The Windows 10 (1909) update is almost here. The release date is not officially confirmed. If you want to know what’s new in this update then be with us. We will show you all the major updates regarding Windows 10 (1909 build) update. 

Windows 10 1909 update featuresThe Windows 10 (1809) and (1903) comes with serious bugs. You can also Google search and know the history of Windows 10 updates.  Actually Windows 10 (1909 build) is a unique update. This update is unique in the sense that it does not bring so many new features, but it mainly  focuses on  “bug fixes” and “performance improvements”. Very few features are added in this update. In this instruction, we’re highlighting the new features and improvements shipping along with the Windows 10 (version 1909).  New features 2019 what is Windows 10 new features.

Major new features of Windows 10 (1909 build)

All New Features:

  1. Action center and notification

    In this update of Windows 10, Microsoft added a “Manage notification” button in Action center top which will redirect you to the “Notifications & actions” page.

  2. Start menu

    There is nothing major change in the start menu. One minor substance they have changed in the left-side icons menu will now immediately extend the menu automatically. Now it will display the names along with the icons.

  3. Taskbar

    In Windows 10 (1909), users can create the Events in the Calendar without even opening the Calendar app. You just need to click on time shown on system tray and you’ll get option to create the task along with the calendar. This would be the very useful feature as we use this feature in our phone.

  4. File Explorer

    The search field of File explorer of Windows 10 (1909) is now integrated with “Windows search” and also with “OneDrive” online content.

  5. Notifications

     Now the uses of Windows 10 will be able to  disable sounds off all the notifications and also the notifications will now be sorted according to most recent notifications app as default.

  6. Processor

    ​Recently the processor rotation policy of Windows 10 has improved. The processor will now assign work much reasonably among appropriate cores.

  7. Battery

    Here’s good news for laptop users. In Windows 10 update 1909, they have done lots of improvement to enhance the battery life of the laptops. It will be achievement for the power efficiency to all the hardware of the system.

So this is some features which will be shipped with Windows 10 (1909 build).  This is the safest update of Windows 10 till date. Hope you enjoy this guide. You can download this from the following link Windows 10 (1909).

If you have already not on Windows 10 here is the guide to Upgrade to Windows 10.

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