This Program contained a virus and was deleted in internet explorer


This Program contained a virus and was deleted (Solution)

Internet explorer 9, 10, IE, Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome From Windows xp, Vista Windows7, 8 Computer


When you get this message when i start to download a exe file from internet and i got this error message All download This Program contained a virus and was deleted in internet explorer error I have webroot antivirus and it is working good, why do i get this message, i have scanned my whole computer takes 4 hours but i didn’t get any clue of virus on that, so how do i get rid of this ? Please help me ASAP.

This Program contained a virus and was deleted

Solved Solution

This is not a seems like virus activity, actually some windows updates could be downloaded, and they could tried to install and it was not successfully installed, that could be a possibility it can be crashed while when windows updates try to rewrite the permissions of security part, might be that’s why you facing that downloading not working  problem. Here we have the proper solution for that, follow the article mentioned steps.


1. Rename AVG dll files

  • Go to C Drive –>> Program files –>> AVG –>>AVG (Version like 7,8,10 )  and find following file avgoff2k.dll
  • c:\program files\AVG\AVG10\avgoff2kx.dll
  • Rename this file “avgoff2k.dll” to “avgoff2k.old”
  • Go to C Drive –>> Programdata –>> MFAdata –>>SelfUPD  and find following file avgoff2kx.dll
  • c:\programdata\MFAData\SelfUpd\avgoff2kx.dll
  • Rename this file “avgoff2kx.dll” to “avgoff2kx.old”
  • Now Restart Google chrome (it must be downloading now)

2. Open the task scheduler and remove all the tasks.

3. Click on start –> control panel –> programs & features then look on left side for –>”view installed updates

  • Uninstall the windows updates, First of all short them by DATE then choose the date where your downloading was working just fine (example: current date is 29th and your downloading was working till 24th), then delete all the windows update from this date. Example: uninstall the windows update from 23th to 29th)
  • You can try to restore your computer back to best working date.

4. AVG incomplete uninstall also have the root cause of this problem,  you may use this removal tool uninstall AVG antivirus completely (if you are able to download in chrome).

You should use their removal tool to uninstall any antivirus

Download >> AVG uninstall tool (if you are able to download from Google chrome)

Direct Link of AVG Uninstall Tools page:


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How to Get Rid Of “This program or this file contained a virus and was deleted, when i try to download it says security scan running and then delete the program says “This program contained a virus and was deleted”.  please help me to get rid of this issue i have this issue in last for last 2 weeks in did get any fixing solution please help me so that i can download eve Google chrome security.

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  1. Jerry says

    Thanks you for the issue, it seemed to fix it with no problems at all. your solution was awesome, it’s worked like a charm.

  2. Mike says

    AVG files do not exist on my C drive (Windows 7)

    1. Amruta says

      Even for me , AVG file does not exist in windows 7. Team, please help.

      1. Techexpert says

        We found one more main cause which is: due to Windows defender is corrupted some how. Do uninstall the windows defender and then rename the windows defender folder in program files folder. Then install a 3rd party security protection for your computer like: Norton, AVG, Mcafee.

  3. Pavithra P Nayak says

    my problem has got solved and services are good ………….

  4. REYNA FATULA says

    thank you for helping me solve the problem on my computer

  5. Dennis says

    thank you for your excellent help. You guys are lifesavers!

  6. Marilia says

    I don’t have AVG files on my C drive. What can I do, pls.

  7. lisa says

    I get an error message saying anything I try to download has a virus. I got an email telling me to download a program to fix it, but got the same error message when I tried to download the link they sent to fix the problem. LOL

  8. Pam Barany says

    The assistance I received was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. Thank-you very much!!!!

  9. Shawny says

    Thank you Danny, the steps really helped

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