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ZoneAlarm just announced launch of its brand new ZoneAlarm 2016 Products. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2016 is the recommended product for home users as it combines all the features of its other products and counted a complete security suite. In New 2016 edition now ZoneAlarm is giving a 100% virus free guarantee which is the second antivirus after Norton who is providing this type of guarantee. With this guarantee ZoneAlarm is a great deal to buy Extreme Security 2016. Find the ZoneAlarm coupon code link at the end of this post to buy ZoneAlarm in cheap price. Currently it is giving a 75% off on its product. So it is a great buy offer. 

Zone Alarm 2016 Download and Coupon Codes

New Features in ZoneAlarm 2016 Security Suites

ZoneAlarm has improved its new version greatly to become one of the good choice among the top Internet Security suites. ZoneAlarm is now Fully Compatible with Windows 10. And its Extreme Security can also be installed in your android based mobile phone. Its Mobile security have the features like Wi Fi Protection, App Permission, Anti Malware, Anti Phishing, Hacker Shield and Privacy Protection. Security suite includes all the features that top antiviruses are providing in their suite like spyware removal, behavioral detection, online cloud backup, PC tune up tools etc.

Advance Real Time Antivirus

Now they included the cloud based antivirus signatures to check and stop any new or existing threats. They check the potential threat in realtime and block that.

Threat Emulation:

This feature help to protect you from undiscovered threats which can be found in email attachments and web downloads. It protects the users from Zero Days threats. A behavioral detection system which ZoneAlarm introduced to alert you if it found a file have malicious behavior. It also includes a Virtual Sandbox.

Find My Laptop:

This is a great new feature introduced by ZoneAlarm after GData to locate your laptop if that get stolen or lost. With the help of Wi-Fi enabled location tracking and Google Maps ZoneAlarm Technology helps to display the missing laptop location on the Map. And you can lock the laptop remotely or can send a custom message to the finder.

Other Features that it includes are

  • Advanced Firewall
  • Identity Protection
  • Parental Control
  • PC Tune up
  • Online Backup

See the below comparison chart done by AV Test in April 2015. ZoneAlarm scores 17.5 /18 top score of the other competitive antiviruses McAfee, Avast and AVG. ZoneAlarm Comparison Chart

ZoneAlarm 2016 Download

You can take a free trial to the new ZoneAlarm Security suites before buying it. and to get more info about it. If you have any trouble in upgrading ZoneAlarm security to the new version you can try uninstalling using the ZoneAlarm removal tool  and then Install the new version again. If problem still persists you can contact the Zone Alarm Customer care.

ZoneAlarm Discount Coupons

Buy ZoneAlarm in cheap price using their promotion link and coupon codes available here. Check regularly for their updated promotion and ZoneAlarm coupon code.

  • ZoneAlarm Extreme Security – 55% off promo
  • ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2016 Promo – Save 20%
  • 75% off on Zone Alarm 2016 products (1 yr / 3 PCs with virus free guarantee and windows 10 compatible)
  1. Alena says

    I think zoneAlarm is the first one who launched its 2015 version of its products. Can any share personal experience on using it.

  2. Tati says

    Thank God! someone with brains speaks!

  3. Edward says

    Setup free security

  4. Zoe says

    New 2016 version looks promising. Virus free guarantee is great!! WOW!!

  5. Asher says

    I found it is the second one giving a virus free guarantee after Norton. But I did not found any reviews about the software to give it a try. If someone have already tried this software. Please share your experience. Thanks.

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