How to view Hidden Files and Folders


How to View Hidden Files and Folders

In Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows8


How to show hidden files into windows 7, Vista , Windows 8

Solved Answer

This is a very simple process, just follow the below instructions.

Windows 8 covering specific files so that you can’t view them while browsing the files and folders on your pc. Windows has two kinds of files that Windows will identify as hidden and hide through the user. The initial kind are in reality hidden files, which can be ones which are because of the +H attribute or particular as Hidden inside a file or folder’s properties. The 2nd kind of file are System files, that are files that are necessary for the proper operation of Windows 8 as hence are hidden so they aren’t changed or deleted accidentally.


For Windows Vista / Windows 7

1. Click on “Start
2. Click on “Control Panel
3. Click on “Folder option”
4. A “Folder option” popup will be appeared, Click on “View” tab
5. Tick mark the option “Show hidden files, folder, and drives
6. And click on apply and OK to complete.

How to show hidden files (2)

How to show hidden files (3)

How to show hidden files (4)


 For Windows 8

How to find out hidden files in Windows 8
1. From the Windows 8 Start Screen, click on the Control Panel app.
2. Click on “Control Panel
3. Click on “Folder option”
4. A “Folder option” popup will be appeared, Click on “View” tab
5. Tick mark the option “Show hidden files, folder, and drives
6. And click on apply and OK to complete.

Another Method

1. You can open the explorer (my computer) drives area, then click on View Menu2. Find the option Hidden Items, Tick mark to view the hidden Items (As per screenshot)


How to show hidden files (1)

To see hidden files in Microsoft Windows, do the below steps. When you want to enable, you will be able to view  a hidden file using files by exploring the icon. Hidden files will be just as if they’re grayed out. Additionally you can consider the file attributes to find out whether it’s a hidden file.

If you’d like use of files beneath a hidden folder, you need to be competent to view that hidden folder. You may even must view a hidden file so its possible to delete it, when it comes to a specific problem you may be getting.

Automatically Windows hides specific files from getting seen with Windows Explorer or My Computer. This can be done to guard these files, that are normally system files, from unintentionally getting changed or deleted through the user. However viruses, spyware, and hijackers usually hide there files by doing this which makes it difficult to find them and after that remove all of them.


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You need to enable the option windows 8 show hidden files and you again need to disable the option view hidden files and folders, if you need protect your file from another person you can use that in vista show hidden files and folders there are many reason to need to hidden the files show hidden folders windows 8 must have to show hidden files win 8 there are many option to to open the win7 show hidden files and folders show hidden files and folders windows 8.

Was this article helpful?

Was this article helpful?

  1. rakhi says

    its really a awwesom service….thanks for supporting me.

  2. Robert Patterson says

    I have ticks on my folders in my external Hdd drives and they don’t open up I check out properties and it says it’s a short cut. How do I get my folders to open at the moment I just drop items on my Hdd but not in a folder. Once I was able to open the folders with ticks then next time I started my comp they were back using w8. 1and w7 have installed various protection can you help it only attacks my external hard drives at the moment I am not game to put anything on them Can you help

    1. Techexpert says

      Yes, Definitely I can help you.
      First of all we need to know more about the issue, please explain me more. What happens when you do double-click on the folders which have converted to shortcuts on external HDD?

  3. lynn says

    still not working!! please help. win 8 x64, i have change all the 3 methods shown above, but my laptop still force to set “uncheck” hidden items. i cannot view all the hidden files.

  4. AlokSan says

    I have win 8.1 x64 Professional today i found in File Explorer in View tab when i Check the box “HIDDEN ITEMS” or i try the above method the check mark disappears even after applying. Please HELP. I am a system Admin and i know we can change the attribute and make all files visible because of this i can view my files but still the hidden items problem persists

  5. Rajnish Mehra says

    Dear sir,
    I am using win vista home premium and my hidden files are not shown even i hav used the method start->control panel->folder option->show hidden files and folders.
    Plz assist me.

    Rajnish Mehra

    1. Techexpert says

      Make sure the following registry value set as “1”:
      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced set the value “Hidden” to “1”
      If this value doesn’t change then allow it all the permission and then try to change.
      Please let know result.

  6. Nicole Alondra says

    Missing some file? Nothing to worry. Files Search Tool is a powerful tool, that allows you to quickly find lost files on your hard drive.

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