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HitmanPro.Alert Vs Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes have both free & premium subscription. Hitmanpro alert is a paid software but after free trial it still provide a few free features. Below comparison table will helpl you to find out the features in both these antimalware.

FeaturesHitmanPro.Alert Free
(After 30 days trial)
HitmanPro.AlertMalwarebytes PremiumMalwarebytes Free
(After 14 days trial)
Real Time ProtectionNoYesYesNo
Anti ExploitNoYesYesNo
Malicious Website ProtectionNoNoYesNo
Anti-Malware On Demand ScannerNoYesYesYes
Anti Root KitNoYesYesYes
Cloud Based Multi AV Engine ScanningNoYesNoNo
Webcam NotificationYesYesNoNo
Keystroke EncryptionYesYesNoNo
Bad USB protectionYesYesNoNo
Browser ProtectionYesYesNoNo
PUP Protection & RemediationNoYesYesNo
Price $34.95$39.99 
Comparison Table – Hitman Pro Alert Free VS Hitman Pro Alert VS Malwarebytes Free VS Malwarebytes Premium
Download HitmanPro.AlertDownload Malwarebytes 3.0

HitmanPro.Alert can also handle the situation when system is in no boot situation. HitmaPro.Kickstart can work in this case (After the launch of the Windows 10 now kickstart is not available).

Features Comparison of Malwarebytes 3.0 and HitmanPro.Alert


To run a scan malwarebytes must be installed in Windows Whereas HitmanPro has the portable option as well, So there is an option to run the HitmanPro from a USB stick.

User Interface

Malwarebytes 4.0
Hitman Pro Alert

When infected system denies to install an antimalware

Some times infected virus denied to install the program. In this case HitmanPro can be used as a portable scanner. And in case of Malwarebytes you can download the Free Malawarebytes Chameleon cleaner. To help to run the malwarebytes in this case. Later on you can also install HitmanPro.Alert to activate the realtime scanning functionality.

Internet Dependency

HitmanPro.Alert required internet connection to perform the scan whereas Malwarebytes can scan without internet connection. Malwarebytes only require internet to download its latest threats definition file.

Detection of Malware and Removal

HitmanPro uses cloud based Multiple Antivirus engines to scan a suspicious file. If it found some suspicious file it upload that file to the cloud to scan with multiple antiviruses like Bitdefender, Avira, Emsisoft, Avira etc. Whereas on other hand Malwarebytes perform scan based on their offline malware database, but that database is really huge & powerful.

Real Time Protection

Both used different method for real time protection. Malwarebytes uses its signature database to identify the threat on the other hand HitmanPro.Alert uses behavioral detection  or signature less technology for real time protection.

Anti Ransomware Protection

Both Malwarebytes 3.0 and HitmanPro.Alert have the Anti-ransomware protection in their paid version to safeguard data from cryptoware.

Which software should I Choose Malwarebytes 3.0 or HitmanPro.Alert? Which is the best option.

Both software works almost equally good. But here is my personal review about both these software. Hopefully it will help you to choose the one which fits to your requirement.

  • HitmanPro is better in cleaning an already infected system and Malwarebytes is better in protection.
  • HitmanPro.Alert is better in cryptoguard and ransomware protection whereas Malwarebytes is better in exploit protection.
  • Malwarebytes have Malicious website protection which blocks you to visit to bad website whereas HitmanPro.Alert encrypts all your keyboard inputs like username and passwords on internet to make it hard to read by a hacker.
  • HitmanPro provides some of the extra features like Webcam notification, It notify you when any app uses your webcam. And bad USB Protection, Process protection from hijacking.


Q: What will happen after free trial of both antimalware?

A: After free trial of both the software you can still use some of their features available as a Free software. And you can upgrade to premium version any time to utilize all the features of the software. Above comparison table can give you the idea of the features of both the software as premium and as free.

Q: Can I Replace my Antivirus Software with it?

A: Malwarebytes claims to replace your antivirus software. But HitmanPro is still telling itself as second opinion scanner. Though HitmanPro.Alert is more than just a second opinion scanner and can be used as a replacement of antivirus. Another point to be noted here is that Antivirus and Internet Security is different program, So if security is your serious concern then do not replace your internet security suite and keep these Anti-malware software as an extra layer of security. But users who uses basic antivirus software, They can replace their antivirus with Anti-malware software.

Q: Can I use these with my existing Antivirus / Internet Security Software?

A: Yes both these software are compatible with mostly all reputed security software. For enhanced security you must have add this extra layer along with your existing security software. Both these software are equally light and takes very less system resources.

Q: Is there any other antimalware apart from HitmanPro & Malwarebytes

A: Yes, there are many other antimalware software available in the market. Go to Best antimalware software.

Use the comment section to share your experience of using both these software.

11 thoughts on “HitmanPro.Alert Vs Malwarebytes”

  1. On Malwarebytes, you did not mention, that there is also Malwarebytes Chameleon which can be downloaded free and will run in DOS mode in a DOS window, if the Windows version of Malwarebytes will not run.

    Also important to note, that Malwarebytes Premium now is providing full antivirus protection, but DO NOT run it along with another AV program, especially a heavy duty AV program like AVG, TrendMicro, etc. paid versions. It can cause Windows to crash, until one of them is removed. I learned that the hard way at a clients, last year!!

  2. Peter Antanaitis

    For what it’s worth I’ve had an issue with my computer for a while with the “update Adobe Flashplayer” bug.

    –PC**** could find it well enough so as to block it (without telling me where/what it was?), but would be frequent Chrome crashes rather than the PopUp window.

    — Malwarebytes itself did not find it, nor did Zemana AV, but the Malwarebytes specialist AdwCleaner did find it as DRVAGNT.sys. And it tried, but could not remove it.

    –HitmanPro found that bug and actually was able to remove it! Chrome screens are twice as fast now! Haven’t crashed in the few days since!

    Based on this experience, and your review, I’m keeping Malwarebytes for it’s great website protection, keeping Zemana AL, and adding the HitmanPro.A. I’ll probably disable the keyboard encryption if it is a problem. Thanks for this clear & insightful product comparison! I’m feeling safer already! 🙂

  3. Can I load the paid version of these two on other computers in my house? If yes how many?

    1. It depends on your license type. They are available with 1 device, 3 devices etc. So choose as per your requirement.

  4. Wonderful comparison. It can help a lot for the confused people to decide. But still I am confused if I go with malwarebytes then my separate antivirus expense can be saved. But I like the feature of hitman pro like keyword encryption and webcam protection etc. This is essential for me. Can I go with hitman pro without any other antivirus. People please share your experience.

    1. Both the antimalware software are great and it is really hard to declare any one as the winner. Yes you have to find out your preference and need to decide. Major difference between these antimalware and inetrnet security suites is the firewall and traditional virus definitions. But yes these can be a replacement of basic antivirus. So if you are using an internet security then you can choose the hitmanpro for keyword encryption and webcam security.

    2. Use both as licensed programs. Malwarebytes replaces anti virus and The Hitman as a backup for it. That is all I use, Defender is turned off. One point make sure to deactivate license for Malwarebytes before performing a system or system image. Not necessary for the Hitman. This is simple protection for my 4 dell pcs. If you do want Complete security than by all means stay with an anti-virus suite for more comprehensive protection. EXCELLENT ARTICLE!

    3. Robert Scroggins

      You can use HitmanPro.Alert by itself for versions after late 2019. It may provide better protection if you use it alongside Microsoft Windows Defender. There does not seem to be any problem using it alongside Windows Defender, but I would not use it with any other AV because there is a chance it will conflict with them, due to their more system- invasive detection methods.

      Surfright intends to combine Hitman Pro and HitmanPro.Alert. I don’t know when–maybe late 2020 or early 2021. When they do that, I think you should not need any other AV, as they will have all the Windows security bases covered then.


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