How to Remove Search from Chrome, Firefox, IE (Removal Guide)


How to Remove Search from Home page (Removal Guide)

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In Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Windows xp, Vista, Windows 7, windows 8


My home page has changed to search page and my search engine to feed.snap do. Today when I open my internet explorer, it shows at front of me as home page. And when I try to revert back it to google, it won’t allow me to change. It’s still search page persist as my homepage. Is that a virus? I have Norton antivirus security on my computer, and I don’t understand how it came. Please help!! give me the right way how to remove Toolbar and search page?


Solved Answer

Yes, You are right – it’s behavior seems like a virus activity. I would like to explain you everything about Snapdo. This is an Adware program which comes with the Free downloadable software packages. It does install in the background and without your permission also and hijack your all the browser;’s settings and search engines. Why sanpdo adware comes into a computer – they just want your clicks on their advertisements. They get the heavy commission on it.  They might be know your search behaviors and give you the same advertisement as per your behavior. They just wants your clicks only on their ads. That’s why it’s called ADWARE. Here in this post we have given the step by step instructions below. You will get the complete solution of your question how to remove & uninstall search from firefox, google chrome and from internet explorer permanently. Follow the following steps.

Automatic Fixit

Download Adware Remover Tool v3.7  to remove Search Automatically from all of you browsers, This is a Freeware utility specially deigned for Adware Removal. This tool can remove adware from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla Firefox and their registry as well..




1. Uninstall from Control Panel

  • Click on Start button and then click on Control Panel and go to Add/Remove Programs(XP) or Program and Features. Now find out the Search entry then Right click on it and then click on uninstall.
    (Note: If you face any problem while uninstalling any program then you can use Revo uninstaller tool, it will remove any software forcefully. Click here to download Revo Uninstaller Tool).

Step 1.1 : Remove infection from windows shortcuts.

  • Right click on the shortcut of Internet Explorer and then do left click on the properties option. You’ll get a shortcut’s properties.
  • Click on shortcut tab and then delete the “” string from target field.
  • Need to delete this URL:


Repeat the above steps on all browser’s shortcuts like: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari in all location Desktop / Taskbar / Startmenu.

  • Remove infection from startmenu’s shortcuts.


  • Remove infection from taskbar’s shortcuts.




2. To Remove Search in Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorerthen go to Toolsmenu (press “alt” key once to active menu bar) and then click on Internet Option a configuration page will be opened, then click on General tab. Now look into under HOME PAGE Edit Box you got, replace it to, then click on apply and close.
  • Now Restart Internet explorer

Remove from registry

  • Click on Start and type Run and then type “REGEDIT” in the run box and then hit enter
  • In the registry editor go to Edit menu and then click on find option, you will get edit box to search any string to registry editor
  • Type in the find edit box “” and click on Find Next
  • The search result will highlighted that key which have the same string
  • Edit that key and change the “” string to “
  • Use F3 key to find Next, Replace all them to “”
  • Then Restart the internet explorer

Reset Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet explorer and then go the Tools menu (Press “alt” key once to active Menu bar), you can also click on gear icon in IE9/IE10 then go to Internet option.
  • Once you clicked on Internet option you will get an internet option window.
  • Now you have to click on Advanced tab. then click on Restore Advance Setting button once and then click on RESET button
  • Now you will get a new popup for confirmation to get it done reset process, Tick mark on Delete personal setting then click on RESET button
  • Now you will appear a popup to complete all the talks, after completion you have to click on close button.

3. To Remove search in Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, Click on Tools menu (press “alt” key once to active menu bar) then go to Options, after that a configuration page will be opened, then click on General tab and then look on the very first section named as Startup. Under Startup you will see a HOME PAGE Edit Box, under this edit box you will see, please replace it to, then click on apply and close.
  • Restart Firefox Browser

Advance Steps

  • In the Firefox type this command in the address bar “about:config” and then hit enter to open this page
  • After that you will get a page which is asking for permission to open config page that confirm that please use it carefully so please click on button named as “I’ll be carefully, I promise“.
  • Now you will a configuration page with search option on the top, so please type “” into search bar, you will get the result.
  • Replace all the string from “” to “google
    In the search result do double click on the all entries (related to search) one by one, and change them to “”
  • You can Right click on found results one by one and choose RESET option.

Reset Firefox

  • Open “Troubleshooting information” page into Firefox.
  • Open Firefox and then go the Helpmenu (Press “alt” key once to active Menu bar)
  • Note: you can also open this page in this ways, open Firefox then type this command in the address bar “about:support” (without quote) and then hit enter or OK.
  • Go to Help menu then click on “Troubleshooting information”
  • You will get a page “Troubleshooting information”, here you will get “Reset Firefox” option in the right side of the page.
  • Click on Reset Firefox option, It will take time to reset


4. To Remove search in Google Chrome

  • Start Google Chrome, click on Settings icon (Located in very top right side of the browser), Under this menu find out and click on Settings after clicking on that you will appear a configuration page.
  • In the same configuration page find a option named as “Open a specific page or set of pages” click on Set Pages, here you will appear the bunch of URL (Set pages), you have to delete all them and enter only one which you want to use as your home page.
  • In the same configuration page find out the option named as ‘Manage search engines’ click on that, then you will get a page as Default search engine settings, here you will get some bunch of search engines, first of all change your default search engine
  • Find out the google search engine and move your mouse pointer to their right side, here you will get 2 options.
  • 1. Make Default
  • 2. Close button “x” to delete the search engine.
  • Make default your google search engine, and delete all other than, one by one

Reset Google Chrome

  • Close all Google Chrome browser
  • Now open this following path
    • Press “window key + R” (Flag sign key + R) , then you will get Run box.
    • Copy and Paste this following command in this Run box then hit Enter or OK
  • Windows XP
    %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
  • Windows 7, 8, Vista
    %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
  • In the default folder please find a file named as “Preferences“ and now just need to rename this file from “Preferences“ to “Preferences_old“
  • Now Start your Google chrome.

That’s  it !!!

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5. Scan your computer with Adware Cleaner

Here is the proper step-by-step guide to remove any adware from your computer, please follow the steps.

1. Download AdwCleaner from the below link.

Download: AdwareDownload Link

2. Run that downloaded file (Adwcleaner.exe)

3. Then you will see a Adwcleaner program and you will 3 button in button, Search, Delete, Uninstall
4. First please click on search (as shown in below screenshot)

adware cleaner

4. once you click on search it will take lot of time here, after that a notepad file will automatically open which is shows that the software found how many adwares. (as shown in below screenshot)

adware found

5. Now leave this notepad as it is and click on Delete button on the Adwcleaner program. (as shown in below screenshot)

How to delete adware6. Now after deletion process done, your computer will restart automatically. (as shown in below screenshot)

Clean computer from adware

7. After computer restarted a notepad automatically will appear which is shows you the report of adware deleted or failed. (as shown in below screenshot)

adware Deleted from your computer

8. Please close that notepad and run the adwcleaner once more and then now click on uninstall to uninstall Adwcleaner from your computer.

After done all the above process, all the adwares have removed automatically from your computer.

6. Scan your computer with Malwarebytes

1. Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free, then double click on it to install it.

How to use malwarebytes

How to use malwarebytes

2. Update online Virus Definition

How to use malwarebytesHow to use malwarebytes

3. Tick mark on “Perform quick scan” then click on Scan

4. When the scan done click on “Show results”How to use malwarebytes

5. After clicking on Show result it will you a another window where you will get the found threats. Click on “Remove Selected”

How to use malwarebytes


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    (Apologies for the intro but bear with it and get a guaranteed 10 minute fix for A friend asked me to fix his pc. While I had never personally seen the issue before I was suddenly faced with attempting to remedy the issue. After nearly 3 hours of researching and attempting to apply “so called” fixes on a popular search engine I discovered something. I had spent nearly 3 hours of my time sifting through a completely new scam beyond Whoever researches this fix will quickly run into templated responses that recommend certain “free” downloads that require you to ultimately pay for a product to remove After that there are long extensive “manual fixes” that almost pushes you into saying screw it and I’ll pay for the previous search engine finds until I finally found the actual-non-profit making solution. I apologize now for not linking my source as I am writing this well after the fact and can no longer find the impetus for this post but credit is due for the fix I finally found and I thank you for the catalyst. Yes I did.
    In order to fix the issue simply boot up your pc and wait for all the spam/error messages to cycle threw.
    Do not open your internet browser.
    Simply go to control panel (from start menu) and select programs. (Depending on windows version this may differ slightly but there is an option with “programs” in the name of the category and that’s the one you need to click.
    Once your list is completely loaded look for Either right click or double left click to get to the uninstall option. (Be sure to write down the date associated with first!!))
    Then click uninstall and minimize all windows except the one that appears after you choose to uninstall.
    [This is where catches everyone and tempts them into buying a product to assist] There should normally be a message here asking if you are sure or if you want to proceed with the uninstall…..instead the uninstall window just sits there for eternity.’s biggest trick is that they hide the option to accept or continue with the uninstall so your pc appears to do nothing.
    At this point simply click somewhere neutral inside the apparent stuck window a few times.
    Do not select cancel or attempt to X out of this window.
    Click outside and back inside this window if you have to until you get a non-looking windows pop up that asks you to proceed. (This window may sneak onto your main toolbar) Then simply proceed with the uninstall using the non-windows looking option to do so.

    Now back to why I had you write the date associated with
    You need to find and uninstall every program that shares the date matching (also recommend uninstalling anything post this date) as most “if not all” of these programs are part of the issue.
    You’ll find 8-12 of these as being toolbars you’ve never heard of before.
    While you’re there go ahead uninstall anything that sounds like a 3rd party program (shame on you for having them in the first place) that is not a game you intentionally downloaded or shares a date with the software that may have come with the purchase of your pc or is obviously listed as a Microsoft program. Do not agree to any option that asks you to restart your pc at this point. This last part is something I stumbled on as a temporary fix before finding the true fix for I’m not sure that it is necessary but while I have your attention it can’t hurt.
    Open internet browser, find tools/settings then internet options (if u do not see this tab in IE right click in a dead space just below the address bar and check menu bar) then go to tools internet options and click on the advanced tab and click “reset” everything to its defaults. (4/5’ths down the page from top on right side)
    I also took track of what my friend was running for free antivirus and it almost seemed to feed into the issue. Instead of naming this free antivirus I will simply tell you the ones I use and have so far have not been an issue with this fix. I simply use Microsoft Security Essentials and Acira (free version) which I installed after removing any other antivirus on the pc. (This is the time to install both of them while uninstalling any other anti virus first…again do not choose to restart when given the option.) While one will ask you to remove the other before installation I have found ignoring this prompt has caused no issues and the two work fine together. No need to run them after install and feel free to interrupt them from running initial scan as we have already fixed Regular PC maintenance can be done at this time. Such as cleaning up disk space.
    Restart your pc at this time or shut down if Microsoft updates are pending. Upon restart give your pc time to adjust to what just happened and the changes made as a lot of RAM space has been used. After logging in take 5-10 minutes worth of a break and pat yourself on the back for defeating and its attempt to make you spend money on programs suggested to fix the issue but are more likely to have funded the issue. Then open IE. Set up your default pages. Close it out and reopen it a few times to assure yourself that is gone. Hell restart again if you have to but I assure you is gone. During all the chaos of this walkthrough you have also automatically created a restore point due to the traffic of changes made. (It may be a restore point minus the last program uninstalled)

    Now that you’ve fixed please copy and paste this post as a response to every fix you may have tried before this one. No link to mine is asked for and I do not require any type of credit for posting this. The people who wasted your time with the first set of paid for posts will most likely also pay to blackball this this easy (while lengthy to read) fix.

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      Step 3. Now start “Adware Removal tool” with admin rights – Right click on downloaded “Adware Removal Tool” and then choose the option “Run as Administrator”.
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      Please try our New version v3.8.7, It works to remove Snapdo. Click here to download Newer version “Adware Removal Tool v3.8.7
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      If you ran our tool, so please reboot your computer once, the snapdo entry will be gone. If snapdo entry doesn’t go then use REVO uninstaller tool to remove it. Click here to download: REVO Uninstaller Tool

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      Please use our Fixit tool “Adware Removal Tool” to remove snapdo issue automatically. Click here to download latest “Adware Removal Tool

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  107. Thoughtless says

    *** if non of this works, go into your program uninstall list and find a program called Quickshare and remove it. it is also but under a different name!!
    took me ages to find it.

  108. whooami says

    Just delete the folder C:\Users\%unsername%\AppData\Local\smartbar


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    just wanted to echo ‘Thoughtless:’ I tried everything listed here but what ended up working for me was uninstalling the ‘QuickShare’ program. It is indeed just masquerading as something else.

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    Wow, thank god.. took me a while to get this done, but it’s finally gone. Well practically anyway, Snap Do still has a Icon in my control pannel, but If I try removing it I get the message saying “The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.”
    Apperantly the installation package is called “9697.msi”, but it’s no longer on my comp so the Icon must be in a bit of a limbo i think.. Far from tec-savvy myself so if anyone has had the same thing happen I’d like to know if this has been a problem for anyone.

    1. Techexpert says

      @Amund Rohte, You just need to remove remain Snapdo Icon from control panel with the help of REVO uninstaller tool. It removes programs which couldn’t remove itself or normal windows uninstaller.

  121. RedGoldGreen says

    I have restored the system to a previous date, then I got rid of it totally.

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    I am having problems to try and remove that .

    1. Techexpert says

      Yes, it does remove snapdo effectively.

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    But i have a different process in mind that ive done. Not sure if its clean because i dont have deep technical knowledge.
    Ive also turned it off as from Run at startup to Stopped at msconfig (name Spooler)
    Task Manager > Services > Have Unknown .exe that is running, stopped. Then Open File Location. Manually Delete. (since its not allowed to delete a running files but since its been stopped it wont run)
    Check on Task Manager > Details > If unknown files is still running

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    1. Techexpert says

      Please do reset your browser after run our tool. Our tool also have that option to reset browsers to its default setting.
      Also do uninstall all the recently installed unwanted / unknown programs from control panel.
      Also do remove unwanted and unknown plugin/addons from all the browsers settings.
      Then let us know if doesn’t work after followed above steps.

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    1. Techexpert says

      Run our tool again, we have added some more traces of snapdo. And this time don’t forget to reset your Google Chrome browser after run our tool.

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      Thank you for the lovely comment!! Keep using our tool and let us know your feedback here. Thanks TSA Team

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  180. Pyone says

    I am using window 7. I search search in programs and features but I can’t find it. Any idea why?

    1. Techexpert says

      Maybe Snapdo has removed by using other removal program in control panel but some traces still persist in system. We recommend you to please run a scan of our tool (Adware Removal Tool), it will remove all the snapdo remain traces automatically, let us know the scan logs at if it couldn’t remove. If you want to remove snapdo manually then you have follow article’s steps one by one.

  181. Do Xuan Tung says

    My browsers are infected with sidecubes and snapdo. The tool removed them once but they keep coming back. I haven’t go online yet so they can’t be back because of me. Please take a look into this problem.

    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you for Highlighting the issue.
      After got your message we have added some more latest traces of snapdo and Sidecules into our adware definition. So, we request you to please run our same tool again and let us know the result.

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    1. Techexpert says

      You’re welcome!!

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    This is the first time that i had not caught something or haven’t been able to remove it right away. After 2h of trying stuff, this tool you got saved my pride. Thank you so much for making it. (ps: i was really hoping this wasn’t another virus while installing since they’re getting really sneeky these days, making their shit look like legit stuff, good thing for the comments)

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    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you for contacting us about this matter.

      Our tool works fine on removal of, don’t know why it did not work in your case. Anyway, we’ll assist you with that.
      We recommend you to please run our tool again in “Safemode with networking” mode and do a scan with it. Before that change our tool’s scan mode to “advanced scan mode” in options menu.

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    I had the snapdo adware on my computer as well. I did uninstall the application but it left its footsteps within my computer. Thanks to this removal application, it has removed everything thank you very much

    1. Techexpert says

      You’re most welcome!!

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