Cybersecurity companies remain in the focus of cybercriminals. Once again, a company dedicated to virtual protection has fallen victim to a cyber-attack. FireEye (the same company) announced the attack it had suffered. They also stated that the attack consisted of access to their systems and the theft of customer information.


FireEye is a US company that created hardware, software and services to investigate cyber security attacks. It also offers protection against malicious software and IT security risk analysis. Previously, the company participated in the detection and prevention of major cyber attacks. It is precisely the importance of the company that makes it an exceptional target. In addition to the fact that it provides protection to both companies and governments.

A refined attack with great scope

The company described the attack as highly sophisticated. With combined strategies not previously seen by the company. This is why the evidence suggests that the attack came from cyber-criminals in a foreign country. Suspicions are even focused on the Russian intelligence service SVR. According to information from the specialized press. Investigations into the case are in the hands of Microsoft and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Besides the same company FireEye.

In view of the fact that the attack consisted of providing information that the company uses to detect threats and solve them. It is likely that cyber-criminals will use this information for the opposite purpose. In other words, to identify customer vulnerabilities and attack through them. However, the end of information theft is not clear. However, the objective of information theft is uncertain. Therefore, in parallel to the announcement of the cyber-attack, the company issued recommendations for its clients. In this way, it offered countermeasures to possible attacks on the community.

Every day, we innovate and adapt to protect our customers from threat actors who play outside the legal and ethical bounds of society. This event is no different


Another aspect to highlight is the attempt by hackers to supply information on government clients. Despite this, at the moment there is no certainty of success. Following the release of the research data. FireEye hopes that the community will be better prepared to respond and counteract cyber-attacks in the future.

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