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eFast Adware – Fake Chrome Browser. How to remove it.

With every passing day, hackers are becoming more adamant and determined to set out and find new ways to trick the internet users. Google’s efforts to keep these hackers and their malicious software at bay are proving unfruitful because of the development of new software every second day. These softwares may lead to identity theft if the users fail to keep a closer look at their PC while surfing or downloading files from the internet.

eFast Browser Adware  – Which replaces Chrome on your computer

eFast browser is a newer adware which acts in almost the same way as the software before it. It annoys you, with the frequent pop ups and redirects you to unwanted websites while keeping a record of your online activity. It does not take control of your existing browser which was the mechanism of action of previous adwares, instead it acts to replace your browser and goes by with an icon which is almost a replica of the chrome icon.

eFast Browser - Fake Chrome

Difference Between eFast and Chrome to recognize the adware

You will hardly notice that your chrome browser has been replaced with some other adware browser or with fake chrome browser as it is the exact replica of the chrome browser. But you can recognize it with its logo which almost looks similar to chrome, but after noticing it closely, you can find the difference. See the below image with both logos.

How to recognize eFast Adware

This new Adware software, the eFast browser is released by a company, named Clara Labs. This company is recognized and popular for releasing similar adwares in the past as well, such as the Bo-Browser, Tortuga and Unico etc. All their programs claim to be legit and highly efficient, whereas, in reality, their functional capacity does not come close to the software they replace on our computers.

Internet users are bound to know for the sake of their computer’s security that the sole purpose of these programs is to take control of our system through their programs and to generate revenue, along with invasion by third parties to our online privacy. The data these programs gather from our computers is easily available to the third parties and can even lead to Identity theft.

The main portal of entry of any malware in the system is through dubious web sources. When we download programs from unauthenticated sources, the download comes along with certain additional downloads and if the installer is not vigilant enough, he may forget to un-check the boxes for additional software downloads into the system along with the desired software.

Once the virus gains entry into the system, it incorporates itself deep within the system and takes control of the internet browser to benefit the hacker, leading to frequent pop ups and annoying redirects to unrelated websites on the internet.

How to remove eFast Browser Adware Software

Following is a step by step guide to remove this software once it is installed in the system, although the best way to stay out of trouble is being vigilant when working on the internet and to always download stuffs from authenticated sources. Simply you have to uninstall it from the system and then scan your system for any infection.

Ads by eFast Browser Removal Guide

  1. Uninstall eFast browser from Windows using add / remove programs feature of the windows.
  2. Reset all your installed browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.
  3. Run third party Adware Removal Tools or Malware Removal Tools to make sure there is no traces left of “Ads by eFast Browser”.

We recommend to use a good Antivirus Software to keep you protected from cyber threats.

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