How to fix “You Require permission from TrustedInstaller”


When you perform action on some file it show an error message like “File Access Denied”, “You need permission to perform this action” or “You require permission from trustedinstaller to make changes to this file”. This happen because the owner of the file is Trustedinstaller. In this case you need to change the owner of the file.

Require permission from trustedinstaller

How to Delete file / folder protected by Trustedinstaller

To fix this issue simply you need to change the ownership of the file / folder. Follow the steps

  1. Right click and click on the properties of file / folder.
  2. Click on security tab on Properties window.
  3. Click on advanced tab to bring up another advanced permission window.
  4. Click on the change button near the owner information. A new window will appear.
  5. Now select the new user usually users and click OK to close this window.
  6. Another OK and only window opened left should be Properties with security tab.
  7. Now click on the Edit button to change the permission of the file. Select the Full control.
  8. Now you can easily delete the file as you are owner of the file with full control permission.

 What is TrustedInstaller?

It is part of the Windows resource protection (WRP) technology which is implemented by Microsoft to protect the core windows system files. This system provides protection for the .dll, .exe .ocx and .sys files. They can not be replaced, modified or deleted by any other user even by an administrator. Only Windows Module Installer service (TrustedInstaller.exe) can modify these protected files. But sometime some experts require to modify them they can do so with the above mentioned method.

Some people also report issues related to TrustedInstaller.exe process. Even some people consider it as a virus or malicious process. But actually it is a legitimate process. Some of the FAQ’s of the people we are answering below.

Q: TrustedInstaller.exe is utilizing high resources of the system

A: Actually it is normal while windows update is in process. So let it complete the process. But if you are seeing continuous consumption of high resources it can be a sign of malware infection. We recommend to scan you computer with a reputed antivirus.

Q: Can I disable or remove it?

A: Though you can do so, But we do not recommend as it is for your PC’s security.  It can affect he windows updates, Installations and un-installations.

Q: Is TrustedInstaller a malware?

A: Possibilities are less but we can deny it if you have not installed any antivirus then viruses can play with it. If you are unable to delete / modify system files it is normal. But if you are unable to delete/ modify you personal files then it could be an issue.

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