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F-Secure Safe – Security solution for every device

F-Secure Safe is a multi platform multi device security solution. Actually it is advanced pack of F-secure internet security which is compatible with all Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It comes with 3 device, 5 device and 7 device protection options.


What is F-secure safe?

F-secure safe is designed to offer internet security for all your devices including personal computers, tablets, smart phones and mac. The internet security offered by f-secure safe is against theft of identity, hackers, malware and also it offers parental control for your kids. This all in one internet security requires installation in only one device and then the other devices can be added to your f-secure account and they are automatically protected.

Download F-Secure Safe

Click on the below download link. Scroll down the page a little and you see a small link with “try it free for 30 days” Click on this link it will redirect you to a registration page. Register your account get the 30 days free

Download F-Secure Safe Free 30 days Trial


F-Secure Safe Review

F-Secure Safe installs quickly and painlessly. Once you purchase it, you’ll get a link to an installer and a license key. If you want to install the software on a machine other than your PC, you can send the link via email or SMS to a device of your choice. Making use of different licenses is similarly intuitive and user-friendly.

The PC version of F-Secure SAFE is also known as F-Secure Internet Security, and it can be purchased separately if you require just for desktop for a single license. The only notable addition here is the tray menu that will take you to the software’s online console. This is a fairly standard security suite including antivirus, firewall, password manager and parental controls. Malware blocking and phishing protection are the best parts of the package, but some common features found in competitors are suspiciously absent. This is still a reasonable product, especially as a part of a deal.

The Mac edition doesn’t go for the all-inclusive approach, and instead settles for traditional real-time antivirus protection and a firewall tool that does a good job of managing network traffic. Malware detection is great, and it doesn’t seem to slow down its host. The software is also fairly good at keeping your browsing safe by checking website reputations, which is a feature that was previously available only on the Windows and Android versions.

When it comes to Android devices, F-Secure SAFE lets you configure the device to scan for malware each time you boot it up. There is also the Application Privacy page, which is able to tell you which apps have privacy issues; as well as the Safe Browser, a useful tool to consult if you want to avoid dangerous websites. This edition also contains the anti-theft component, which lets you use the online console to locate your device.

The iOS and Windows Phone editions seem pretty bare-bones when compared to the rest of the package. They both offer safe browsing and banking protection, but not much else is worth noting.

Overall, F-Secure SAFE is a decent security suite, even if some platforms are less supported than the others. If you’re looking to protect all your devices with a single product, F-Secure SAFE is certainly a solid contender.

What’s unique about f-secure safe?

Protection from internet crime and theft.

Internet crime has become very common owing to the fact that a lot personal information is available online. For instance, financial information is now available to hackers who use malicious application to access and use your information.

On the other hand, in case your laptop, phone or tablet is lost you can trace it and delete the information stored. This is important because these gadgets often contain confidential information which can cause a lot of damage if it falls in the hands of a stranger. With f-secure safe, you can be sure that both your financial and personal information is safe.

Single protection covering all devices and parental control.

A single home can have over ten devices and this makes f-secure very efficient when protecting many devices. Once you purchase it and install it in your laptop you can be sure that your devices are not only protected but they are kept in check. For instance, f-secure can locate where someone is as long as they carried the protected device.

Parental control is another important feature especially for persons with underage kids who have access to devices. You can be sure that your kids will only have access to what they are supposed to see or hear because you now have the power to control that.

Online browsing protection.

The internet is now full of viruses and malware that are likely to corrupt your device and the stored information. F-secure provides a solution towards protecting your devices from malware and viruses. You can now browse without fear knowing all your gadgets are safe. In case you are trying to access a site that may expose your gadget from unwanted malware or viruses, your device will automatically deny access to that particular site. It will also protect you from unnecessary information which is caused by websites redirecting you to other spam websites and information.

The best technology at a fair price.

F-secure safe is one of the best internet security protection options using the best technology to protect your device. With numerous votes and its ability to offer multi-device protection it is still fair in pricing compared to other internet protection options. For instance, it has different packages for one device, three devices and five devices and this means that you get an opportunity to buy a package that fits your needs and size.

This is an all in one internet protection worth trying. Keeping in mind that it can protect more than one device and also it has additional features like privacy of information and also parental control. These features make it stand out from other internet protection options.

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