Attacks by the Russian hacking group wreaked havoc on the world. Not just on the cyber side but even national security for the United States. To this day, it is still causing a stir. And yet another company claims to be a victim of the group. This is the case of Malwarebytes, a security software company. They claim to be victims of the same group that previously attacked Solar Winds.

Marcin Kleczynski 
CEO and Co-Founder of

At the end of last year Solar Winds reported a cyber attack on the company. The cyber IT provider suffered an attack on its Orion software. Affecting, in turn, a number of U.S. government agencies and large corporations. Potential customers of the major cyber company. From then on, technology companies were on high alert for the possible consequences. Should the attack be successful. Should the attack be successful. Although the attackers remain anonymous, Mike Pence attributed the attack to Russia.

Malwarebytes also attacked by Russian hackers

The US internet security company, Malwarebytes reported that they are not a client of Solar Winds. Therefore, the reported attack is not the same. Despite this they suffered an attack from the same hackers who previously attacked the company. However, the strategy used was different. So far, the company assures that their security system and antivirus were not affected. Therefore, they are still reliable and secure. Apparently, the attack consisted of the attackers accessing internal company emails. Through access to their Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure environments.

The persistence of these attacks attributed to the same group of hackers cause concern. Especially because of the possible fatal consequences of such attacks. So far the attackers’ techniques show sophistication and high level. Likewise, the targets they are aiming at are of high relevance. Not to mention that the attacks are massive and far-reaching. We are confident that the investigations will yield more and more details. And that the authorities’ responses will be timely.

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