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Trend Micro 2017 Download Review and Coupons (Save upto 50%)

Trend Micro 2017

Trend Micro a well known name in Antivirus industry announces its new line of products for 2017 as Trend Micro Security 11 which are fully compatible with windows 10. Its newest products have improved and strong ransom-ware features to protect from cryptoware viruses.

Trend Micro Security 11 (2017) Download 

Trend micro Security 10 for 2016 Download Review and Coupons

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Trend Micro Download & Install

Download Trend Micro 2017 trial – Try it before you buy. Trend Micro is also giving a 30 days money back guarantee if you do not like the product. Installation is very simple just download and run the installer after a few next next it will start installing on your system. To upgrade to the newer version uninstall the previous version and installing the newer version.

Trend Micro 11 (2017) Review

As I am noticing now Titanium word has been removed from their products. Now they are simply Trend Micro Security. In this digital age, of our social, mobile, and collaborative lifestyles, this company has transformed how we use technology irrespective of our physical location. Trend Micro has managed to secure our personal and business data, not only keeping our families secure, but also it helps us to be more productive without having to worry about the security of our devices. The new Trend Micro smart protection is designed to continue being the number one antivirus at blocking threats, with the company having more than 25 years experience and with more than 100 million customers worldwide.

New Trend micro 11 does all this with:

  • Security that is designed for a dynamic environment, anticipating new threats and adapting to current and new technologies
  • Easy to manage protection that is light on system resources, easy to deploy, and purpose-built
  • Smart protection that is intelligent, layered and works in real time

New Trend Micro is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system that introduces new ways to store and share information, among other features. Since most users will soon be upgrading to Windows 10, Trend Micro has taken the initiative to make your transition easier by providing you security with their new Trend Micro 11. This new release is perfect for home users.

Trend Micro offers a systematic guide that will help you go through the process of upgrading your version of Windows to the latest Windows 10, without having a lapse in security. This new Trend Micro 2016 is simple, free to update, and fully compatible with windows 10.

Trend Micro makes it easy to safeguard your digital life. This new release offers you advanced privacy and Internet security, protecting you from spam, viruses, identity theft, phishing, and much more.

You will get comprehensive protection, as Trend Micro Security 11 is compatible across a whole range of devices; Macs, mobile devices (Apple iOS and Android) and PCs. Regardless of whichever operating system you are using, new Trend will offer you security that fits your needs.

With more than 25 years of expertise, this new release will continue to be the most dependable, secure software by providing protection against real world threats. According to the AV-test institute, an independent testing organization, Trend Micro Internet Security was considered the best protection in 2014.

When compared to other internet security options, Trend Micro delivers 50X more web protection than the average as per Consumer EPP Comparative Analysis.

They have keep their security in the three variation same as like before Antivirus for basic protection, Internet Security for Advanced protection and Maximum Security for overall protection.

New in Trend Micro 2017

Folder Shield

Folder shield is to secure the data from cryptoware viruses who encrypt the data which results to pay ransom to decrypt the data. So it is better to shield data to prevent that encryption.

Support for Windows 10 upgrade

Trend Micro very much take care about the compatibility to the latest release of windows and they releases the 2017 version with the fully compatible with latest Windows 10 upgrade.

Trend Micro troubleshooting tool

Trend Micro added a troubleshooting tool to troubleshoot any issue with the product in their latest release to make it more worry free.

They also improved many of its features like

  • Cloud storage scanner
  • Banking malware tool
  • Ransomware Protection

What was new in previous Trend Micro 10 (2016 edition)

No need to say again that it is fully compatible with Win10 other then this below are some of the amazing features of the new Trend Micro Security Software

SSL Checker

This protects you when you want to make a financial transaction online. It verifies the authenticity of the SSL, Security Socket Layer, being used and alerts you if it is fake.

Cloud Storage Scanner

When accessing Microsoft OneDrive stored in the cloud, this feature offers you protection against malware in infected files


With the growing variety of ransonware globally, this feature provides a focused defense, which protects documents from modification or unauthorized encryption.

Secure Browser in password manager

With Trend Micro password manager, you can manage and protect all passwords against key loggers, code injections, and browser attacks during online banking.

What they added in Trend Micro 2015 version?

There are a few notable extras offered by Trend Micro 2015 and some of them include:

Improved Parental control

This allows some categories of websites or specific ones to be blocked for a set period of time.
It is much improved from the previous versions but still needs improvement if it has to be at the same parity with its competitors.

Secure Ease

This actually deletes a file instead of just removing the directory information that is used to find it.

System Tuner

This optimizes disk space, registry and startup programs.

Trend Micro Coupon codes

Trend Micro provides time to time some great offers and promos by which users can purchase this great software at discounted price. We will update you as the company will launch any promo.

Trend Micro Internet Security

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Trend Micro products feature comparison

Compare the Trend Micro Products to choose the right one for your requirement. Choose from Premium Security, Maximum Security, Internet Security, Antivirus Plus Security or Antvirus for Mac for Mac users. Premium and Maximum Security are the best having only difference for 5 Devices and 3 Devices as per your requirement. Below chart will help you to make the decision.

Trend Micro Comparison Chart

Please share your experience of using trend micro 2017 by writing in the below comments.

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  1. Thank you for Trend Micro coupon code. They have added the new anti-ransomware feature in their program. And now I think it is the best antivirus of the year 2016.

  2. Trend micro is my favorite is the best antivirus. Great to know that they have introduced the Anti-Ransomwware feature in their 2016 version. Go with trend Micro without any hesitation. Thanks!!

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