootkit threats.Rootkit detection included.
Free for life.Free for 30 Days.
Real time Protection with Premium version.Real time Protection with the hitmanpro.alert
Premium Price $39.95$24.95
Download MalwarebytesDownload HitmanPro

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Overview and Similarities

Both are able to impeccably compliment the antivirus protecting that is currently on your pc; it is imperative to find out how the two perform while detecting dangerous malware. It is also helpful to know which of the two hold the better options. The following will provide you with the information that is needed to properly determine which option is the most optimal for protecting your computer.

Free Scanner for Windows

Both Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro are able to scan computers that utilize a Windows operating system and they are also able to offer removal engines in regards to detected infections.

System Requirements

Both are able to run on Windows Server 2003 and 2008, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Differences and Feature Comparison

User Interface

From a graphical user interface standpoint, Malwarebytes appears to be a better choice. The UI surface is able to be adjusted to the precise dimension that a user deems necessary. Hitman Pro is not adjustable by any means.


Both of the programs are able to run full, custom or quick scans. Malwarebytes is able to complete its scans within a time frame that is less than three minutes, whereas Hitman Pro can take up to 30 minutes in order to complete a scan. Additionally, Malwarebytes is able to scan more items than its competitor that include the detection of malware within critical areas inside of Windows.

Malware Removal and Detection

Malwarebytes is consistently able to detect rogue antispyware programs and more, and remove all threats without requiring the computer to be restarted. Hitman Pro will detect most threats, but as items are sent to the Scan Cloud for additional review, computers can remain infected well after a scan has been performed.


Both are free options that have variants that are impressive and attractive to various users, but at the end of the day, it cannot be denied that Malwarebytes simply and consistently out performs and out shines Hitman Pro. Whether you choose to remain in their free realms or move into their paid subscription services, your computer will be expressly protected.

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  1. josh says


  2. Parvez Khan says

    I used both.But i uninstalled Hitman Pro.The problem with Hitmanpro which i dsicovered is that it makes your machine slow.Also some blue screen will appear and starts rebooting automaticaly.
    Also as mentioned above Hitman Pro is not effective when there is no internet connectivity.I installed Malwarebytes and its working perfectly.I advice to go for malwarebytes.If you go for premium its one time investment and no headache.

  3. Paul says

    Hitman Pro removed ugly malware “Tweakbits” when Malwarebytes Pro and Anti-Exploit could not…

    1. Techexpert says

      Yes, as our personal opinion; Hitmanpro has a better malware-database than malwarebytes. We also like HitmanPro too.

    2. Jim says

      Same with me. Hitmanpro found something Malwarebytes kept over looking for weeks and my laptop works better for it.

  4. Jacob says

    I love Hitman pro. Best companion for technicians.

  5. Pat Buonincontri says

    terrible support…when i had an issue after purchasing premium it took a week for any response…the tech was rude and did not resolve the issue at all…i continued to follow up via email and got no response at all….i did not find any other way to contact them so if you need a refund or help you are out of luck…i would not purchase this or hitmanpro.alert because issues will not be resolved

  6. Mike says

    Malwarebytes and HitmanPro both scan that affecting issues are removed yet the startup is hijacted by Palkin. Went back to see if there were steps missed on the process and the 30 day trial now lists a remainder of 7 days and its not even been 22 hours since I downloaded it…..must have a different clock system.

    Was hoping to remove the hijacker!

    1. PK says

      Are you talking about the computer startup or the browser startup? I think you need to scan with other tools. try using adware removal tool. you can read more on post How to remove Palikan.

  7. hung says

    Yea I use Malwarebytes but I consider installing hitman-pro too because a-lot of people say that hitman-pro and Malwarebytes create a dreamwork together…. ————Reply please should I download hitman-pro?

    1. Techexpert says

      Yes, you can use Hitmanpro along with the Malwarebytes. Even, It would be deadly combo. I personally use this combo since last 3 years and it been working great. Malwarebytes has their own huge database and hitmanpro uses multi-engine anti-malware database. So you can use Hitmanpro along with Malwarebytes.

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