Intex W300 UAP Wireless Adapter Driver CD Download (Wifi USB Adapter)


Intex 300MBPS Mini Wireless N USB Adapter Driver.

Intex Wireless W300 UAP is an USB doungle which makes your desktop wireless (Wifi Ready). Today’s time is an advance time. Intex W300UAP USB WiFi driver download. If you want to connect your desktop computer with your phone’s hotspot then this Intex W300 UAP Wireless Adapter allow you do this. Here in this page below we are going to share with you the Intex W300 UAP Wireless mini Adapter driver’s CD download link.

If you lost your CD of Intex W300 UAP Wireless Adapter then here you can download it easily. Just follow the below link to download Intex W300UAP Wireless Adapter driver & software to use it easily.

Click on below link to download:

Download Link: Intex W300 UAP Wireless Adapter Driver CD Download

for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 32bit – 64bit.

We also share the installation guide here. You just need to follow the installation instructions.

You just need to connect this device to USB port ogf the back of your computer and install its given driver on

your computer. After installed, it would be ready to use. A new Wifi connection will automatically reflect in network area. Go to status bar’s wifi icon and connect through your preferred available connection. Please let us know at if need help regarding this Intex Wifi USB stick.

  1. Naman says

    Plzz provide me intex w150uap cd driver

    1. Techexpert says

      Thank you for contacting us,
      We’ll help you provide intex w150uap drivers. I am provoiding you the core chipset drivers of intex w150ua adapter. Here is the link:
      Please let us know it works or not.
      TSA Team

    2. Techexpert says


      We gave you a driver for intex w150uap but you did not reply, did it worked or not. So please reply us back. We’ll do our best to help on this matter.

      TSA Team

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