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Zemana Antimalware is another cloud based second opinion scanner and cleaner to rescue from a badly infected computer. It is similar to Hitman Pro and is getting popular due to its effectiveness. The strength of the Zemana is that it has great capability of removing adware to great extent. You can download fully functional Free 15 days trial.

Download Zemana Antimalware

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Zemana Anti Malware

Download Zemana Antimalware

It have 3 variations – Free / Premium and Portable.

Zemana Free Anti-malware

It can be used as an on demand scanner. It does not have real time protection. Except real time protection it have all the other premium features. You can say it as a Second opinion scanner. Download Free Zemana Anti-malware.

Zemana Premium Antimalware with Real time Protection

In Premium version it provides real time protection to protect the computer from malware before they entered into the system. Download Free 30 days trial.

Zemana Portable version

Portable versions are very useful on a badly infected PC. Portable Zemana anti-malware runs without any installation. Even it can be run from a USB device. So it is highly recommended to rescue from a badly infected PC.

Download Zemana portable version

Zemana Antimalware Review and Features

Zemana Anti-malware is a product from the same company who developed Popular Zemana Antilogger in 2007.  It is a young company and working hard to improve its products. Last year they launched their product Zemana Antimalware.  Zemana got good reviews from the people. But it also criticized by the people because of missing of real time protection feature. But very soon from its version 2.18 Zemana added realtime protection feature in its premium version.

Now it is getting popular due to its removal capability and real time protection. It scored well in independent test labs. In our test we found that many adware which are not completely removed by other anti-malware software this tool has successfully eliminate them. Zemana Antimalware is also very effective in stopping the ransomware infection. It scored top position in MRG Effitas test as the best anti-ransomware.

It provide two type of scanning option Smart scan and Deep scan. However smart scan do its work perfectly, but you can also run deep scan if smart scan unable to remove some infection. It uses a Pandora Sandbox technology, when you enable this option. It will upload any suspicious file to the cloud bases file reputation database. Then it analyze the file and if found malicious it protect the other Zemana users from that threat, which help the users to get the zero day malware protection.

We can compare it with Hitman Pro as it is also using the multi AV engines in the cloud to scan and detect suspected files. It also has its own database to detect a malware deeply into the system. So we highly recommend you to scan with Zemana as well after using other Anti-malware software like Malwarebytes or Hitman pro.

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Features of Zemana Antimalware:

  • Cloud scanning with top AV engines of industry like Eset, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, AVG etc.
  • It has in house algorithm to minimize false positive possibilities.
  • It can easily remove rootkits, boot kits, annoying tool bars, unwanted apps and browser add on.
  • Uses Pandora Cloud – Sandbox technology to give a zero day protection from Ransomware and Malware.
  • It can detect suspicious root CA certificates which can give protection from installation of unwanted bundled software.
  • It is compatible with mostly all Antiviruses. You can install it along with other installed security software.
  • It is light weight and takes less system resources.
  • Automatically Software update to the latest stable version.
  • Fast Scanning. Can scan thousands of files per second.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Compatible with up to windows 10.

Zemana Advanced Options

Zemana Antimalware - Real time protection and anti ransomware

Zemana Coupon Code

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