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Tips for safe online shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Safe Online Shopping TipsAre you planning to get the bargain of the year on Cyber Monday or cyber weekend? We all are actually looking forward to Black Friday which is going to fall on 25th November this year and Cyber Monday on 28th November. After all, who does not like to save big on this day? You do and so do we but at the expense of a major fraud, then no, right? Well, as per the research and if the media is to be believed, we all need to address to the situation of fraud on the big day because cyber experts have braced up to make a fool out of each and everyone of us. And you surely would not want to fall in any fraud, right?

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So, here we have gathered some tips for you so that you can be safe while you are shopping to save big bucks. These tips will help you in getting your way right and will provide you with an insight on how can you smell if there’s anything fishy and how can you avoid in getting yourself tangled in their traps.

Shopping Online? Internet Security is a Must then

It may sound really obvious, right? Like, even an infant would know that needs to be done but how many of us actually have the proper internet security software installed and updated? Do you have the latest version? Well, we can bet on that you do not! Since, Black Friday is just around the corner, it might be the very right time for you to make a move and get your internet security software updated and probably upgraded as well.

Whether you are going to do the shopping from your computer, laptop, or mobile, make sure you have taken the protective measures so that you do not end up losing out on the financial information! Check out the Internet Security deals and offers to buy in affordable price to safeguard you on this holiday season. Below are some useful links to help you for internet security software.

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The Website: It has to be Safe

This another one in line is also pretty obvious but not many of the people know what actually safe sites are. Ask yourself: how much do you know about which sites are safe and which are not. If you have no idea about it then no worries; after all what are we for? When accessing a website where you intend on shopping and spending bucks; you need to ensure that you are shopping from a reputable retailer. Furthermore, make sure that the site has “htttps://” along with a padlock icon that should be appearing at the top of the left side of the bar. So in case if you have not been able to spot these two things, do give a second though before you decide to spend.

Use Credit card for online Payments

If you have finally decided to buy from a specific site then it is highly recommendable that you make use of a credit card to pay instead of the usual debit card. In this way, if you happen to fall in a scam, the law allows you to reclaim your money through your credit card issuer without any problem or should we say almost without any problem!

Got to know about an amazing deal on Email? Be Cautious

This is one of the most common mistake and trap that people fall in. When an event like this is near, the scammers tend to allure people with schemes and deals that are totally phenomenal. Just imagine, would you not love to get your hands on an item which usually goes for around $500 but on that day, you are getting it for $50. Does not this sound too fake? So avoid this type of offers in your inbox. Never and never download anything from unknown email attachments.

So, these are some of the tips that you should be following and keep in mind while you are going out to make purchase and save a lot of cash. So best of luck this Black Friday and we just hope that you enjoy the shopping as much as everyone else!

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