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Microsoft won’t cut its commission for Xbox games

Video game developers are on edge. It all started as an uproar over a leaked document in January of this year. And now it ends with a partial confirmation from Microsoft of the document’s contents. In short, Microsoft will maintain the commission percentage received for console video games. Unlike PC video games where it did cut its commission.

Earlier this year, a secret document called “Microsoft Store policies and App Store principles” emerged. The document will form part of the evidence in the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple. This document anticipated a cut in Microsoft’s commissions for video game development. Both for PC and Xbox. This kept the community in expectation until last week. When the Redmond confirmed one of the claims in the document. Specifically that PC games would suffer a reduction in profits for Microsoft from 30% to 12%.

No reduction in commission for console games

All was going well until the predictions didn’t quite hit the mark. Microsoft recently denied that the same would happen to Xbox games. So the prediction that publishers would receive a higher profit margin for Xbox games failed. Therefore, Microsoft’s profits from console video games remain at 70% for publishers and 30% for the company. No reduction at this time.

This apparent last-minute change was communicated to The Verge by a Microsoft spokesperson. Although according to the document Microsoft planned to cut its Xbox store revenue to 12 percent. But in a statement the representative commented that the terms for publishers on consoles will not be updated. He even initially mentioned that there were no plans to change the revenue split.

We have no plans to change the revenue share of console gaming at this time

Microsoft spokesperson

At the moment, Microsoft does not clarify if the document is inaccurate or if the plans have changed. But further details are expected to emerge in the course of the battle between Epic Games and Apple. For the dispute that begins Monday will involve Lori Wright, Xbox’s vice president of business development. As an outside witness for both contenders.

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