Download file contained a virus and was Deleted IE, Firefox

Fix “File contained a virus and was deleted” (Removal Help)

for Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome in windows 7, 8, vista, xp.


When I try to download anything from Internet, it says a error message  “File contained a virus and was deleted” I can’t download anything from internet. I recently installed a security into my computer however why it keeps popup and says that is a virus. Please help me to get rid of this. All downloads says virus infected and then deleted.

This file contained a virus and was deleted

Solved Answer

File contained a virus and was deleted” if you are seeing this message after downloading files from the internet, It means you get infected with a rootkit. This is called ZeroAccess rootkit threat. Mostly this happens when you try downloading something from Internet Explorer Browser version 8,9 or 10.

Take This ZeroAccess rootkit trojan virus as serious threat. Because it is very dangerous threat and lead to invite other malware and viruses in your computer. So you can even lost your important data or your identity can be stolen by the bad guys. You should immediately take action to remove this infection from your computer as it works in hidden mode in the background and help other malware, viruses to enter into your computer.

It is found that the “Program contained a virus and was deleted” trojan is distributed through the programs like “software cracks” and “Keygens”. These are programs which promote the software piracy. As it keeps saying this message “all download this file contained a virus and was deletedevery time when you try to download any program from the Internet. So it is not easy to solve and remove this threat. But as it only affect the Internet Explorer users, you can try downloading its removal tool or Antimalware software from other internet browsers to fix this issue. With the help of a Good Anti-Malware program you can get rid of this “Program contained a virus and was deleted”  infection and can protect you computer from future infections.

In order to solve it follow the below instructions carefully.


Method 1: Manual steps to fix “file contained a virus and was deleted” (Tested Method)

Please follow the following steps. This method is a tested method on many computers and it worked like a magic. Hopefully, it will help you as well.

  1. Turn it on the “Smart screen filter option”
    Open Internet Explorer and go to “Safety” option which is located in the menu bar. Under “safety,” find the option “turn on Smart screen filter” please make it turn ON.
  2. Rename the Windows Defender Folder.
    Go to “C:\Program Files\” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\”. Under program files, rename a folder “windows defender” to “windows defender.old”
    If you’re getting any issue while renaming the windows defender folder then we suggest you to please apply the following steps first.

    1. You should turn off your Windows defender first before renaming the folder.
    2. Disable Windows Defender service from the services page. Then try to rename the Windows Defender folder.
    3. If the above steps doesn’t work for you, then start your computer in safe mode with networking mode and then rename the Windows defender folder.
  3. Rename the Microsoft Security client.
    Go to “C:\Program Files\” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\”. Rename one more folder “Microsoft Security Client” to “Microsoft Security Client.old”. If it doesn’t exist in both location, then you can skip this step.
  4. Your download is working now. However it is a temporary fix, please go further steps to fix it permanently. It is a Virus (Zero Access virus) so you need to remove it completely.
  5. Download the “Trojan Remover Tool”.
    Click here to download Trojan Remover. Note:- Do not install and run its scan (We will Install it in 7th step). Don’t even go further steps until the trojan remover will be downloaded.
  6. Revert the step 2 and step 3 to the previous stage.
    After downloaded the trojan remover, rename “windows defender.old” to “windows defender.” then rename “Microsoft Security Client.old” to “Microsoft Security Client” from “C:\Program Files\” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\” locations.
  7. Now install Trojan Remover and run its scan. Install Trojan remover, update it and then run its scan. It will repair windows defender permission issue automatically. Just follow their prompted recommended Instructions. After done, reboot your computer once

That’s it, Now your issue has been resolved and the downloads start working normally without the error message. Windows defender permission issue also been fixed.

Finally, Scan your computer with Hitman Pro

Download Hitmanpro

After done method 1, we suggest you to please use a good antivirus other than Windows Defender.

Method 2: Change a registry keys value, so that we can start the downloading

  • Click on Start and then type REGEDIT in search box (for windows XP click on run and type “regedit”) ( As shown in below screenshot)

This file contained virus and was deleted RUN

  • Start regedit in Windows 7, vista, Click on Start and then type “regedit” in search box

This file contained virus and was deleted START

  • A registry editor will be opened, now please change  some data values
  • Now open below path to and change “ScanWithAntiVirus” Value data  to 1 
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\

Contained have a virus Scan with antivirus

That’s it, Check your downloading.  If you still won’t download then follow the method 2

Method 3: Change Internet Explorer security settings

It is possible to change Windows Internet Explorer security settings. The following is how:

  • Start Internet Explorer by clicking on the Start button . Inside the search box, type Internet Explorer, and after that, inside the report on results, click on Internet Explorer.
  • Click on the Tools button , and after that click on Internet options.Click on the Security tab, and after that perform a number of the following below steps:
  • To modify configuration settings for your security zone, click on the zone icon, and after that slowly move the slider on the security level that you’d like for this zone.
  • To make your individual security settings to get a zone, click on the zone icon, and after that click on Custom level.
    In order to Restore all security levels recommended to their initial configuration settings, click on the Reset all zones to default level button.

That’s it, Check your downloading. If you still won’t download then  follow the method 3

Method 4: Rename AVG dll files

  • Go to C Drive –>> Program files –>> AVG –>>AVG (Version 7 ,8,10 )   and find following file avgoff2k.dll
  • c:\program files\AVG\AVG10\avgoff2kx.dll
  • Rename this file “avgoff2k.dll” to “avgoff2k.old”
  • Go to C Drive –>> Programdata –>> MFAdata –>>SelfUPD   and find following file avgoff2kx.dll
  • c:\programdata\MFAData\SelfUpd\avgoff2kx.dll
  • Rename this file “avgoff2kx.dll” to “avgoff2kx.old”
  • Now Restart Google chrome (it must be downloading now)

That’s it, Check your downloading. If you still won’t download then follow the method 4

Method 5: Uninstall AVG Antivirus

Uninstall AVG Antivirus, because may be have some problem in AVG dll files

You should use their removal tool to uninstall any antivirus

Download >> AVG uninstall tool (if you are able to download from Google chrome)
That’s it, Check your downloading. If you still won’t download then contact us at or you can click on Need help button (located in the very left side).

More information about that threat

The error “all download this file contained a virus and was deleted” means you have a ZeroAccess rootkit. virus has changed some permission of your system security files you had a antivirus which you tried to uninstall but it was not uninstalled properly that’s you facing that problem, most of all when the AVG antivirus was not not uninstalled properly then you may facing that problem. so please try to make remember that which antivirus did you tried to uninstall and now please uninstall in proper way, download their appropriate removal tool and and remove it completely. All Download telling me it has a virus and delete the downloaded file suddenly.

I want to remove this virus “downloaded this file contained a virus and was deleted“, How to i delete that “downloaded this file contained a virus and was deleted” I know it is a fake alert because, it say all the file which i am downloading from the internet it says the same keeps poping up i want to get rid of this “downloaded this file contained a virus and was deleted” from my computer.  ie keeps saying all downloads are virus, i have checked some security files and i got my Microsoft security essential stopped and my windows defender is also stopped i can’t understand what should I do to fix this error “downloaded this file contained a virus and was deleted“. Please help me so that i can again go back to work, I do not want to restore my computer.

Remove “downloaded this file contained a virus and was deleted” from computer
Remove “downloaded this file contained a virus and was deleted” from Internet Explorer
Delete virus “downloaded this file contained a virus and was deleted” by Hitmanpro
Delete virus “downloaded this file contained a virus and was deleted” by malwarebytes

When you try to download any file you get that message Download contained a virus and was deleted or you can unable to download files in internet explorer 9 i always get that message contained a virus and was deleted this not a program this file contains a virus and was deleted Browser has virus deleted all files however in this file contains a virus and was deleted file would won’t download any file and the computer won’t download but i try t download in windows 7 won’t download files all the File won’t download in IE all the time internet explorer won’t download files browser won’t download files internet explorer won’t download anything or we can say computer won’t download files.

Each Firefox and Internet explorer 9 are gives me this problem once I try and download a file. The file downloads completely and after that merely receives removed. Not necessarily inside the trash can, not inside the virus container. Chrome doesn’t have that condition, downloads are saving normally. This file contained a virus and was deleted may be the message I receive from Internet explorer downloading, Firefox there isn’t any message. Type of an is this fact occurs with all the files for both internet browsers. Internet explorer allows me save image file although not in Firefox. From email a PDF file won’t download and saying that is a a virus and then deleted, It lets you do this with AVG switched off at the same time. I’ve come across a few others using this issue but no answer. This kind of issue began once i have been having some alerts that has a hard drive setup but surely could clone the drive to a different one C drive.

58 thoughts on “Download file contained a virus and was Deleted IE, Firefox”

      1. I tried it again. At first, I was not able to download the file due to it being deleted because of “virus” (using any browser). But I saved it into another device, plugged it and copied from there, and ran it. No results were found during scanning though and I’m still getting the error message. I encounter such error whenever I download any type of files, or log in to our VPN.

        Thank you.

        1. Okay. Were you able to rename the ‘Windows Defender’ folder successfully? Where is it located? Please let me know and I’ll be glad to solve this issue for you.

  1. i was not even able to rename defender folder within safe mode with networking .. 🙁 so cannot get past that, suggestions?

    1. Could you please try only “Safemode” instead of “safemode with networking”? In Safemode, check if you can rename the Windows Defender folder or not.

      If you are still unable to rename the Windows defender folder in SAFEMODE, then we suggest you to please follow the following steps then try it again.

      1. Disable Windows Defender – Click here for more detail.
      2. Reboot the computer and check if you can rename the Windows Defender folder.
      3. Disable Windows Defender’s service & program from the computer startup – Click here for more detail.
      4. Reboot the computer and check if you can rename the Windows Defender folder.
      5. Take the ownership of the Windows Defender Folder – Click here for more detail.
      6. Take full permission of Windows Defender folder – Click here for more detail.
      7. Reboot the computer and check if you can rename the Windows Defender folder.

      Please keep me updated about the issue status.

  2. When I tried to rename Windows defender, it says I would need permission from a Trusted Installer. how do I fix it?

  3. ZeroAccess Virus-DIdn’t Work, What else can I do? I tried your 2 steps and it did not clean my computer. I do not have the AVG antivirus so Steps 3 & 4 did not apply to me. Can you help me?

      1. Yes. Windows defender prevents you from downloading *****ake video downloader. I downloaded it with WD off then installed it. But beware it will also delete the program if you allow it.

  4. Thanks Dan ;D. Well I had a little problemo about ‘contained a virus and was deleted; and Dan the Man helped me fix the issue right away. The guys a genius and I wish this website every success in the future! ;D

  5. i’ve same problem and i’m not able to download any file or program from internet. i’ve tried all the steps mentioned above but still internet explorer is giving same message “file contains virus and was deleted”. Plz help

  6. Thank you so much for this perfect solution, you are doing brilliant work..
    I had the problem where IE10 thinks every file I download has a virus, and so it deletes the file. I’m trying to follow correction instructions on your site. It worked like a charm. now i can able to download any thing. Thanks again, and keep it up writing. I have bookmarked your website for future.

  7. Thanks, It’s worked for me I had this error every time when i download anything “file contained a virus and was deleted”. Hitman pro worked great on that. Thank you so much.

  8. I got help from this site and imagine how wonderful people they are, once I told my problem with in few hours it was solved. Really GREAT JOB. I never forget their HELP

  9. WOW, It’s worked….thank you so much, I had been this issue from last one week, I tried everything from internet solutions however lucky today get your solution. I am so lucky, thanks. Keep it up man. you are really the best technician, I have to do appreciate your researched workout on that issue. Thanks

  10. i had esetnod302 antivirus in my computer,but i could not download pdf file and other document ,pls anyone solve me this problem..

  11. Thank You ! I only did step 1 & it worked. I have had this problem since updating to avg2013 months ago & have probably spent 10 hours trying to fix it. Your fix had it sorted in less than a minute.

  12. Really ur website is awesome. I had this problem around 20 days, and browsing everyday to solve it, but all in vain. Finally ur website article only helped to overcome my probs. As well as ur online help Chat…. Thank you so much…. Really Thanks a lot…

  13. Francisca Ovitt

    Thank you so much!!! I have been struggling with this problem for so long and it has made me so mad. This is the only website that actually worked. YAY!!!

  14. it does not work for me. Please help.
    i haven’t done anything on my laptop.
    i’m using McAfee (the default antivirus in my DELL laptop, when I bought it)
    I’m frustrated, I cannot download anything 🙁 not even a single file .pdf attached on my Gmail account.

  15. I just downloaded and ran HitmanPro, there is a 32 and 64 bits version, no installation required. ( There is a 30 day free licence incuding detection and a one time free removal of infected files. It worked for me, my computer runs normal again,for me HitmanPro has been an excellent removal tool.

  16. Brilliant, this solution worked for me, it’s a big help for me, I’ll donate you guys. A big thanks from me.

  17. It worked, I had the same problem in windows 7 “This file contains a virus and was deleted in internet explorer, you solution has worked, thanks a Lot. !!!

  18. I never had AVG i used mcafee, even i ran a AVG Removal tool but it doesn’t worked, I uninstall my mcafee before 2 weeks ago and i have the problem since 1 week, i do not understand what happens, I am sure that file do not contains virus, why it is showing “The program and the file file contains a virus and was deleted”….i can’t download anything, Please help me if anyone have got it fixed.

      1. I have had this problem with not being able to dl after I tried to remove McAfee as well. I.dl their removal tool (by dl to my phone, then running from there) but I still have the problem even after running rhe removal tool. I tried many supposed “fixes” all of which after running and finding tons of supposed problems only want me to pay money to fix. I cannot buy a program right now. I’ve ran a scan with Microsft Security Essentials and Malware Bytes and after they fix and I restart, I still can’t dl anything. HELP!

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