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All old Norton products including Norton 360 has been discontinued. New Norton Security 2019 is out now

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Norton just for $19.99 only

As Norton have discontinue its versioning system with years like 2016, 2017, 2018. Now there is no fix new releases yearly. Norton security product get updated, upgraded automatically. Company can even release regular updates throughout the year.

Norton 2015 release update:

Norton is going to release its latest version Norton 2015 in September 2014. The major changes in the year 2015 is that Norton is discontinuing its many products variation and going the launch a single product named named as Norton Security 2015. Below are the products that they no longer sale. We will update you when they will launch the new product.

  • Norton Antivirus 2014 for PC and Mac
  • Norton Internet Security 2014 for PC and mac
  • Norton 360 Multi Device for PC mac Mobile
  • Norton 360 and Norton Premier for PC

Existing users will get continuous Security updates and technical support with any problem till their subscription ends. On renewal they have to switch to the New Norton Security 2015.
Norton is a well known name in the computer security. Due to its worldwide popularity and effectiveness it is known as the no. 1 antivirus company. Download 30 days free trial from the above link to evaluate this product. The best recommended product from the Symantec is Internet security suite and Norton 360The best thing is that you can get the them in a cheaper price of upto $40 under Norton promotion scheme which is available from this link . You can also find other offers and deals here. Offer available till the  Promos are active. It is compatible with Windows 8 as well.  It is now also available for your smartphone.

Best Norton 2014 Download for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows vista, Windows xp 32 bit or 64 bit.

About Norton

Norton Antivirus Download

it is the no. 1 security suite as declared by many organizations during their review and AV tests. Recognized by PCMag as the strongest and fastest for its edition 2011 and 2012. PCWorld also put it on the 1st place and was also the winner of Security test. Now Symantec launched its new edition for its products. As before its 2009 edition it was blamed for slowing down the system speed and taking lots of resources of computer. But from edition 2009 Symantec improves its products to take less system resources and now with every new version Norton is making its products Lighter and faster.

norton Internet Security

As like some other antivirus companies like Bitdefender etc. Norton is also no longer using any Year Or version with its product names. So they standardize their Products names and keep continuing enhancing their products as per requirement not every year. But we are saying it Norton 2014 to identify their latest release ready for the coming year 2014. A wide range of products for Home Users, Small businesses and for large enterprises. Here some below listed Home user products.

  • Antivirus.
  • Internet Security.
  • Norton 360.
  • Norton One.
  • Online Backup.
  • Antivirus for Mac.
  • Internet Security for Mac.
  • Anti-Theft.
  • Mobile Security.

Norton 2014 Review

New 2014 edition includes touch friendly button and it is compatible with windows 8. This version includes a new technology to protect the critical files of windows.  If a windows file get corrupted and antivirus is unable to repair that then mostly antivirus delete or quarantine the file which effected working of windows. But from this version Symantec found a way to fix this type of problem. It will do a cloud based comparison from the online database of clean file against the corrupted file and will show the instruction how you can replace corrupt file with a clean file. And after verification of replaced clean file it mark the problem as solved.

its installer automatically checks the system for errors or major problems before installing and solves them if possible. If a Malware make the system unbootable you can use the Power Eraser, which is a Malware killer tool to wipe out ransomware and Malwares to install the product on the infected computer. If does not work you can also try Norton Bootable Recovery Tool. This can save a lot time But some time these tools are also not able to fix the issue and make your system in login/ logout loop which can waste your time.

New version have improved and Very effective malicious URL blocking, exploit blocking and antiphising functionality. These protects you going to the fake and dangerous url while you surf internet.

It also includes the remote monitoring via network map and also achieved good Malware detection and Malware cleanup score in AV tests.

New version  also have an inbuilt backup system which enables you to take backup locally or on online cloud space. You can secure your important photos, data and files etc. by this way.

On the performance part it is now taking less system resources and is very light antvirus where as its features are very heavy. Some times if your system is getting slow it means that Norton is dealing with some threat and it is necessary to keep you safe.
When it detects a threat it encrypt that threat first that your system get no harm while user decide to take any action against that threat.

New version is fully compatible with all the versions and service pack of the Windows and does not show any compatibility issue with any software.

Upgrading and installing

Existing users can upgrade to its new version for free.  it provides a Good installation experience for users. It download the product with an option to Pause and resume the download. So it is very easy to download the product and install it. Its installer will automatically guide you in installing or upgrading and also check automatically for any issue prior installing the products will also solve that automatically if that is possible. It does not provide any free version as like some other companies do. But you can download and try its products Free for 30 days. But these products are worth to buy. Best Norton 2014 Download for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows vista, Windows xp 32 bit or 64 bit.

Norton 2014 Download

Click here to download Norton Trial. If you are facing any issue regarding installing or upgrading Norton Symantec Products. You can give it a free trial to test its features and we are sure that after testing you can not deny. It use the Multiple layer protection system to protect the devices from all type of threats.

You can try uninstalling or removing previous installed version of Norton using its uninstaller tool or removal tool and try installing again. Download Removal Tool

Norton Discount & Promos

You can get cheap priced Symantec product upto 40%  using our Norton deals & Offers. Find other great Norton coupon codes, Promo codes. Normally you will not get a huge discount on a so popular product. But we brings you this promo that you can save approx $40 on purchase of Norton360. Different countries have different offers and price may very as per their country and currency. Click for more Country or Currency specific deals.

Other good tools to try for Free from Norton

Norton Online Virus Scanner – Scan your computer without installing Norton and without any interruption.

Norton Power Eraser to eliminate Crimeware, Malware etc.

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  1. Moyli says

    Thanks!! Norton is no. 1

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    Thanks!! specially for the Discount. Norton is really the best and lightweight as per my experience.

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    Thanks for the useful information and New Norton 2014 version update. Thanks specially for the Discount coupon codes.

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  8. damon says

    hello there,
    my question is my all antivirus remove viruses but files too.., i don’t want to lose my file, i want any best antivirus for my pc that removes only
    viruses not file
    plz…. HELP me Out..!

    1. steve says

      An Antivirus delete the file only if the file is badly infected, this is the good thing for your computer. Anyway you asked about the good antivirus, the good antiviruses are: Norton, AVG, Macfee, Quick heal. For removal of virus for one time you can use Malwarebytes,Hitmanpro.

      1. damon says

        Hey thank you so much for replying me, i think i will go with quick heal and i need few answers more for my problem, first plz.. You recommend me one of these antivirus and then can i use quick heal and malawarebyte both. And how’s the bitdefander and kaspersky ativirus, how much they are better, i was looking best antivirus on internet and after lot of suffering i found bitdefander is no.. 1 Is that true.

    2. techy says

      Antivirus delete any untrusted or suspected file. But if you really don’t want to delete your file which you trust but antivirus found that untrusted then you can add that folder or file in exclude list. Mostly every antivirus have this feature. And norton give you an option whether you want to delete the file or keep the file. As per me Norton is one of the best Antivirus software which have many layer of protection. But you can also go with some other good software like bitdefender, bullguard, Avast etc.

  9. steve says

    No, I can’t say the bitdefender is the best one, but as per my view I can say Norton is the no.1 as I am using it, I have the proof about that, actual some features of Norton antivirus makes it different which I have liked them:
    real-time download recommendation.
    real-time website recommendation.
    real-time search result’s website recommendation.
    real-time USB scanning.
    frequently scanning feature.
    strong database and lot other features which I have liked it. I recommend you only the Norton because I am using it and you’ll get to right report from Norton user as like me.

    1. damon says

      Okay thanks a lot now i am going to buy norton 2014 anti virus 🙂

    2. pk says

      Steve, both the antivirus are good. In many AV tests bitdefender ranks higher than norton But norton is also very trustful because it have some unique features which makes it the best. So it is hard to say that which is no.1. Definitely both are good but more people trust on Norton as they are the old player of the security industry and well known name.

  10. Branda says

    Thanks Norton is known to be no. 1 but I found on the internet that many sites claiming Bitdefender as no. 1 and Kaspersky as no. 1 and Norton comes on no. 3. Can some one clear this point. I want to purchase the best antivirus program. please help me. should I go with Norton or Bitdefender. Can some one differentiate the features between these two.

  11. mazz says

    as per my knowledge top 3 antivirus are Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Norton. All are good enough but to choose the best one you really need to do some research that you can find the best according to your requirement.

  12. Allan says

    Norton is many layers to protect from different kind of threats. Traditional virus definition, behavioral technology, Community insight and protecting windows system files by comparing with its cloud files. On the other hand Kas***sky has a great Parental control system. But my vote goes to Norton as I am using it personally on my computer is working great for me.

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    It is really world leader and i found that norton has won highest number of awards from different review and testing organizations. So I can trust on this without any problem. I am so far very happy for the performance of this internet security suite. I am using it from last many years.

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