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Internet Explorer has stopped working when i open hotmail



How do i fix ‘ Internet explorer has stopped working when i open hotmail ’

Solved Answers:-

If occurred problem to open up  Hotmail page and together you get this message ‘Internet explorer has stopped working when i open hotmail‘, it means problem with the MICROSOFT SILVERLIGHT product and might be problem with some registry entries and Group Policies. Microsoft silverlight components are must be gone corrupted, actually some internet explorer components are used java script and , flash player. but some other are used Microsoft silverlight.
Also some more reason may be behind that, like:- Windows updates trying to to do update then somehow did lost the connection therefore which all files should be going to updated, these all might be gone corrupted.
Here are the few steps to resolve this problem, please follow these steps it automatically resolved.


1. Try to uninstall microsoft silverligt.
2. If any problem occurred during uninstalling silver light (might be that will possible because it has already been corrupted.) Download and run  that below fixit for fix the Silver light corruption.
3. Now try to uninstall Silverlight and restart the computer
4.  Download silverlight and install it again. it must be working fine.

If the problem still persist, then follow some more steps here

1. Try to update the windows form ‘Widows Update’ feature.
2.  Then try to reinstall Silverlight.
3. Click on start and type “regedit.exe” in a run ox or in a search box and press enter.

Stopped working

4. Open that path HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SQMClient\Windows\DisabledSessions
If you found any entry in “Disabled Session” delete all them apart from “default”.
5. Click on start and type “gpedit.msc” in a run ox or in a search box and press enter

Stopped working

6. “Local Group policy editor” will have open up then open that below path
Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> System >> and then find >> Internet Communication Management and then click on this, and in the right side pane you will see the entry “Turn off windows customer Experience Improvement program” double click on that entry and windows will be appear, you will find the option with “enable” and “disable” you have to select “Enable” and then click on OK.
Problem will be resoled definitely.

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