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What is adware? How to remove or keep protected from adware?

What is Adware?

Adware removal tools and guide

Adware can be any software package which show advertisements to user by any mean. It can be during installation process or after installing, On the screen or on the browser by installing any browser plugin like toolbar or changing your home page. Advertisements can be for the promotion of the products or to earn revenue to the publisher. So Adware is a ad-supported software. Please read the rest of the article to find out the removal guide, removal tools and software to block Adware

Why Ad supported software:

Ad supported software or Adware are primarily used to cover the cost of software development by many software developers who provide their software for free. So it is also the business model of many open source software. The big example of advertising supported software are skype from Microsoft and Gmail from Google.

Is Adware a malware, and harmful for the computer?

Adware term are many times used for malware because these software presents unwanted advertisement to the users. So not all the ad supported software are harmful to the user but they irritate the user by displaying unwanted ads. But there are some Adware which are designed in such a way that if once they get installed in the computer then they are hard to remove or uninstall from the system. By this way they irritate the user very much.

Lets take an example suppose you installed a software and you found that it has changed your home page from Google to something else or Redirect you some other site which you don’t like. Then you tried to uninstall that software, But you would notice that the software get uninstalled from the system and your browser settings are still not restored to your old setting. Means your home page is still not the Google. Now what will you say about this type of software? Malware? Adware? Irritateware? You can call anything but you will start to hate that software.

Adware as spyware

Many these Adware  are also designed to track your online activity that they can represent related advertisement to you. So you can also call them Spyware. We found many computers infected which such kind of bad adware programs.

How to detect and remove them

Another thing about these software is that they can be from a reputed and legitimate company so antiviruses are unable to detect them as malicious software or Bad Adware or Spyware.

Here are some common Adwares which are easy to install but hard to remove from the system

To remove these bad Adware programs a normal computer user must need a technician’s help. Because mostly Scanners like Virus Scanners, Trojan, malware scanners unable to detect these type of programs or if detected unable to remove them completely, So technician must have to perform some manual tasks to remove them completely. To get rid of these or to remove them Before going to a technician you can also rely on some Antimalware programs. In our trusted list we found below Antimalware programs effective in some kind of Adware removal but not for all Adware. Below are the Adware cleaner software that you can try.

How to keep away from these bad Adware:

As the saying is “prevention is better the cure” So the same his here your own good practice on internet browsing can protect you from all type of infections. Like:
– Avoid to download unwanted programs
– Keep your antivirus updated – Our recommendation is that instead of Antivirus use the Internet Security version of the reputed Antivirus company. We prefer Norton as they have a Insight feature which can give you an idea for every downloaded file.
– Alongwith Inetrnet Security, Also install a good Antimalware software like Hitman Pro or Malwarebytes

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