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Is There Any 123Movies Alternative To Watch Movies Online For Free

123movies alternatives to watch movies online for free

123movies.to was a free online movie streaming service which got shutdown in 2018 due to illegal content. The content on this website was illegal because they published without permission (Pirated content). It is known as the most famous illegal website with more then 100 million viewers at its peak time.

Other names of this service was GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, 123Movieshub etc. Many people believe that the website is still alive using mirrors / clones / proxy websites. In our research we found some similar named websites which are still working in 2020 as well.

Note: We are not linking unsafe websites here. You can visit those websites by copying url in your browser at your own risk. Visiting these websites may harm your computer. We are not recommending to visit these websites.

123movies mirrors

We are not sure that they are exact mirrors or just only have similar names. We are not sure how long will they last. But we found lot of them. We are listing only a few here for example.

  • http://123moviesgo.ga/
  • https://123moviesweb.net/
  • http://123moviess.online/
  • https://gomovies.pl/

We found that these websites are showing lots of crap ads before playing the movie. I dare to visit these websites because I have multiple layer of protection installed in my computer.

So when we visited these websites, malwarebytes antimalware blocked the websites which these websites try to open in new tabs. And Malwarebytes show us the warning of riskware, malwartising and tech support scam fraud risks. Norton have also blocked some malicious attacks on some of the websites. Though we have not listed those websites here.

So our first hand experience is that we recommend you to don’t visit these 123movies mirror. If malwarebytes is not installed in your system you may easily be a victim of malware or tech support scam. So visit these websites only on your own risk.

Alternatives to stream movies for free like 123movies

Then we try to find out that if there any website which offer to watch movies for free which are similar to 123movies. Again we found lots of websites and the same story of crap ads with them. Though we found a website without any ads, But we don’t know how long will it last. We are also not sure about its content and legality.

  • Voomu.to (Popular as free alternative to Netflix)
  • https://vumoo.life/ (Voomu clone but with ads)

Again visit on your own risk and only after installing a good antivirus and antimalware in the computer / mobile.

Now we researched further and tried to find out some legal & safe streaming websites and we found a few legal alternatives.

Legal & Safe alternatives to watch movies online for free

There are many popular legal paid services are available in the market like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc. where you can watch the latest movies with your paid subscription. But our target was to find out the websites which offer free movies. So we are here listing services who provide some or all content for free. Explore the below streaming services and find out what they are offering for free.

Above websites don’t show any crap ads, So you may visit them safely. Some websites may require you to register before start watching their content.

In the end

In the end we recommend users to avoid the illegal content websites as they may spread malware, and fake pop up ads to target you for fake technical support scams. And you should use a reputed antivirus software alongwith reputed antimware to protect your computer from online viruses.


Q : What are movie streaming websites?

A: We can watch movies / TV Shows online through video streaming websites like youtube, netflix etc.

Q: Is it legal or illegal to watch movies online?

A: If you are watching through a licensed provider then it is legal, but if you are watching pirated version then it is illegal. It also depends on country to country as per their local laws.

Q: What is 123movies?

A: It was a free online movies streaming site to watch movies online. It had the largest collection of the movies & TV shows of different genres and from different countries. But it was forced to shutdown because it was serving the non-licensed content (Pirated content).

Q: Can we use the VPN to watch restricted content from other countries? Is it legal or not?

A: Many people use the VPN to access the restricted content and for the privacy protection. Actually VPN does both these tasks very efficiently. So if use of the VPN is legal then it should be legal but still we recommend to refer your local laws. Many reputed antivirus companies are providing VPN these days along with their security suite. Here are the best VPN providers.

What is harm in visiting some advertiser’s websites to watch movies for free

It puts you on risk of being a victim of tech support scam. Your computer or mobile phone may get infected with malware just by visiting these websites and their are other privacy issues. You could also be a victim of ransomware. So avoid visiting a malwartising website.

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