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How much free disk space is required for Windows 10 upgrade

Some peoples encountered a free disk space problem during upgrade to Windows 10. Getting error message “Windows needs more space.” Lots of people asked us, how much free disk space is required for Windows 10 upgrade. We have researched on it and finally found the right source and figure out minimum required free disk space. Also found some case studies as well. In this page today, we’ll talk about how much free disk space is minimum required for in-place upgrade to windows 10.

Minimum free disk space need in windows 10 upgrade

Disk space required for Windows 10 upgrade

Usually Windows 10 in-place upgrade requires 10 GB free disk space, as per this Microsoft article. In some cases, we have experienced that it is not enough, so you will need more space than 10 GB. Probably, it depends on your installed programs or Windows 10 update size etc. which  may be transfers the programs & files in it temporarily. Anyway, in that case, you’ll need 20 GB to 32 GB free disk space to upgrade. One of our website visitor Warner has experienced, 10 GB free disk space didn’t work for him, finally 25 GB free disk space worked for his Windows 10 in-place upgrade. See Warner’s comment what they were experienced in their case.


  • Minimum free disk space requirement is 10 GB
  • Ideal free disk space requirement is 20 – 32 GB

First, try 10 GB. If it doesn’t work, then try to make free 32 GB disk space.

See the Microsoft article’s screenshot below:

free disk space ms article

See the Warner comment’s screenshot below.

Warners comment screenshot2

So hopefully it will solve the issue otherwise leave your comment. See the detailed instructions to upgrade to Windows 10.

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