Since yesterday, my yahoo page starts flashing – it keeps flashing on and off. This even won’t allow me to login to my email account. I do not understand what is going with my yahoo. Could you please help me to fix it?

Solved Answers:-

Sure, we’ll help you. This could happen because of your browser’s cache files gone corrupted. Here we’re going to show you how to clean all the cache of your browser and reset the browser back to default settings. Please follow these below steps to resolve this problem.


  1. Please clear cache and cookies help with Delete history option.
  2. Download this Ccleaner.exe to clear the cache of the browser.
  3. Download this Flash_cookies_cleaner.exe to clear the cache of the flash player.
  4. Reinstall the Flash player and Java.
  5. Set your browser security settings as default click on toolsoptionssecurityclick on reset all zones to default level click on this option and make it default security settings (as per screenshot below).
  6. Now Reset the Internet Explorer and then restart your computer once.
  7. That’s it! The problem will be resolved.

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6 thoughts on “Yahoo page flashing on and off”

  1. Having the same problem first in Chrome and then in MS Edge… cannot figure out what to do.. All recommendations I’ve found not working..

  2. (I don’t use any of the above sites.) I have a new windows 10 computer. Yahoo mail was fine until a few days ago
    It’s blinking & jumping around. I do not use Internet Explorer I use Google I also have Ccleaner & use it every day to erase nearly everything. I’ve never had this happen in all the years I’ve used yahoo mail.

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