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Desktop background does not change in windows 7 or vista


How do i solve desktop background does not change in windows 7 or vista

Solved Answer

If you facing problem to change the desktop background in windows 7 or vista, it means the main reason behind that the TranscodedWallpaper.jpg file has become corrupted. Here are few steps to resolve this problem, please follow these steps it automatically resolved.



Automatic Fixit


Fix this myself manually


1.  Go to this path %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\

2. you will see a TranscodedWallpaper.jpg  file, please rename this file to TranscodedWallpaper_old.jpg

3. If you will see slideshow.ini then open that file in notepad, in the notepad DELETE all the text if is there written.

4. Save the file and close it

5. Now restart the computer and then try to set desktop background, Most certainly it will work fine.

If the problem persist, then follow some more steps here to resolve.

6. Check if any Incompatible applications has installed that help to change the manage display setting and desktop background

7. Check the background setting in the Power Options

Click Start, type Power Options in the Search box, and then click Power Options on the list.
In the Select a power plan window, click Change plan settings next to your selected Power plan.
Click Change advanced power settings, and then expand the Desktop background settings option.
Expand Slide show, and then make sure that the Plugged in option is set to Available.
Click OK, and then close the Edit plan window.

8. Check the Remove background setting under the Ease of Access settings

Click Start, Control panel, Ease of Access, and then click Ease of Access Center.
Under Explore all settings, click Make the computer easier to see.
Make sure that the option to Remove background images not selected.
Click OK twice, and then close the Ease of Access Center window.

9. Check for a Domain policy that disables the background changing

If you computer is under company domain then you have contact your administrator

After perform all these nine steps try to set the desktop background. it must be working fine


14 thoughts on “Desktop background does not change in windows 7 or vista”

  1. Thank you ; it was the
    1) Windows button
    2) write : “power opt”
    3) change plan settings
    4) change advanced power settings
    5) Desktop backroung settings
    -> Slide Show
    -> Settings : Paised changed to Available.

  2. About changing desktop background is helpful in this blog. I have given helping to change PC background. It’s an easy process so I have done easily this way. So, I open my computer and click (right button of mouse) and again click (Personalize) button. Then showing some many pictures and select your favorite choice picture and a few second latter changing background.

  3. Thank you I tried all of your suggestions and the one that worked for me was the ease of access center. Works fine now!! Thanks again

  4. I tried all the steps .
    Its not even showing TranscodedWallpaper.jpg file and Desktop background settings option. I also unchecked the Remove background images option. But its not working for me . Plz help.

    1. Have you looked in the location “c:\users\your-account-name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\” this file “TranscodedWallpaper.jpg” ?

  5. The file Transcoded Wallpaper will not allow me to rename it. What do I do? I have tried almost everything to try and fix my background and its starting to annoy me. Please help.

    1. Techexpert

      Re-permit the file and then reboot your computer in SAFE MODE then try to rename again. This will rename easily without message.

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