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Trend Micro Download, Review and Coupon Codes

 Trend Micro Security 2017 is available now

Click on the above link for the newer 2017 Edition Review, Download and coupons etc. This post was written for 2015 edition.

Trend Micro Antivirus refers to a powerful tool for detecting malware and it works to improve the efficiency of your Mac and at the same time blocks intrusive processes and unwanted malware. And with their Trend Micro Maximum Security 2015 edition, it offers even more protection. It contains an integrated suite of tools that keep PCs, Androids, Macs, as well as iOS devices safe so you do not have to worry about safety on the internet.

Trend Micro download free trial


Below Post is related to Trend Micro 2015 Version

Trend Micro 2015 download and coupons

It has a version that has licenses for six devices. Designed specifically as defensive measure from cyber intrusion, Trend Micro 2015 hunts down Trojans, worms or viruses as well as identity theft. Also, it blocks dangerous websites and also includes privacy settings meant for social networks. Below is our investigative Trend Micro 2015 review. Also included in the article are the new extra features in the 2015 version.

Trend Micro 2015 Download, Install, Upgrade and renewal

Download your desired product from this link Trend Micro download free trial

How to install it

It is quite straightforward to install it on your Mac, PC, Android device or iOS device. Its simplicity is a notable feature. Upon installing it, it will sit in the background, do its things without popping up on your screen every 10 minutes.

Upgrading to New Trend Micro is simple just uninstall and Install the new version. If you have any difficulty in upgrading you can use the official Trend Micro uninstaller to uninstall the Trend Micro product completely from your computer and try install that again. If you still face any problem you can contact Trend Micro customer support for technical support.


Even the app is a very simple one. It contains 4 tabs and these are Overview, Web, Scans as well as Logs. You will find each of these tabs intuitive to use. You are also sure to be amazed by its small footprint. When using it, you won’t notice any meaningful impact on your systems performance. No slowdowns are noticeable even when you run a full scan.


Solid malware blocking capability:

Trend Micro Antivirus 2015 is very efficient when it comes to detecting potential threats to your computer or device. This includes managing your passwords, checking your social media privacy settings and ensuring that your files are properly protected when transferring them.

Builds on a robust entry-level tool:

There are several ways in which Trend Micro Antivirus 2015 builds up on the entry-level suite and in doing so, ads much-needed tools for security like online backup and password management.

Pretty easy to set up

It’s very easy to set up and even use. It continues to run in the background without annoyingly popping up. The only time you will see it pop up is when you type URL for dodgy sites or when you click something dangerous. It’s very convenient and simplistic.

Other pros

• Blocks malware, viruses and dangerous links that are shared through IM and email
• Identifies malicious and safe search result links both in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome
• Customizable controls help protect your kids online
• Has secure erase file shredder


It isn’t the best for fixing existing issues

Although Trend Micro protects your Machine from infection and intrusion, it isn’t as effective when it comes to cleaning up a system that is already messy. Also, it has some overzealous protections built-in into the system. While they are easily alterable, they could pose challenges to some users.

What’s new in Trend Micro 2015 version?

There are a few notable extras offered by Trend Micro 2015 and some of them include:

Parental control

This allows some categories of websites or specific ones to be blocked for a set period of time.
It is much improved from the previous versions but still needs improvement if it has to be at the same parity with its competitors.
Secure Ease

This actually deletes a file instead of just removing the directory information that is used to find it.

System Tuner
This optimizes disk space, registry and startup programs.

Bottom Line

In case you want a powerful anti-malware and antivirus app that also combines other powerful tools for protecting your data and your system, you will find Trend Micro Antivirus very useful given also that it is available at a fairly reasonable price. The fact that it offers solid protection to a maximum of 6 devices as well as different operating systems makes it stand out from its competitors. Today, you will find that a house has many devices which all need to be protected from malware attack from the internet. Other than just protecting your PC or Mac, you could also protect other devices in the house. The 2015 version of Trend Micro is much improved compared to the previous version. Some of the features that have been improved include secure erase, system tuner and parental controls which protect kids from specific or certain website categories.

Trend Micro Coupons

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