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What is Bonjour Service in Windows 10, 11?

We are continuing to review the performance of Windows 10 / 11. This time we will continue reviewing the processes that consume system resources. Indeed, some of them are legitimate and there is no need to worry. However, some may be running in the background and we do not know where they come from. Specifically, we will analyze the process called Bonjour.

What is Bonjour?

Bonjour Service is a service of iTunes apps which is developed by Apple Inc. iTunes is app to communicate with the It is also very useful as it facilitates the configuration and use of devices and services within a network. Also, this service is built into the operating systems developed by Apple. For example, macOS and iOS. This protocol makes it easy for devices to connect. Therefore, it is generally used to share files and configure network printers. It is also part of software developed by that company. Such as iTunes and the Safari browser. So when we install them, we will also install the Bonjour service. On the other hand, this service remains activated silently. Since the programs use it to manage communication over the local network.

What is the function of the bonjour service in Windows 10?

We have noted that this is software provided by Apple. Consequently, it is not preinstalled on Windows systems. However, there is Apple software with installers for Windows 10 / 11. For example, iTunes and the Safari web browser. So Bonjour comes bundled with these apps. Other software also includes this service. Such as remote desktop services.

This software facilitates the operation of networks. Therefore, its operation is constant. However, it behaves differently from other apps such as Chrome or Skype. Consequently, you will not see any icon on the taskbar. Instead, the apps use them as an intermediary for communication in your local data network. Bonjour rant in the background. It also automates various low-level network tasks. In short, the software is not used directly by the user. It is an intermediary for other apps.

How to disable or uninstall the bonjour service

Bonjour, we have seen that this is a special type of service. Therefore, we cannot download and install it independently. Since it comes bundled with applications developed by Apple. If you see the Bonjour service running, chances are you have downloaded such an app. Also, these tools need this service to run correctly. If you disable this service, then it is likely that some applications will not work. If you are using iTunes or Safari, we recommend not to disable it.

However, if you are not using an app associated with Apple or think it was installed by mistake, you can uninstall it. Let’s see how to do it. Bonjour is uninstalled like any other Windows program. First, we will go to the list of installed programs. Follow the following steps:

Step 1: Press the Win+R combination. Once the Run box opens, please run the following command:


Step 2: Once there, just right-click on the mouse and click on uninstall to start the uninstallation.

Step 3: After the uninstallation is finished, it is recommended to restart the computer.

Well, ultimately we have learned about the Bonjour service and how to uninstall it in Windows 10, 11. In short, it is not a threat, but a necessary process for the operation of other applications.

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