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HitmanPro Review- Malware Removal Tool

HitmanPro was the first behavioral anti-malware software which is powered with multiple antivirus scanning engines. It was developed by the Surfright. Recently acquired by the Sophos. Sophos is a well known name in computer security with its antivirus products.

Download HitmanPro

HitmanPro comes with two variant HitmanPro and HitmanPro.Alert. HitmanPro antimalware comes with removal capability only and HitmanPro.alert comes with real time protection along with hitmanPro integrated into it.


Download HitmanPro

You’ll get 30 days FREE trial period which would work fully, there is no limitation in trial period. Even the removal option will work as well. Hitman Pro  is compatible with Windows 10 , 8 and 7 as well.


There are two separate products:

Hitman Pro – Antimalware scanning and removal

Hitman Pro is a removal-only product that does not provide real-time protection from threats. You can say it as a second opinion scanner with removal capability. It uses a behavioral technology to find out the suspected files and scan them in the cloud with multi antivirus engine.


  • It is a very small downloadable file of approx 10 mb. Just download and you are ready to start the scanning.
  • It uses behavioral based detection technology. It catches bad behavior of the file or process and scan with the cloud technology. So it protects you from real zero day threats.
  • It uses four malware engine to scan & detect the threats including Sophos & Bitdefender.
  • It can restore the damaged Windows resources after cleaning up of threats.

Hitman Pro Alert – Realtime protection from malware and ransomware

HitmanPro Alert is a real time protection software which block the threats before they enter into the system. It effectively handle all type of malware and ransomware. It is well capable in blocking cryptoware. There are lot more protection features are included in it like webcam protection, browser protection, USB protection, keyboard encryption etc.


It includes the HitmanPro software , so all the features of Hitman Pro and includes below extra features.

  • HitmanPro Features
  • Protect vulnerable programs
  • Stop zero-day ransomware
  • USB Protection
  • Web cam protection
  • Keyboard input encryption

Know more : HitmanPro Vs HitmanPro.Alert

The advanced technology allows the user to clean the computer in case of ransomware and deeply-infested systems. It provides important information about every single detected threat along with recommended actions.

Hitman Pro is the best solution in any occasion, especially because antivirus tools often fail to recognize Spywares, Trojans, Rootkits or bootkits. Due to the impressive advantages that it brings, It is recommended for all computer users.

Its behavioral scan feature is specially designed to determine the most common characteristics of malware, spyware and Trojans. This outstanding second opinion malware scanner is well able to determine the characteristics of malware in order to create personalized protection methods.

This is also one of the favorite tool of tech support guys to eliminate malware, ransomware and hackers exploit from the system. So for Businesses and tech guys its business license come with incident based use. It is available in 25 License, 100 License and 250 License pack.

When the scan or Scan Cloud reveals that a certain file is suspicious, it will be placed into quarantine.

3. Hitman Pro Kickstart – Discontinued

This feature is meant to save a computer that is currently affected by ransomware, a specific type of malware that controls it and often asks for payment. This malware is highly dangerous and tricky as it is often masked as system notification or various warnings. When the computer is infected, it cannot be booted. The Boot time scan can be performed if you boot Hitman Pro from a USB flash drive, CD or DVD. This will rescue the computer and remove the threat.

Hitman Pro recommends an action for every suspicious file. However, if the user is absolutely sure that certain software is safe, he or she can use the configuration setting and report the file as being safe. Then no further action will be taken.

4. It doesn’t conflict with existing Antivirus

In most cases security tools conflict with one another. Hitman Pro won’t interrupt the functionality of the current Antivirus and it won’t be influenced by it either. Still, unlike an Antivirus, it also detects the best hidden threats such as fake softwares and Keyloggers as well.

5. OS Compatibility

Hitman Pro works smoothly for all the commonly used Microsoft Windows versions: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003. It only targets Microsoft PCs so doesn’t work for Linux or Mac OS X.

Pricing & Discount

This is a paid software but it’s definitely worth the investment. Hitman Pro is free for the first 30 days but the user will need to purchase a paid subscription in order to stay safe at all times. There are various reasonably-priced plans for home use or enterprise.

Hitman Pro is unique and very good software. It is worth to buy it. If you have any antivirus already installed on your system. You still need Hitman Pro. We strongly recommend this one to protect from many threat that antivirus can not detect or remove.

Below are the links to get some discount on purchase of this premium anti-malware software. These are direct promos and no need to enter any coupon code etc. Click on the link and discount will be applied automatically to the cart. It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit computers. These are exclusive discount links for techsupportall users.

Hitman pro 3 – 1PC 1 Year Subscription 10% Discount

Hitman Pro 3 – 3PC 1 Year Subscription 10% Discount total 35% discount

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49 thoughts on “HitmanPro Review- Malware Removal Tool”

  1. I bought the program hitmanpro.aleart down loaded it, after two weeks I went to enter the activation key, all i get is an generic error massage “system network error.” then does not activate the registration key. I went to the help on the web site and followed the instructions to remove the program re boot and re install using the provided links reboot again and the registration key. same issue same massage. Tried contacting support by Phone got run around and denial of support stating that the only support is through an email address, I sent email last Friday again on Monday and again tonight ON ANSWER. only silence. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to contact these people?


    1. You just need to install the hitmanpro.Alert 30days trial on your computer then activate it through license key which must come into your email when you bought it.

      To activate it, follow the following steps.

      Open HitmanPro
      Click on Settings in the bottom left corner
      Go to the License tab
      Enter your product key, including hyphens
      Click Activate
      Your license is now successfully activated on your computer

  3. installed hitmanPro. Alert and all of a sudden have a virus on which Hitman doesnt remove.

    extremely annoyed that i upgraded

  4. urbano cantor

    On Jan.2 2017 I order Hitmanpro twice and I only wanted just one. Order # 104647236 with active code was M6N5*-*****-*****-***14. I would like a refund. Sorry Thank you for your time. And could you please send a e mail that you receive this email. My e-mail is (MYLORDOFLIFE@GMAIL.COM) Thank you very much. Urbano Cantor.

    1. So sorry for the inconvenience. In this case you have to contact direct hitmanpro’s customer support becasue only they can help you in this matter.
      Here is the official website where you can retrieve your keys: https://www.hitmanpro.com/en-us/support-hmp.aspx

      1. Here is Sophos contact number:

      Technical Support

      Toll Free: 1-888-SOPHOS-9
      International: 1-781-494-5800

      2. https://www.sophos.com/en-us/company/contact/apac.aspx#china

      3. Email Support: support@sophos.com
      4. You can open a support ticket from there: https://secure2.sophos.com/en-us/support/contact-support.aspx


    1. For subscription issue you need to contact direct hitmanpro support diectly. Currently SOPHOS antivirus has over taken HitmanPro. Here is its contact detail:

      Sophos Technical Support
      Toll Free: 1-888-SOPHOS-9
      International: 1-781-494-5800

  5. no longer interested in Hitman service

    I want the monthly debit on my account stopped

    Please terminate my account
    DO NOT charge my debit card

    i am serious

    1. For subscription issue you need to contact direct hitmanpro support diectly. Currently SOPHOS antivirus has over taken HitmanPro. Here is its contact detail:

      Sophos Technical Support
      Toll Free: 1-888-SOPHOS-9
      International: 1-781-494-5800

  6. i lost hitman pro, doing complete restore. i dont think i saved file. but, here is refrence number/964 4242. is it possible, you could send me a link, etc. also, in the future, could i see about upgrades?

  7. I renewed my Hitman Pro for 3 years on 8/4/2016.
    It worked for a few days. But, now I don’t see that Hitman is protecting my computer pop-up that used to pop-up every time I was going on line.
    I am NOT very computer savvy.
    Why did Hitman suddenly disappear?
    How do I get it back?
    Do you have a remote way to reinstall it back onto my computer?
    I don’t know how to uninstall to reinstall.
    Where did it go?
    Please email me a link or something to get it back. I feel that my computer is vulnerable to attack now that I don’t see Hitman protection.

    1. Dear Darryl, Please uninstall it from the Control Panel –> Uninstall Programs. Please tell me which windows version are you using like windows 7, 8 or 10? Then I will send you the exact steps to uninstall this. Then Download again and install it. For real time protection and ransomware protection you should also download Hitmanpro.Alert which is free with your license. This is download links http://www.surfright.nl/en/downloads/home. You should also ask for the support officially from Surfright Hitman Pro guys. here is the support link http://www.surfright.nl/en/support/ Click on the TeamViewer Download Quick Support to connect with them. If you still facing any issue, please feel free to ask it here. Thanks!!

  8. Cleans your cumputer good Kickstart start whipped all my personal files of my system and of couse no customer suppor been trying to recover my for the last 7 hour supper fast right costing me more than remeige

  9. Does “HitmanPro” have any customer service number? I am keep asking them by email and they keep ducking the question.

    1. @MikeB., No, there is no customer support phone number yet. You only have to contact their forum support or email support.

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